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Jan 8
{ else }   Blog: bush humor
by Brad Mayeux (0 comments | 0 discussions) — i pledge allegiance to my wife (oops, sorry), i pledge allegiance .... (one second, ive got GAS) i pledge allegiance to God (oops, "The president's job is never to promote a religion.") -Oval Office, May 5, 2006 i pledge alleg... more

Blog: George Bush Christmas Humor
by Brad Mayeux (0 comments | 0 discussions) — George Bush Christmas Humor bUSH hUMOR - political satire Fighting in the U.S.A continues -Bush Humor Political Art 9/11 Review Constitution - Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper says President A Tribute to Donald Rumsfeld New Logic for the war in ... more

Aug 30
{ else }   Blog: Bush Humor
by Brad Mayeux (0 comments | 0 discussions) — more

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