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Petitions Tracy B. 125 7 years ago
Lets fight to protect the animals together #2 Cat S. 7 8 years ago
homeless~Take me by the hand... JoAnna B. 15 8 years ago
outraged! Cat S. 17 8 years ago
protect the animals #6 Cat S. 53 8 years ago
lets help protect the Animals #5 Cat S. 8 8 years ago
lets help fight protect the animals together#4 Cat S. 6 8 years ago
Lets help Protect the Animals #3 Cat S. 6 8 years ago
Lets fight to protect the animals together=) Cat S. 31 8 years ago
Voting Poll's Cat S. 6 10 years ago
Daily Clicks Cat S. 3 7 years ago
Huntington Life Sciences, Pure Evil!!!!! Cat S. 2 8 years ago
Europe to Test 30,000 Chemicals upon Millions... Mr T G. 2 8 years ago
Turkish Wolf Tortured! Please Help! Mike W. 3 8 years ago
Newbie Cat S. 81 8 years ago
Please follow rules! Cat S. 1 8 years ago
ADOPTION THREAD.......CAN YOU HELP? Tracy B. 10 9 years ago
FUR FARMING ACTIONS Tracy B. 17 9 years ago
Discuss: The March of Dimes-Think Before You Give. Cat S. 3 9 years ago
Post a Picture of your pet JoAnna B. 35 9 years ago
This is horrific and sick! Cat S. 1 9 years ago
Plz vote No! Cat S. 2 10 years ago
Outraged about this! Cat S. 2 10 years ago
Outraged at Sci Fi! Cat S. 2 10 years ago
This made me really angry Cat S. 9 10 years ago
Mtv(angry) Cat S. 7 10 years ago
Volunteers needed for Hurricane Katrina animals Angel M. 11 10 years ago
Friend/Animal rescuer needs place to stay in... anonymous 1 10 years ago
The horror in Greece Eden M. 16 10 years ago
Project Platypus. Angel M. 2 10 years ago
Need Help To Save These Kittens! Alicia C. 3 10 years ago
Help Stop Wildlife Baby Deaths in Ontario bc g. 2 10 years ago
Fonzie Angel M. 9 10 years ago
Urge Full Prosecution of Cruel Opossum Killers Tracy B. 13 10 years ago
I feel very Sick over this Horrable topic Cat S. 3 10 years ago
The Kangaroo's need our help:( Cat S. 2 10 years ago

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