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Last reply by DaleLovesOttawa : There was supposed to be a comma after the world  manoeuvre in my last comment, but then, one can always say that the War of 1812 could now be labelled as a moldy military  manoeuvre that failed its objective on the... more»
8 years ago (17 replies) |
Last reply by The Real Donna : Since there are many on Care2 that think it is in the best interests of the inhabitants and the planet to embrace a New World Order to save us, I created a  new Care2 group today to post the Pros and Cons for it. Join if you... more»
9 years ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Democracy : Bush History-Bush Admin Lies about WMDs, & Bush Inches Away from Warming Denial ALL Information on WMDestruction disseminated in the 1990's was in fact about WMDestruction of Western Narcotics Terrorists. Former UKGB... more»
9 years ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Jerusalem : Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty Judaism Target: 1000 Sponsored by:  Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty Hi, Want to join an active spiritual seeking seeker- I'm spiritual but turned off by organized religions. Please... more»
10 years ago (23 replies) |
Last reply by Andreas : Please read and note: Prepared for War - Greece Trains Israel to Counter Iran S-300 SAMs World (tags: conflict , iran ,... more»
10 years ago (69 replies) |
Last reply by Stuart : Hi, my name is Stuart.  I just learned about this group and I have joined it. ... more»
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Last reply by WildOne : HO HO HO ... more»
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