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Patsy P.

"TO Do as GOD wills In Respecting what HE created !"

Vernon, AL, USA
female, age 56
divorced, 2 children
Joined Nov 9, 2006
Activities: MUCH, MUCH, Much, MORE !

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"I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed!"

              “To the world you might be one person/creature,
           But to one person/creature you just might be the world".

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I have seen my mom lock herself in a room
And heard her cry
Just because she had to whip us

I have seen and heard mom and dad fight
Once fighting over a razor blade
To see who was gonna slice whoms throat
I was so shocked I knew nothing but to laugh
Guess God had me to do that
The fighting stopped

I have seen where welfare was no help
Though we needed it very badly
Mom was told she made to much to draw
Yet we had just enough to pay the bills
For a home to live in
We ate cheap as we could
An still found mom to hunger
She would not take food from her children
Every crumb was to feed us
I seen mom walk or hop a train
To work her three jobs
Cause we could not afford a car
Welfare did not help her get money from dad

I have seen from my life
Times I too had to cry behind closed doors
From child molestation 
I just new mom would kill him and go to prison
So I hid it from her and lived with it
To find years later the possibility sis and bro too
Had to suffer my same fate
To have told would perhaps saved them
But how was a young child to know 
Know the consequence of being silent

I have seen heartaches of a dad not being there
He seldom as a blue moon ever seen us
Mostly us seeking him out
To years later to have our step brother tell why
Dad had been abused by spouse in threats
Threats to take away his youngest child
Lest he not see us his first born
Least dad made it up before he died

I have seen abuse was more than just at home
But in the world around me too
Friends I loved dearly comitted suicide
Do to they could not cope with their own abuse
Now my heartaches from missing friends

I have seen my own children suffer
By also being raised by a single mom
Them having to see mom be abused by men
Hopefully my sons never to have suffered
Such as child molestation from anyones hand
I too had to hunger at times to see my sons fed
Struggle as my dear mom had done over time
Lifes cycle thats abuse lest we change it

I have seen abuse by men in and out of marriage
Demeaned beyond degree
Only Gods Grace kept me alive and strong
I have seen much and been through much
I have learned valuable lessons in all this
That I can pass on to others
So that they may respond quicker in their life
To be able to Bypass much heartaches as me

I have Seen
An I  know why abused humans hide
Fear of what if they think it was my fault
Fear of what if they come back cause I tell
Fear of they can kill my parent
Fear parents will kill the abuser and go to jail
Fear of humiliation in others learning of my abuse
Fear of your children knowing
These fears are feeding your abusers...
STOP being in FEAR......


I have seen...was and is my lived life...
So much abuse over time, shown me lessons I could have learned NO other way perhaps... God works in mysterious ways ! Not too say he caused my pains.. But because Of the steps I suffered he taught me to cling to Him ! Taught me street smarts that I can help others ! taught me values He clings to..That I can share them with others !

If you are abused as a child or adult ! Tell !!!!
Tell someone you trust and get HELP ! But most of all PRAY ! And GOD will HELP ! I KNOW GOD HELPS !   If you stay silent you show signs of fear..and fear does feed the abuser whom attacked you ! they are more than likely to attack you till you stand up to them ! Chances are 50/50 the outcome of facing your attacker ! BUt it is better to die quickly..than to suffer LOn..G !

The worst abuse I received was being hung ! 8 people saw this done too me ! No one helped me ! They were scared to be turned on ! But the lack of another human being is what hurt me the most ! WHY ????? I ask myself ??? Why cannot another human being HElp someone in that kind of cirumstance ???? God did HELP ME..By God's Grace it had been a proper hangmens noose that was used...So the rope turned me...And I was able to get my foot onto the ball of the truck.ladder rack,and tree limb I was hung from ! That saved my life ! Otherwise I would not be here !

Please take heart and get out of an abusive relationship...If there an abuser..It only gets worse before better ! If it ever gets better at all ! That worse can be your death ! Then its to late...
Those you love the most are usually the ones that can hurt you most ! Mine was from a man that I had loved dearly ! I thought I could change him... OR cling to him and let my love for him change him... For God to change Him ! I learned God can only HELP those who want change !

I Love you, God Loves You ! Love Yourself to get out of an abusive situation ! God does not want you in abuse ! Hate is the devils work....


Patsy Powell
March 3,2008'


Dreams are what we want filled to make this world better

For us

For others

For our children and their children and so on....

But unless we make a difference

Unless we show we care

We can make no difference to show we were here....

Please take a stand

In a some small way

Perhaps you can make small become major some day....

Do not fight for is this right or not....

You will get lost in the arguments of whether it is good or not...

Just keep on the mark to help this world we live upon....

We need its nuturing elements to breathe and live

So this world can go on.....

Make a stand

Do your part

Think Green of life and work their upon.....

With God's helping hand HE will guide you in Love to share throughout all....

Patsy M.
December 2006'

What have you done to me

In all you have done to me
You made me hurt
You used me
Abused me
In too many ways
You found many ways to cause me pain
Why did you need the ability to do this awful act
You blamed me
But I was an innocent child
What you done to me was demeaning
And it hurt me
You told all she is crazy you cannot believe a word she says
And went on to hurt me once again
Once upon a time I loved you
Trusted you to take care of me
Then one day you started light abuse
As days went on you got rougher and rougher 
Not caring what you did to me
How much you made me suffer
It took time for me to see it was not me
I was not the cause
But something sick in you to respond in hate
I was the object easy for you to crush
To destroy under your hand making you to feel like a man
But this was in your own thoughts of your head
No one with respect would hurt another as you had done to me
Humans who Love do not cause pain
Do not want to hurt or kill another with pain
I was just fooled into thinking you ever cared
I was dumb to believe you never committed these acts  before
Anger to something that was done to you
Resentment for what another had done to you
BUt why choose me to abuse
Why not have seeked whom hurt you and caused your pain
Why did you have to inflict me with the hell you went through
Open your eyes and see you need help
Then you can stop a cycle from continuing to exist

I Thank God for helping me through the abuse I suffered....

Patsy M.Powell
January 9.2007'

Would You ?

Would you wish to be like me if I had abused you
Would you wish to be like someone else if they had demeaned you
Would you follow in the footsteps of destruction
So many forms a mutilizations to choose from
Why stab anyone with pains that afflict them for life
Why become emotionally unstable to cause grief in your life
To self
To others
To anyone
Child molesters make child molesters if the abuse does not stop
Rapists produce violence that goes on in the family line
Abusers get beat and pass it on to their children to become abusers
Can you not get healed and pass this GOOD trait on
Why keep hurting anyone
Stop this nonsense of abussive behaviours
Become Good
Become a person full of passion of Godly Love
And Pass that on


Patsy M.Powell
January 10,2007'

We Have All Been Hurt

We have all been hurt Honey....

Some of us more than the other...

In many types of abuse...

We come here to vent..

Too  HELP others...

We help others best by releasing what we been through...

In that we HELp our selves also...

NO one will listen to someone who has not walked in their shoes....

Because we shared all the emotions of abuse...

We have the Emotions to discuss your situation...

BEcause we been there We understand...

That is the reason I went through what I went through..

That is the reason we all go through such things...

We learn how to help others....

As we wanted someone to have helped us in our abuses....

No one was there for me BUT God....

I could not tell my family....

I did not want them in Prison for murder....

Or dead from trying to kill my abuser...

So I stayed silent....

Took my Strength from God....

And He Helped me find my way out of the abuse...

Then showed me how to  forgive myself as well as my abusers...

NO you never forget....

But it gets easier....

Filling your suitcase full of the hurts...

And losing it for good....

MEans Look over it....

Discuss it....

Heal the pains...

And start Life again....

Use the Past abuse to Learn the Goals God set You to Help others !

Peace within You

Patsy M.Powell
January 17,2007'

                         ASPARTAME (NUTRASWEET) IS TOXIC! 

I had a friend who sent me emails on man made sugars. She had known many of my ailments.When she read about what man made sugars were doing to people, she sent me the ASPARTAME WARNING by email. I quit the man made sugars I been using on and off for 22 years COLD TURKEY. I had suffered a sore throat for ten years. My right lymphnode was 3 times 2 big and hurt continually. Doctors said it was allergy or sinuses.  I also never got headaches, or migraines in the past. But over the years I got headaches all the time. Then they went to Migraines all the time.  But why did I have constant sore throat , was always my question ?  Well After a few days of No Man made sugars I had No headache or migraine. After a week I had NO SORE THROAT. Then in 3 weeks I noticed the difference in my LYPHNODE it was going down ! In aanother week it was a normal size. I also had got a lot of body bloating. I would go back and forth in minutes from a pant size bigger to small, and vica-versa. After quiting the man made sugars was not Bloating as much....

Man Made sugars are in many forms....

They ar in Diet drinks and foods for diebetics, as well as weight watcher Products.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DIGESTING !      QUESTION IT  ?????????????????????

This is the email I wrote and sent to a site I found reporting illnesses made by man made sugarr consumptions ;

Topic: Aspartame Warning !

OH MY DEAR LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A friend sent a http.address to me on aspartame ...I lost it.... So I typed in aspartame warnings and found this site ......

I have had medical problems for years that the doctors could find no reason why I was ill.... At one time had 7 doctors checking me out...over the years I have been poked and proded from head to toe , and inside and out, blood tests shown cells and stuff normal...I felt like a pin cussion....

I  was a size 7 most my life...back when I was in my early 20' s I started going from 7-9 in a blink of an eye...then back down to a 7 just as quick...FROM bloat !  MY whole body would bloat head to toe....even my ears would feel tight....and my tongue would swell making it hard to breath like a allergy reaction,  aniphilactic shock. MY body over a short amount of time went from 7-9,9-12,12-16, and down as quick as up as previously said...come on I knew something was wrong....By the time I could get in to see the doctor, shoot the bloat would be passed and doctors could not see it....I also get nervous and nerve problems BaD!  I get what I call earthquakes through my body head to toe... NO doctors ever seen them they would be over...but family and friends seen..... I tried allergy meds and I never had an allergy in my life to nothing..... then doctors seen some of my allergy symptoms to e.r. visit... After seeing me in there a good bit on and off he told me he thought I had an allergy to milkweed..... But could not explain why I had it in winter too.... I get bad migraines for years that are like ice pick stabs here and there in my brain...then get stabbing pains at certain points like butcher knife going thru.... I been thru all kinds of x-rays and MRI's. Even a brain surgeon checked me out because I was having trouble..... I had had a major accident... Where I blacked out or was not thinking straight all of a sudden or something..... the blow to the head cut a large and small vein in skull, I was near bled to death and they did not know till they pulled last stitch to sew me up and then doc knew by the squirting blood I had a bleeder. ANY way the brain surgeon pulled me off driving a year later because I was forgetting things.... and more earthquakes I told him...But he found nothing and let me go back to driving and to work...

I have had many bad acid stomach problems that prescription or over counter anti-acids would not relieve....but doctor said test did not show acid reflux or anything.... I have had trouble with my throat and a lymphnode stays swelled....  My bones ache badly used to be just winters...then summer too.... backaches badly..... hurt to sit ,lay ,or stand...but I figured that was do too sculyeosis they said I was born with...

HOWEVER reading about aspartame ,Splenda ,and Nutra-Sweet ,and the other forms of man made sugars I am not sure now....... DOctors took symptoms I have and said I have (I.B.S.)- Irritable Bowell Syndrome..... other doctors said my breathing troubles are from Sleep Apnea Disorder,because of my stop breathing when I have the aniphilactic shock.....the apnea test- in 6 hour test I stopped breathing 9 times.....

I had one of the E.R. visits where they hooked me up to heart monitors cause they saw something on the x-ray...they sent me to a Pulmonary Specialist whom ran many tests and said there was nothing...I told him I skip heart beats I can feel it....But he found nothing.....I told him I have shortness of breath, weakness, chills, no energy ,near passing out..... but found nothing . I have where I wake and feel like small insects like tics climbing all over me and itch.... where my legs will jerk and even wake me....... My hair falls out hair fulls a day or week. I took it as dye products or shampoo and changed products often to no change...and stopped dying hair and still no change....beautician says change type of brush...I have and still hair falls out... The root shaft comes out...even acts like a pimple sorta of till it gets scratched out by scracthing the itch.... my face and body break out often like acne and itches also. My eyes get where they are dry and even eye drops do not help.... and my eyes get where their is a feeling something in the eye like a hair or blot of oil I cannot wash out or find anything. my nails beak easily and no reason for it do to the vitamins and Gelitin I eat. I have gas so bad almost everyday ,belching ,or flatulence. I also have diarhia often ,but then can turn around and be constipated for weeks. I have terrible cutting pains that hit me with these problems ..especially the constipation after finally able to go...... I had a oily discharge and I do MEAN it looked like motor oil when I was 36 years old. I had been going thru serious paralyzing pains.... for 6 months all doctors would say was kidneys and treat me for infections.... till one day E.R. docor said kidney infection severely and left room and nurse said be right back with medication to get you through till monday. She left I needed the bathroom and started yelling in pain and scared to death it looked like my inside had come out........... Nurse and my friend came running in saying that is NO kidney infection.... Doctor said I am sorry it is not a kidney infection! I said YOU THINK! I been telling you I know a kidney infection I had them and yeast infections for years! I was telling you that!...So to another point can these man made sachrins cause this problem too..... I had trouble keeping a job on these illness keeping me in pain...or keeping me in the bathroom.... and especially my capability skills started wavering because I got where I could not remeber things long term or short term for was give and take to remeber My own name, address, an personal info....

so now.... I had hated diet drinks when they came out...they were awful tasting.. and gave me migraines immediatley drinking part of one. So I never touched them again till  better tasting ones came along with Coke Zero,diet mountain Dew, and Lipton Splenda Mango Green Tea... Then after the first soft drinks stared and I was not drinking the diet drink then...they came out with yogurts, and Jello with the Nutra -Sweet and other sweetners. And they tasted great so I was hitting them regular basis for better health as they said then.... then a whole new product line for commercial industry to hit the Health conscious like me......... AND to think FDA approved this stuff...and it is killing us.......GEEZ!

Is there a lawsuit  against these sugar free sweetners ? It looks as there is enough proof from this site alone to start one... and I am sure there are other sites on this Aspartame, Nutra -Sweet, and etc..... full off the same illness to the trusting consumers since FDA approved them..........

Thanks for this site !!!!!!!!!! I will  never touch another SUGAR free substitute in my life as today !!!!!!!!!!!! I will  be in touch to let you know if their has been a change !  I had one diet drink yesterday ! And found this today ! And will go back to sugar and old fashioned exercise and small portioned meals ! And cook more organic items.... the stores will lose a lot of my business if they are the reasons I have been this ill all my life !

To think I thought the Health  benefits of these products to be helping me ! OHH MY !!!!!!!!!

Thanks sincerely for this site !!!!!!!!!!!!



The government has made wrong moves much in the past as now.....  This here is FUNNY as Ironic where the Government is concerned.

Welcome to BREATHING EARTH. This presentation displays the carbon dioxide emission levels around the world, as well as the birth and death rates -all in real-time. Though considerable effort has been taken to ensure that the presentation uses the most accurate and up-to-date data available, please remember that this is just a simulation.


What was I thinking to let you con me ?

You were so charming it appeared
Till the abuses one day came my way

Why did I cower in fear ?

When your angered looks came my way
Why did I not stand and say...

Oh No You Don't

BUt instead I cowered
My insides curdled in fear
You had put me under your spell
Right their under your thumb

What was I thinking ?


Love does not hate !
Destroy !
Kill !

Love is Good !
Kind !
Comapssionate !

So why did I let you Hurt me ?

Yes I !

For if I had stood up and said No
I would have not been tortured for so long

For if I had got out of it
I would have only been wounded a while in this life

If I had died at your hands trying to run
Then Peace would have been at last

It does not make since why I stayed in the abuse so long looking back

But their was a reason I had the walk through it

GOD made me stronger for it !

Thanks lord for Thy Grace seeing me through my abuse !

Patsy M.Powell
April 5,2007'

Have a close look at both the photographs & read the messages below them. Forwarding this message to as many people as you can. This wouldn't fulfill a wish; nor deleting it will cause any misfortune; but its our moral duty to be concerned...towards humanity.



Kevin Carter

This was found in his diary ,

Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. I pray that He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away from his misery. I pray that we will be more sensitive towards the world around us and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests.
I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted.

Please don't break.. keep on forwarding to our friends On this good day.. Let's make a prayer for the suffering in anywhere any place around the globe and send this friendly reminder to others; think & look at this...when you complain about your food and the food we waste daily.........

Personal Professional Contact Singles
Joined Nov 9, 2006 Activist Aspirations Casual 
Here for Meeting Friends, Support a Cause, Other 
Group Host of none yet
Groups Aimee's Cool Stuff, CHEROKEE PLACE OF PEACE, Christian Growth Through the Word, Christian Stewardship, Christians in Recovery from Addictions, PEOPLES EXCHANGE, Petitions Welcome, What we can do to stop Global Warming
Hometown Possum Town USA (For those whom know where it is 
Birthday March 14, 1962  
About Me 49 f Mississippi Belle..
YES Mississippi Belle BORn and now reside in Alabama,USA.

MOther and GRandmother of 4 grandsons...

I have a HEART thats Why I call myself - indixiesheart - anD also I live in the heart of dixie land.

I love God, self, children, family, animals, nature, etc....

We need to do what we can, to make sure their is a future for our kids and life of nature.
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Pets fish, dog, Birds - Exotic, LOVE ANIMALS but HAVE none at moment  
Activist Aspirations Casual
Political Leaning Depends
Religions christian - Bapticostal  
Eating Habits trying to keep it somewhat healthy!  
Wild Fact About Me I CRY over a CartooN cow dyinG... SO what you think I do for something that dies in REAL LIFE.. B-A-W-L !!!

Seriously I pray for the dead in all Gods creatures to be resserected in HEaven ! HE said it was all GOOD when HE created it! ONCE I realized I prayed for alot of ,Oppossums,racoons,deer, armadillos, dogs, cats... then I said Lord I know the animals will be there UNLESS they are not to be...AND I SURE AM running HEAVEN over with these animals around me...SO I started praying for other kinds of creatures around the world though I do not see them but on media. LOL.... I know little silly ! BUT Can you IMAGINE NO creatures when GOD made them aLL ?
My Philosophy IF GOD was kind to me...WHY do I not be kind to man and too animals and environment.
What Gives Me Hope GOD, LIFE, Nature, Family, Friends
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by NO MORE SPAM......... meaning NO more signs up, down, everywhere. Unless they were packaged to look descent, to not take away from beauty around us.

TOO ManY billboards, Vote for who signs they never take up, signs in front of signs everywhere in buildings, on roads, country or city... JUST plain MAKING the world LOOK Trashy...
What/who changed my life and why Book -THE BIBLE-WORD of GOD
It tells you to be kind to people, animals, self...It gives you wisdom in what will harm you and what can make you well.
What Bugs Me People who destroy the world, inhumanity to man, woman, child, earth, People whom do harm unto others  
Passions God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, gardening, Cooking...and eating great food, Poetry, the South, spirituality, photography, peace, my friends, my family, MY CHILDREN!!!, music, making a difference, love, LIFE!!!, laughter, environment, Energy Healing And Love, children, broadening my h  
Inspirations MUCH !, Smell of fresh mown grass, Babies cry, Rain on tin roof, a gentle breeze, animals, Birds chirping, children, love, the wind, the sound of the ocean, nature, music, Trinity, the beauty of nature, The Great Spirit, to fulfill my purpose on earth  
What Scares Me Nothing...... NOone.... I have GOD  
Role Models Jesus Christ  
Quotation I die that you may live.
Books And more, spiritual books, unusual or very old cookbooks, the Holy Bible, Self improvement, Sefl Help Books!, poetry  
Music all kinds, alternative, bluegrass, blues, celtic, christian, Classic Rock, classical, country, Easy listening, folk, gospel, Heavy Metal, jazz, metal, new age, oldies, opera, pop, reggae, Rock and Roll, soft rock  
Movies History, Biography, Documentaries, Romance, sci-fi, Light Horror, drama, comedy, action  
TV Shows American Idol, E.R., HOUSE, Dark Angel...OH I DID NOT KNOW..NO, HGTV and FOOD NETWORK, Star Trek (all of them), x-files, Will and Grace, That 70's Show, survivor, Smallville, seinfeld, NCIS, monk, Law and Order, house, futurama, friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, csi, charmed  
Favorite Foods veggies, steak, seafood, salad, rice, potatoes, pizza, pasta, mashed potatoes, lobster, lasagna, ice cream, french fries, fish, chocolate, chicken, cheese, bread, Almost all food, french, mexican, italian, greek, chinese, american, SeeFood Diet...I SEE FOOD I EAT !  
Favorite Places Hazard County, Kentucky, Bear Lake Forest, Florida, Navare Florida, Gulport Mississippi, Biloxi Mississippi, Wilmington Beach California, Washington State, the ocean, rivers, parks, New Orleans, nature, mountains, lakes, home, forests, beach  
Can't Live Without sleep, good food, water, music, Church, BIBLE, Nature, Art and Crafts, Poetry, Friends, My children and grandchildren, GOd  
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