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red Hot! (1)
6 hrs ago (21 replies) |
Last reply by Miranda : My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, not in the original Italian unfortunately, but in translation. ... more»
9 hrs ago (50 replies) |
Last reply by Valentina : Questa storia by Alessandro Baricco is a novel which goes through the whole 20 century – from bolshevic’s revolution in Russian Empire and First World War to Mille Miglia – Italian car race. The story narrates... more»
2 days ago (55 replies) |
Last reply by Valentina : I just watched directed by Sean Penn biographical drama Into the Wild and really enjoyed the movie even though my life philosophy is different from those of main hero. As far as it is an adaptation of the same name non-fiction... more»
4 months ago (93 replies) |
Last reply by Paris : Thank you Miranda for the warm welcome! I am glad that I am a member of the group! Reading was always my passion I know that it is a bit lonely sport, but.. I always felt happy and secure there... I' ll come back with... more»