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Blog: A man,s love for another  

As we stand to gether and embrace so we embrace side by side also. We are equals in al ways neither one above the other. At times we exchange glances and we know that we are brothers. In our love for another we do not dominate nor do we subjugate. We are the invisable spectrum beyond the red or the violet. As an astronomer can see much more of the universe with the invisable spectrum so we as brothers can see more of the cosmos of men for we are a part of that invisable light. Look in the winter sky and see Orion the hunter. We need no earthly banner for long before and long after it is gone Orion will be there. Our love for one another is simple. We need not instruction in our ways it is spontaneous. Walk tall and look ahead we do not need to look down in shame. Be proud to be called bro for that is our testament of a mans love for another. Peace and blessings be with us now and forever.

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