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{ else }   Alert: Stop China's sadistic fur trade! Please help. Last chance! Petition ending and there are not yet enough signatures!  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States

    Stop China's sadistic fur trade! Please help. Last chance! Petition ending and there are not yet enough signatures!

Signing alone is good but not enough! Please forward this message and cross post in other groups so we can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach the goal of 10.000 signatures!

Still daily thousands of animals in an atrocious manner are killed for their fur-lined coat, and with the couple thousand signatures which we have now, there but little difference can be made! For this reason i ask  you kindly, but with insistence to help me in the fight against these practices and sign/ forward/ cross post this message.

You can do even more by

1) putting this message in your own group or crossposting in other Care2 or myspace groups. 

2) Copy & were appropriate  the URL displayed below, or you can find it ate the petition site itself next to the video and above the picture or the fox, and create a banner for the petition

3) Put the link for this petition on your billboard on your personal petition site, and don't forget to forward, forward, forward!!!

URL; (only if the Internet site where you because to draw it supports Java script, unlike myspace, if not try step 2)

<div id="peSiteTargetDiv646679262"><a
href="" style="display: block; width:
252px; text-align: center; font-size: 8pt; font-family: Verdana,sans-
serif;">Petition powered by</a></div>
<script src="

Step 2; copy and are appropriate code into myspace to this or other Internet sites that don't support Java script.

<br>< br>< b>< font size= 2> help US spell live skinning or animals!! </b>< br>< br>< a href=>Please Sign our Petition Today< /a>< /font>< br>< br>

for your billboard on CARE2;

    Stop China's sadistic fur trade! Please sign this petition! Against monsters who throw animals to the ground and skin them alive for their fur.

On behalf or the animals and myself, thank you very much!




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