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Official language Of the U.S.

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           Got something to prove?

                   bring it to the:

               Debate Club!


- This will be a civil group, with civil debate. Rules about name calling, antagonizing will be set. We are all adults and we can refrain from this. There will be a three strikes your out policy after the rules have a chance to settle in on people. I know it will take some time to get used to things, and I will allow plenty of it. Once the rules are set firmly however, there will be no room for "debate" if you break them.

- Debate will be structured to have a beginning and a clear end. The rules for participants are posted on the "Billboard" section of the
Homepage. There are also rules established for spectators.

* Debate here is by no means limited to political issues. Any subjects are welcome provided they are decent. If you want to try and prove that Homer Simpson is superior to Peter Griffin? You can.  Is existentialism a part of the very ideology it attacks? Debate it!

So basically, be civil, have fun and this will turn out fine.

I hope this debate Club works out; it would say a lot for the people who are involved.

Feel free to invite people from all walks, and give them an idea of what it is about.

Thank you.

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