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May 28
Blog: Robert F. Kennedy Says The Media Has Failed Democracy
by Daily Mantra (0 comments | 0 discussions) —     Robert F. Kennedy talks eloquently about how the media has failed democracy (click HERE to view video). But has an apathetic democracy also failed the media, by consistently undervaluing it and failing to protect it? I guess it's a... more

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Feb 1
{ else }   Alert: Stop New Nuclear Weapons
by Jahsiah Ault (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Help stop the Bush administration from developing new nuclear weapons.\\r\\nComplex Transformation is a plan to reinovate and rebuild our entire nuclear arsenal. This proposed plan will cost tax payer $150 Billion dollars\\r\\n\\r\\nSign our petition and ge... more

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Nov 3
{ else }   Top 10 List: Tearing down the structure of corruption
by James Dunn (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Tearing down the structure of corruptionPlease forward the following commentary as you feel is appropriate.Regarding Political Corruption:The problem isn't a person, or even a group of politicians.  The problem is the corrupt practices that a... more

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Aug 20
Blog: California Draft Gore Ballot Initiative
by Marta Jorgensen (0 comments | 0 discussions) — To All CA Care2 Members -A Call To Action!*************************California Draft Gore Ballot Initiative*************************Dear California Resident,Thank you for taking a minute or two to learn more about the California Draft Gore Ballot ... more

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Jul 17
{ else }   Blog: Vital information that may save your life or someone you love
by Neal Johnson (1 comments | 0 discussions) — Please review the following information and share:164 Psychiatry: An Industry of Death   visit site Society & Culture  (tags: children, crime, abuse, rights, HumanRights, corruption ) Sheldon - 13 days ago - Does Psychia... more

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Jun 7
Blog: Action Alert-Get SICKO Active June 29 in Your Hometown
by Claudia S. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Cross posted from: We are working with Michael Moore and an unprecedented national coalition of activists, nurses, doctor, patients and health care activist groups to ensure SiCKO has a long-term impa... more

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May 19
Blog: ideas
by Doug Wilson (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Here we are, tens of thousands of people looking to shape the world. Why isn't it done? Let me run this by you; he's barking up the wrong tree, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, there's no sense in beating a dead horse. Wh... more

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Apr 28
Blog: The time is now: Medicare for all - Print View
by Claudia S. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — From The time is now: Medicare for all - Print View:From The Politico, via Don McCanne's single payer "Quote of the Day" comes the announcement of Kennedy/Dingells version of Medicare for All.Today, House Committee on Energy... more

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Apr 4
{ else }   Blog: Health Care Call in Day - TODAY - Call-in Day April 4
by Claudia S. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — From Daily Kos: Health Care Call in Day - TODAY - Call-in Day April 4:On April 4, 2007, the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, please join Progressive Democrats of America and Healthcare NOW! in honoring his life and legacy by calling... more

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Apr 3
Blog: Sign the Petition for Universal Health Care
by Claudia S. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — During the first two weeks of April, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Healthcare Month, there is one really important new thing that you can do right now. Go to this page on the Healthcare-NOW website: more

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