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Alert: Help Firefighters injured in the line of duty  
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States

This is an excellent petition to help support the financial needs of firefighters injured in the line of duty. By signing this petition you are helping to raise money for injured firefighters and thier families.

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Alert: Save Idyllwild & Firefighters from Wildfire  
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States

Dear members please go to my petition site "Save Idyllwild & Firefighters from Wildfire"

I could only say a little in my petition and focused on fire, but within one quarter of a mile of the proposed cell tower site, that I am trying to stop, is McCall Memorial Park (Equestrian). A non-embedded cell tower, like this one, in a dry lightning area will bring more lightning into the area. Lightning is not predictable so it could hit any place in the general area. Lightning can travel hundreds of feet underground. When a horse is around the lightning will be attracted to its horseshoes and it is usually always fatal. Also, this general area has nearly all metal types of fencing. When lightning hits it or is attracted to it it will travel the whole length of the fencing and any animal near or touching the fencing is usually killed. Please go to my petition site and help me stop the placement of this cell tower in this area. There are safe alternative embedded cell tower sites in the area. I only have till September 29th to collect signatures. Below is an example of how bad it can be. Thank you.

Some of the 52 cows killed by a lightning strike in Uruguay Photo: Reuters

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