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Donald L.

"Assisting Travelers, Language Students and Volunteer Workers in Latin America"

San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador
Speaks: English, German, Spanish
Joined Jun 7, 2005
Activities: Adventure Travel

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Nuevo "cause" sobre facebook....

América Central...
El Salvador...

Proyecto Transmitélo ('Pass it On') Buscamos personas de nivel cultural e interés de superación personal. Les vamos, poco a poco, a ofrecer todo el entrenamiento necesario y el apoyo que los necesitan.

"La ayuda a empresas pequeña a hacer contactos comerciales en países de diferentes idiomas, ello se hace por Internet, por sitios Web bi ó multilingues
Apoyo por estudiantes, micro/macro empresa y individuales, asesoría personal."

Category: Human Services

"Para llevar a cabo todo ello necesitamos representantes y voluntarios que puedan asesorar a los clients y explicarles todad nuestras actividades y servicios. estoy abierto a eschuchar sus ideas y opiniones ó expicarles cosas tal vez no hayan entiendo, evite malentendidos, por supuesto, ó si desean mayopres aclaraciones en ciertos temas. Esperamos que con la ayuda de Ustedes para el beneficio y el orgullo de todos los involuncrados....."
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message in English for visitors/volunteers planning to travel to El Salvador soon or in the future...

I, the writer of this tome, am a resident of El Salvador in Central America.

Recently we started a bi-lingual English/Spanish group on facebook causes called Transmitelo, which means 'To pass it on' in English, and if any of you are soon planning to travel to El Salvador or Central America and have skills to share with and pass on to less advantaged folks living way out in rural areas of the country, or even just time to lend a helping hand, send us a message on facebook or an e mail a couple weeks before your intended arrival.

Also check out  8.5 million members

I am an active activist as possible, part time due to my age, but not the type of person who wishes to sit behind a computer screen all day and write on "fun walls" on facebook or chat with online strangers in that strange to me IM "chat language" LOL? Get my drift..?

Visit El Salvador, the rest of Central America and South America if you have the time and inclination, the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the enchantment of the coastlines and countryside, from steaming jungles and rain forests to the majestic snow capped Andes....

For more information on volunteering long or short term in either Central or South America without having to pay intermediaries large bi weekly or monthly placement fees click onto the web portals:
'Volunteer South America'
'True Travellers Society'
I am on  at 
Simple URL:

Join today and obtain your own share network..8.5 million members.

If you are just travelling through our region, excellent, native guides ready to escort you to awesome off the beaten path destinations, transport arranged.

*No "room and board" nor "stipends nor salaries" nor "free transport" neither "native guides" au gratis, etc. shall be provided for any visitor or volunteer from abroad, please don't even bother to ask (I shall delete any such inquiries myself) and as for seeking "employment" locally, well if you have marketable skills and a command of the Spanish language click on to
 and do carry with you proper attire for job interviews. No T shirts, shorts or fanny packs! Good grooming essential.

Those of you on a very low budget will find that that though time consuming and at times crowded and a bit uncomfortable, getting around El Salvador and Central America by bus on your own can be an unforgetable adventure and very inexpensive. Of course, use common sense and take precautions for your personal security. Never travel or walk alone at night, in cities and large towns best take taxi back to lodging place after dark.


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Joined Jun 7, 2005 Activist Aspirations Casual 
Here for Meeting Friends, Dating, Job Search, Professional Connections, Support a Cause, Other 
Group Host of none yet
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Hometown San Salvador, El Salvador 
Birthday Sept 29  
Languages English, German, Spanish  
About Me abril 2008 April 2008..updated...not about "me" it is about the "we"...volunteering with ARDM and Homies Unidos in El Salvador a wonderful experience..please come and visit US.

Estoy trabajando como asesor de turismo receptivo adjunto con dos proyectos en El Salvador más:

I am presently volunteering as travel consultant in receptive tourism & volunteerism in tandem with two local non profit organizations based in El Salvador - more:

3840.asp also in Spanish

For a virtual tour of El Salvador: English or Spanish



Le Esperamos con gusto....

Cinquera El Salvador... Seeking short term volunteers presently in or

traveling through Central America to assist with eco and cultural tourism project..non profit cooperative ....
Association for the

Reconstruction and Municipal Development of Cinquera

ARDM ..Cinquera Cabañas

El Salvador.."

As well as eco tourism Cinquera boasts historical and cultural sites, the

village was destroyed during the worst years of the civil conflict in El

Salvador in the early 1980s and those residents who survived either hid out in

the nearby caves (which are viewed on tour with trained uniformed guides from

the community) of fled the country. After the peace accords of 1992 former

residents began trickling back to Cinquera and in effect this small town was

"reborn". Aside from the Rain Forest tour, there exist in Cinquera historical

and cultural sites such as the Church, a building which stood alone and empty of

worshipers throughout the armed conflict." The Uniformed native guides will

escort you every step of the way through the rain forest, trails have been

constructed. Local transportation to and from Cinquera provided from San

Salvador or Suchitoto, Cinquera is a village, crime free, very hospitable


Cinquera is located well off the beaten path, short term volunteers now

would need to stay in nearby colonial town of Suchitoto or in San Salvador until

the hostal in Cinquera is constructed. Transportation arranged for visitors/volunteers to and from sites in rural areas.

After volunteering we are able to connect you with other

humanitarian aid organizations throughout Central America and offer you tips on

travelling cheaply and safely anywhere in the region if planning to go onward using public transportation.

Helping to Help!

Besides the hostal to house overnight visitors, ARDM and the residents of

Cinquera are also planning to construct a Revolutionary War Museum

to rival the one in Perquin as well a Butterfly Farm and exhibit and sale of

crafts made with Añil dyes (Indigo), profits beyond expenses go back into the

community. All visitors, national and international are required to pay for

transportation, fuel costs, admission to rain forest and park and fees for

native guides. The organization receives limited funding and low income natives

are unable to support traveler stays, long or short term. Punto. Volunteers

expected to help with fuel costs for transportation, required to pay for their

home stays in nearby Suchitoto or in San Salvador city.

"renacimiento" "rebirth" of a village…
Cinquera is a small town located some 11 miles/18 km. north of Suchitoto, nestled in a small verdant valley and now offering an impressive and diverse guided tour in the Rain Forest and Wildlife Refuge offering to the visitor an incredible array of ecosystems within the tropical mountainous forest with altitudes ranging between 250 meters to 750 meters above sea level
*5,000 meters (5km.) of Mountain Trails
*Eight way stations enroute noting both historical and environmental sites of interest.
*Forest Rangers and uniformed Guides to escort the visitor in safety.
*Camping Area
*Overlooks offering breathtaking views
As well as eco tourism Cinquera boasts historical and cultural sites, the village was destroyed during the worst years of the civil conflict in El Salvador in the early 1980s and those residents who survived either hid out in the nearby caves (which are viewed on tour) of fled the country. After the peace accords of 1992 former residents began trickling back to Cinquera and in effect this small town was "reborn". Aside from the Rain Forest tour, there exist in Cinquera historical and cultural sites such as the Church, a building which stood alone and empty of worshipers throughout the conflict.

Now Cinquera awaits the visitor or volunteer alike....”

"All the information you require to travel to El Salvador & Central America"

Just ask.

Cinquera El Salvador Eco Tourism Project

For more detailed information.

PS We all reside here, we advise you from the "Inside out" we are neither

"travelers" nor "transients".

¡En caso lo que hablas español...lo mejor!

Of course, eco tourism is much more well organized in Costa Rica and Guatemala, however unlike El Salvador and Guatemala, Costa Rica is very crowded with visitors during peak seasons, is far more expensive and offers little in the way of cultural, historic or indingenous/crats tourism.

We welcome singles to large groups…please contact us in advance of arrival, please.



Mobile (Handy) Telephone numbers upon request.

Now something about me....
Languages English, German, Spanish

About Me One Man's Love Affair Between El Salvador and Guatemala

Originally I come from the U.S. however I have resided in Latin America since the mid-1980's. I first visited El Salvador in the late 1960's and fell in love with the Salvadorian coastal town, Puerto de La Libertad, because it reminded me of my birthplace. I am also completely enamored with La Antigua, Guatemala, the restored colonial Capital City of Central America, because it reminds me of the town where I was raised in USA . I should have known even then, that I was destined to return.

I attended University in Boston and New York but found the academic world and the turbulence surrounding it on the late 1960's didn't suit my fancy, so I began an odyssey of working and traveling abroad in the 70's. I resided and traveled in the USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America, which broadened my perspective and my linguistic skills as I picked up along the way German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. I’ve put my language skills to work translating and localizing travel related webpages based in Latin America several years ago when the Internet in this region was still in it's infancy.

After a long absence in Latin America, I returned to Guatemala from the United States in 1986. Eight years later, the Peace Treaty that eliminated Civil Conflict was signed in El Salvador. This restored tranquility to the land making it, once again, an attractive place to live. Motivated by family ties and the memory of its scenic beauty, I returned to live in to El Salvador.

I labored as a Tour Guide, Travel Writer and Trade and Travel Consultant throughout Central America, much of it in the "Pre-Internet" era. And while there seems to be no lack of modern amenities here I still love the "other side" of Central America. The side dappled with colonial villages, where time has stood still and oxcarts still ply narrow roads. Uncrowded and exotic hidden coves, beaches, bays and mangroves lay in wait to overwhelm you with their beauty. Coconut and coffee plantations color the country side with their abundance. The Mayan ruins are scattered carelessly by histories hand, including Joya de Ceren in El Salvador, which is the "Pompeii of the Americas." A typical Mayan Village buried beneath Volcanic Ash for 1400 years; the only site of it's kind, unique in all the Americas.
The majestic Ruins of Copan located in neighboring Honduras are considered by most to be the 'Jewel of the Mayan World'. These are a few of my favorite places...if traveling to Central America on your own look me up for good coffee and better conversation.

Towns and villages dedicated to the elaboration of arts and crafts are spread all over the Central American Isthmus. I know of towns located less than a couple hours drive from San Salvador's bustling boulevards where horses and oxcarts often outnumber vehicles! And for adventurers there are Volcanoes, Volcanoes and more Volcanoes. With the exception of Honduras, you will be able to spy their cones in every Central American country and a few are still active!

Many tourists come to El Salvador hoping to add to their list of sites to see "their idea" of indigenous people, i.e. "Indians." Instead they find that the population is made up of "mestizos" or mixed-race people. I was once hired to drive a woman from El Salvador to Guatemala. She wanted me to drive down San Salvador's Boulevard de los Heroes which is known for its hustle and bustle and always filled with Salvadorians so that she could take in the sites, so to speak. As we drove, I noticed that she was becoming more and more agitate. When I gave her a questioning look she shouted in desperation "But where are the Indians?!?" I merely answered "Be patient and I'll take you to them tomorrow out in Panchimalco."

Patience was obviously not this woman's strong suite because she proceeded to borrow my guidebook, and I later found out that she took off to Costa Rica that afternoon on her own, taking my trusted guidebook with her. Which of course, I never saw finally, with a sense of humor; a lesson in life: "Take it or leave it, but never lend it!"

About the Author

Donald Lee, a US Citizen and Ex Pat resident in Central America since 1986 is a Trade and Travel Consultant for all things Latin American. For questions or travel/volunteer information feel free to contact him by message. At present Donald is volunteering with a non profit organization based in El Salvador centered on prevention of violence with ask risk youth. If you are a first time traveler to the region soon our organization shall be offering volunteer/ vacation excursions from 2 days to a week, again message after viewing the
links at the bottom of this profile.

Travel Central America:
Links and Resources.

m Also in espanol y Svenska Guatemala Virtual Tour of El Salvador

FOOTPRINT Mexico & Central America Handbook

Lonely Planet Guides

Moon Handbooks
Moon Travel Planner-Nicaragua
Moon Travel Planner-Costa Rica

Guatemala Revue Magazine (Monthly - English)
El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras Sections
in pdf format
Mostly advertisements, but gives one a good overview,
good articles in the archives.

Excellent Travel forums, Travel Planning worldwide If heading on to South America, a good resource.

From my bloq on traveling in El Salvador

There is an excellent bi lingual El Salvador travel/volunteer portal site being developed in English and Spanish by
Robert, a Salvadorian American resident in the
colonial town of Suchitoto
and all are welcome to contact Robert, the webmaster,
through the contact pages if they have anything to add or inquire about traveling or volunteering
in El Salvador.

El Salvador is
a small country boasting excellent intercity bus
services, the fast buses such as those to Puerto de La
Libertad, San Miguel, Santa Ana and Sonsonate depart
every few minutes during daylight hours, connecting to
smaller towns and more remote area takes a while, most
buses go into and out of the capital city of San
Salvador. Take caution at the bus terminals,
especially during peak hours. Without a car and or
driver then takes several days and some patience to
see the all the sights (I have added my general El
Salvador 'guide'). The weather is now rainy afternoons or evenings in
most of the country..max. around 28-30C during the has
been raining generally late aftenoon showers or
thunderstorms at night, bring rain gear. Our Summer-Tropical Dry Season begins in November and goes through April.

It is easy to
meet with and connect with both locals and travellers
here, no tourist hordes, the locals, mainly family
groups, travel for pleasure only on weekends and holidays.

During the weekdays in El Salvador the National Parks, Mayan Ruins
and Museums (closed on Mondays) and the beaches almost
empty of visitors.
I, the writer, reside in
San Salvador.
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