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Last reply by Valentina : I should confess: even though many specialists in psychiatry claim that Dr Freud's ideas were overestimated and even wrong, I love the writing of Mr Sigmund :) When I am reading his works I barely can object most of his points... more»
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Last reply by Arline : YAY Rose!!!! *yay* Let me know what you think of the books as you read them :D I plan on getting EVERYONE to be Harry Potter fans, even if it means doing it one person at a time!! ;) :P ... more»
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Last reply by Miranda : Welcome Bill C.!  Happy to have you join us.  Please feel free to jump right in sharing what you're reading and commenting in any discussion. ... more»
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Last reply by Miranda : Valentina, yes I do enjoy reading plays.  Oscar Wilde is wonderfully witty on the page as well as in performance.  I often reread Shakespeare, those less well known to me as well as my favorites. ... more»
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Last reply by Miranda : Valentina and Willow - Please know all your comments in the group are most welcome.  Both of you do beautifully in English.  Personally, I am a native English speaker and can still stumble into grammatical difficulties... more»
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Last reply by Miranda : Magical mysteries might be considered part of the paranormal genre.  I'm posting an overall review about them in "Generes" if you're interested. ... more»
by Rose N.
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Last reply by Danilo : Hi guys. We are starting a new thread of what are you reading here: I am going to close this thread in result of this (this thread was getting a bit long) ... more»