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PETCO March 2006 I can't remember the website where I made the complaint you have posted on your site from March 2005. I've got some updates to submit. I didn't say anything earlier though I should have. An associate tells me the latest 'behind the scences' when I go visit. A month ago they informed me about two baby Leopard Geckos that were near dead that she was trying to adopt to save, but Ed (assistant manager)only let them save one. The following day when they tried to save the other, they found out Ed (assistant store manager) had dropped it in a tub of mealworms to be eaten alive. The associates didn't find it in time to save it from this horrible cruel death. They currently have some bony patternless Leopards that need help fast. They're vomiting up the mealworms Petco demands be in all tanks probly due to being unable to digest them because they're so skinny. The new Store manager also has a dumped off Ball they are trying to sell that only eats live. He acxcepted the dumped off ball python because 'he had never seen a snake eat live' and later proceeded to through a rat in the tank on the sales floor on a Saturday morning during open hours. They covered a little of the tank then had two managers standing to either side to block customers so they could watch the snake eat the live prey, one of their own rats!!!!!!!!!! The Ball would get them in trouble with there own bosses, but the rest need help.

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