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Blog: A Defintion of Freeganism  

I've been having a difficult time defining freeganism-even though I like the idea. In an announcement I just posted on a freegan feast I found an excellent definition of freeganism:

"Freegan? Yes, living beyond capitalism.

"In making everyday food, corporations harm the environment, mistreat workers, and abuse animals. When we buy these products, we support these injustices, because corporations need our money to operate, and when their products sell, it just encourages them to make more. 
"Freegans are people who avoid paying for food and other goods we use in a variety of ways – including recovering good stuff that stores waste.
"Every day, stores throw away and waste huge amounts of still-fresh food, because they order or make more than they can sell.  They could donate it to charity – but instead they just throw it away!  Freegans collect this thrown away food from the store's garbage bags FOR FREE and eat it and share it with others!  It may sound strange or gross – but the food is still clean, fresh, and safe to eat. "

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