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I regularly upload some petitions I care about. They are 'sorted' by category (though inevitably they sometimes overlap) and I hope you will sign them as well. Below the petitions you can find more information on T.T.I.P & the dangers of 'Corporate Governance'

28 feb
A United Nation Intended To End Animal Abuse / Tell the EU to Stop Investing in Animal Suffering  / We demand EU embargo on China /
Stop Bear Bile Farming In China/ Stop Capturing Beluga Whales to Entertain Humans / End The Lion Slaughter in South Africa
Animal Welfare & Corporations
It's Time For Walmart To Stop the Torture of Pigs / Seaworld: End Captive Orca Breeding Program / Stop Facebook Allowing Animal Abuse to Be Posted / McDonald's: It's Time For A Healthy, Meatless Option /
Support EU Food Labeling Laws / Include Animal Welfare in Foreign Trade Agreements 
Environment & Corporations/Politics
Tell Nestlé: Stop trying to patent a natural cure / Prevent Farmers from Hiding Animal Abuse / Stop TTP from Leaving Big Fracking Mess /
Tell Pres. Obama : Stop Keystone XL / Tell the EPA to Investigate Fracking Contamination / Don't Give Away Our Fresh Water for Fracking
Stop Corporate Welfare / Send Snowden home

March 30
Petition For Severely Abused Circus Elephant Anne  Close Surabaya Zoo/  / Protect wildlife - remove the inside flange from Yoplait containers / Close MSD Animal Health Laboratories / Praise Medical Researcher for Protecting Animals / End Whaling in Iceland
Animals Welfare & Corporations/ Politics
Support Chicken Welfare Standards / Urge Fast Food Companies to Switch to Sustainable Beef / Tell Craigslist to Help Stop Violence Against Pets / Immediately Repeal Britain's Animal Research "Secrecy" Laws
Unilever Don't Greenwash Industry Destruction
Condemn Gun Lobby for Choosing Guns over Elephants

April 3
Stop the barbaric annual slaughter of the Dartmoor ponies and baby foals / Ban Rodeos In New Zealand / Stop Use Of Marine Mammals at Canton AquaworldStop Burning Live Bulls - End Sadistic Festivals
Animals / Environment / Politics
President Obama: Protect the Arctic Ocean
Please pass Bill C-414 into law. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (cruelty to animals) / Kickstart the race to save our planet / Vote With Your Wallet: Go GMO-Free /

April 4
Condemn China For Tiger Killing Spectacles / Take animals of the circus Universal Renz incustody  (this is a german petition) / Shut down Surabaya Zoo Now! / Animals are not Entertainers- Close Zoos,Circuses,Marine Parks, Rodeos
Animals Welfare & Corporations/ Politics
Boycott Nike for Using Kangaroo Skin in Sneakers / Kroger: Stop misleading consumers about animal welfare standards / Domino's: Stop Making Pigs Suffer / Stop Meat Industry pollution / Please donate as little as 1$ to SumofUs to stop the privatization of water
Tell Angela Merkel to grant Edward Snowden asylum / No Champagne for Monsanto / Tell Google to stop going through your email to sell ads

april 8
Change the animal cruelty laws / Rehabilitate and Release Orca Kshamenk back to the Wild / Help Ban Puppy Mill Sales / Stop Severe Donkey Mistreatment / Shut Down Inhumane and Unsanitary Slaughterhouse / End the Use of Animals in Circuses / Sign Here to Stop Circus Cruelty / Wild Animal Circus Ban – Why Are We Still Waiting? / Ask Russia to Release Wild Orcas Captured for New Moscow Aquarium / Stop Rattlesnake Roundups
Animals Welfare & Corporations/ Politics
Protect Penguins from the Effects of Climate Change / B.C. Minister of Forests: Stop killing Frea Pigs / Brazil's Live Exports; Cruelty Has A Human Heart / Tell Starbucks to Support Organics and Stop Fighting GMO Labeling

April 10
Horses eviscerated alive for fun(!!graphic image) / Bring an end to the practice of 'dancing bears / Justice for Bogota dog who had 3 legs intentionally chopped off with a lawn mower / Demand Justice for Bullet / Put an End to Blending Baby Male Chicks in Hatcheries! /
Animals Welfare/ Environment & Politics
Ask the Romanian government to stop the live transport of 500,000 milk cows to China / Ask Eu Farming ministers to bring current voluntary poultrymeat labelling terms into law / Help protect the last pristine rainforest in Sumatra where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants still roam free/ City shelter "Death Camp" will be reopened again/ The Indonesian Government: Shut down Surabaya Zoo / Japan: Stop killing dolphins /Demand the IWC stands firm against Japan’s attempts to continue whaling / Demand China stop killing whale sharks for lipstick

April 12

Ban Bear Baiting Competitions / Shut Down Beirut Slaughterhouse now! /Save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction  / Don’t Endanger Tennessee Walking Horses/ Leopard burned alive, take action (!graphic video) /  Retire Coffs Harbour Dolphins / Tell New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson that Michael Vick is a disgrace/ German petition monkey laboratory testing / Remove Sir David Scholey's Knighthood / Urge BBC Panorama To Expose The EU Live Exports
Animal Welfare / Corporations & Politics

Please call a public referendum regarding the addition of more captive dolphins and orcas at the Vancouver Aquarium / Tell the EU Commission: Enforce the Law & Protect the Pigs / SeaWorld: Stop Giving Drugs to Orcas /
Environment / Politics & Corporations

Bayer SUES the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides!! / Stand with the EPA: Corn Ethanol isn't a Sustainable FuelTell Fox to stop misinforming the public and start featuring actual climate scientists! / Ban plastic bags in the EU / Tell KFC- Stop Trashing Rainforest / Tell the EPA We Don't Need BP / Save our bees and food supply /

April 15

Give Romanian stray dogs a chance to live / Ban live exports to Gaza / Support California state bill banning performances and captive breeding of orcas / Urge the End of Elephant Imports /
Environment / Corporations & Politics

Don't let Monsanto keep buying up Mother Earth/ Protect the climate and save our planet / Stand With Harvard Faculty for Fossil Fuel Divestment /Keep Shell Out of the Arctic! /

April 20
Stop Capturing Killer Whales and Release Current Captive Killer Whales to a Sea Pen / Speak Out Against Turkey Torture / Do not sell your elephants to Bowmanville / FREE ORCA MORGAN /
End the Inhumane Breeding of Captive-Born Wolves / Stop Slaughter of Injured Chickens / Applaud Ban on Inhumane Animal Transportation /
The Most Important Bill Ever to Protect Big Cats from Abuse / Urge BBC Panorama To Expose The EU Live Exports / Put an End to Gruesome Horse Fighting / Save the Critically Endangered Indochinese Tiger /
Corporations/ Politics/ Environment
Label all GMO products in Canada / Koch-Free! / It's Time for Corporate Greenhouse Polluters to Take Responsibility / Bring the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) under proper democratic scrutiny

28 april
Demand Better Treatment for Poultry / Support Ban on Pacific Bluefin Tuna Fishing / Save our greyhounds in Spain /
Animals/ Politics / Corporations
Demand a better quality of life for US chickens /
Retail Council of Canada: Ban Veal Crates / Help save the lions of West Africa from extinction / US Navy: Don't Use Dolphins in War Drills! / Canada: Improve Conditions for Factory Farm Calves! / President Obama: Protect the Arctic Ocean / Save whales and dolphins from Big Oil's latest threat : Big Oil wants to explore the Atlantic Ocean using seismic airguns. This activity could kill over 100,000 helpless dolphins and whales)

Articles week 21-28 april:
Verdict Morgan: Unfortunately, because of constrains in the European/ National law, the Judge could not decide for Morgan to be rehabilitated and released. This verdict is only possible because all concerning agencies can pass the baton. A zoo- or aquarium doesn't own their animals but manages them for Eaza ( European Ass. for Zoos & Aquaria) So all similar kind of zoo animal abuses are only possible with Eaza's authorization ( elephants in solitary confinement, mass surplus zoo killings, kidnapping Morgan etc) Eaza itself has extremely meagre animal welfare- and husbandry standards.  There are now two possibilties: A successful petition actually is handed over to The EU Commissioner for the environment OR to the relevant ministry of that particular country: Both will refer back to The EU Zoo Directive.The problem is that this directive is also extremely vague: Unlike other EC Directives, the EC Zoos Directive (1999/22) was not published with explanatory notes. The inevitable result is that every case passes the law requirements. So even when a case is presented to a judge he/she can't rule in favour of any 'Morgan' because of constrains in the law. Eaza knows this and either hides in the shadows or releases a false statement. Eaza is the truly quilty party, not a judge. Public awareness is growing but for Eaza all its zoo- and marine park animals are mere commodities. It's a business, like factory farming. Any comment left on their Facebook page is deleted within 24 hours.....

Canadian Factory Farms tortures chicks and veals in factory farming despite claiming zero tolerance to animal cruelty.
At Maple Leaf Chicks are being boiled alive and pushed through a grinder with a squeegee and  Delimax veal farm showed calves being kicked and punched, chained by the neck and held in filthy crates so small they can’t walk, turn around or comfortably lie down.

Japan will conduct pacific whale-hunt despite court ruling

EPA Gives BP ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ on 4th Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster
  (From Ecowatch)

                                       MY PETITIONS
Demand Democratic Scrutiny of Secret US-EU Trade Deal (T.T.I.P)
(p.s: Avaaz surveyed their 34 million members and their greatest concern is the corporate stranglehold on our governments)

Solstice Petition
(p.s: Took a very long time to find the photograph of a dog dancing around a bonfire)

Hold EAZA accountible and FREE elephant Tania!
(p.s: More than 185.000 people signed a petition to release Tania from this zoo, even Ricky Gervais had a 'Free Tania Facebook'. Eaza simply released a statement and Tania remained in solitary confinement. I researched Eaza's statement and they blatently lied in this statement: They were actually close to 100% culpable for her solitary confinement. Tania will also die soon if she's not moved from this zoo)

Videos of Tania in Tirgu
1.25.2013, Interior Enclosure  /  Tania is swaying frantically, she's clearly in severe pyschological distress
3.08.2013, Interior Enclosure / Tania is swaying laterally and back and forth. Her left back foot looks painful.
11.03.2014, Interior Enclosure /  The echoing is insufferable. How does Tania stand it?

Expose Longleat for abuse of $600.000 in public donations to build a sanctuary for elephant Anne and other abused elephants
(p.s: Longleat is also an EAZA member zoo)


                                         DID ANYONE ASK US? 

Petitions are powerful signals but SO are incredibly powerful interests groups and corporations. They have a lot of experience, they're in it for the long haul and they've money, lawyers, lobbyists & spin doctors at their disposal. The sad truth is: their influence is drowning out our voices and killing 'true democracy'


(I'll insert a very brief interlude here : American Citizens can sign the petition move-to-amend,
- Sign Here - This matters because it encourages the Senate, House of Representatives and State Legislatures to overturn Citizens United by amending the constitution. If enough people sign this petition, it will clearly demonstrate that you care about your country, your rights and true democracy. It will also be much more difficult for corporations to just 'buy a democracy'. With this intrument your voice would have more influence on any decision made on Keystone XL, AG -Gag orders etc) It's a good place to start......

                                         EDUCATE YOURSELF

Right now, as we speak, there are ongoing EU-US trade-deal negotiations called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T.T.I.P)

There are already serious consequences to these negotiations even though they're not even finalized yet:

Here below you'll find just a small selection of lawsuits against 'your' governments by corporations and YOU will pay the fine with your tax payers money!

Chevron goes to trial in New York over $18 billion Ecuador award

Bayer sues the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that are killing millions of bees around the world.

Philip Morris sues over Australian plans to ban logos from cigarette packets

Eli Lilly files $500M NAFTA suit against Canada over drug patents

                                         AN INTRODUCTION TO

At this very moment, a powerful group of the largest U.S. and European banks, agribusinesses and other powerful industry groups are rewriting our policies on health, environmental and financial protections.

Paul Ferris from SumOf Us states that this partnership is not a trade deal, but rather a "corporate wish list". At stake is everything from "environmental protections, to affordable medicines to internet freedoms." He goes on to note that perhaps the most dangerous and disturbing factor in this 'partnership' is that it would give corporations "impunity from governments and citizens" meaning that laws that would ordinarily serve to protect consumers, their health, and their environments could be nullified by corporate interests. Corporations could, in fact, sue governments or individuals if their rights were infringed on (their rights to make more money) and the cost would be covered by you, the taxpayer. Genetically modified crops are very common in the US but severely regulated in the EU. Hormone treated beef is completely banned. We will end up with unlabelled GMO's in the EU!!The repercussions of this proposed 'partnership' will have far and wide global effects. No country will be immune. Even now, in many countries, around the world, people are fighting for their rights to their land (being confiscated by foreign corporations), to their lives, to their water, to every resource they use to have. With this 'partnership' people won't have a prayer to stand up and fight for what they believe to be right. (© Sara B.)

So small wonder it's all shrouded in secrecy. The agreement is being negotiated in an undemocratic manner: by an unelected group of political representatives, in Brussels and Washington. The public isn't being consulted. The US and the EU, however, are doubling down to the controversial investor-state system but where are your elected representatives? Fast asleep.

The negotiators hope to conclude their work in at the end of 2014/ early 2015. The 28 EU government-members will then have to approve the negotiated agreement in the EU Council of Ministers. At this point, the European Parliament will be asked for its decision. It is empowered to approve or reject it. A controversy has arisen on the issue of whether the national EU Parliaments should also ratify this agreement. In the US, the Congress would have to ratify the text.

                                        A SELECTION OF ARTICLES ON TTIP:

From the Huffington Post
Trade Deal Would Elevate Corporations to Equal Status With Nation States

From Public Citizen
US and EU Corporations to Attack Consumer and Environmental Safeguards

From The Guardian
Full Frontal Assault on Democracy
The Lies Behind The Transatlantic Trade Deal
EU-US deal could unleash a “corporate litigation boom

Wikipedia T.T.I.P.




                                          THE DANGERS OF CORPORATE POWER :

Fortune 100 Companies Have Received $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently (From

The Koch Brothers took $88 million of your taxpayer dollars while demanding that governments stop wasting taxpayer dollars (From DailyKos)

Nestlé and The Privatization of Water (From GlobalResearch)

Monsanto, the court and the seeds of dissent (L.A Times)

Monsanto’s Patents on Living Organisms (From GlobalResearch)

Citizen's United: The best democracy money can buy! (From The Huffington Post)

The Koch Brothers have donated over $67 million to climate denial front groups dedicated to intentionally misleading the public on climate change   (From Forecast-the-facts)

                                          More info on 'Patents On Life'

No Patents On Life

Multinationals Are Attempting To Use Patents On Life Itself To Monopolize The Biosphere

                                         The Trans-Pacific Partnership : Read more HERE

T.T.I.P is not to be confused with T.P.P. They're both secret UNDEMOCRATIC trade-deals but the first is a secret trade-deal between EU-US and the latter is a secret trade-deal between US-and 11 other 'Pacific Rim' countries. At the moment Pres. Obama is trying to fast track T.P.P.

Below you'll find info and petitions about T.T.P.

The “Trans-Pacific Partnership”: Obama’s Secret Trade Deal

The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is the complete opposite of 'free trade'

WikiLeaks releases the secret draft text for the entire T.P.P

Avaaz Petition on T.P.P. (so far 1.600.000 signatures)

Stop the Secrecy T.P.P Petition (2.700.000 signatures so far)

Information on Citizens United, Corporate Personhood & petition MoveToAmend

Citizens United ( for more info click here)

As long as corporations are given the right to donate unlimited sums of money to influence political elections, wealthy groups can make sure their messages drowns out other voices and limits the information reaching the public. It effectively allows them to buy your congress and your president.

Citizens United isn’t an isolated problem. It’s a symptom of a bigger, longstanding threat: for decades the largest corporations have been building power over our political process — power that comes at the expense of citizens.

Corporate Personhood (for more info click here)

One of the main instruments of this influence is the legal concept of Corporate Personhood wherein corporations receive the same Constitutional protections as individuals.  That simply means that non-persons have free speech rights. If your toaster could talk, it would have those rights too.

Petition move-to-amend here

Additional articles on overturning Citizens United and consumer rights:

Support for Amending the Constitution to Overturn Citizens United is Now One-Third of the Way There (click here)

People for the American way (click here)

Bring the people's voice back (click here)


On October 8th 2013, The U.S  Supreme Court heard arguments in McCutcheon v. FEC : They are challenging limits on the cumulative total of contributions a person may make to candidates, political parties and political action committees. If the court rules in favor of McCutcheon, the impact on the political system could be as damaging as Citizens United.


Farm Forward implements innovative strategies to promote conscientious food choices, reduce farm animal suffering, and advance sustainable agriculture. Read more Farm Forward

Compassion in World Farming is working strategically toward a whole food system that is truly kind, caring and honest - kind to animals; caring for the environment and consumer health; and honestly labelled.
Read more 
Compassion in World Farming


Zoos, Aquariums, all forms of abusing animals for human 'entertainment' epitomize the killing of the souls- and bodies of innocent animals. 
Seaworld actually pumps orcas full of psychotropic drugs so that it can keep depressed and frustrated orcas confined together. Many zoos keep elephants in concrete prisons, deprived of any companionship despite the fact that they would spend their entire natural lives surrounded by aunts, sisters, children & grandchildren. The list of wild animals confined in inadequate small cages in the wrong climate is endless. This is how R.M Rilke described the suffering of zoo animals in his beautiful poem 'The Panther'

'The Panther' by R.M Rilke (I made an attempt to do it justice In English)

The Panther

His gaze, from staring through the bars,
has grown so weary that it can take in nothing more
For him it's as though there were a thousand bars
And behind those thousand bars, no world

The soft pace of smooth powerful strides,
Which turn about in tiniest of circles
Are like a dance of great strength around a center
In which a mighty will now stands paralyzed

Only once in a while, the curtain of his pupils
rises silently — Then an image enters,
Slips through his tense and silent being —
reaches the heart, and dies

                    The Original Poem In German

Sein Blick ist vom Vorübergehn der Stäbe
so müd geworden, daß er nichts mehr hält.
Ihm ist, als ob es tausend Stäbe gäbe
und hinter tausend Stäben keine Welt.

Der weiche Gang geschmeidig starker Schritte,
der sich im allerkleinsten Kreise dreht,
ist wie ein Tanz von Kraft um eine Mitte,
in der betäubt ein großer Wille steht.

Nur manchmal schiebt der Vorhang der Pupille
sich lautlos auf — dann geht ein Bild hinein,
geht durch der Glieder angespannte Stille —
und hört im Herzen auf zu sein.

A very Big for Sara, my first true care2 friend. She's not just a very dear and wise friend to me but she also works tirelessly to help animals & environment without demanding a spotlight for her kind heart.


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