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israel today

Two Israeli border policemen and a Palestinian woman were injured Friday morning in a terrorist attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. The attacker, a 20-year-old Palestinian from the area north of Jerusalem could be neutralized. One border policeman was injured by the knife attack hard on the head, the other suffered cuts to the hand. The Arab woman was injured by shrapnel in the leg. Within the last five months the Damascus Gate has become the venue for now 11 terrorist attacks.

The attacked in another knife attack last Thursday Israeli soldier Tuvia Yanai Weissman (21, pictured) has died of his injuries. Two 14-year-old Palestinian had entered into a known supermarket in the north of Jerusalem, and had the soldiers and a 36-year-old Israeli civilians injured with knives.

The dead soldier Weissmann survived by his wife and a four-month-old baby.
israel heute 19.02. 2016   Immer wieder Traurige Nachricht  und ich spreche den Angehörigen mein tiefstes Beileid aus.

Jews represent the Heavenly Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his born-again son Jesus Christ Yeshua Messiah

Jews keep these tragedies from because they believe in the living God of Jacob

and wakes up finally on and read it by what I here you may impart and dig further into the Bible and the media - because a lot of time did not to return her to the Jesus

In about 10 years the Bible has been translated in all languages ​​world wide and only when the Bible is translated may Jesus come,

and pays out the Netherlands which have shortly before and then read the revelation in the Bible and what the sign is on the right hand and on the end -

finally comes to his feet and asks the Lord to more brain - and the Holy Spirit, which the can you finally understand.

This is not about rescuing dogs and cats ect

which is malicious people do not know the God of Jacob only used to keep you from Jesus Yeshua

to do good do their own feel good but all this doing good here in the world distracts from Jesus Yeshua and therefore until the hearing the cry of Yeshua while keeping the Jews from Yeshua to the end, fight again comes -C.

israeltoday.comm all bat news  at the last weeks.-C.

Israeli Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, 19, was sworn in to her mandatory national service just two months ago. On Wednesday, she met an untimely demise while confronting three armed terrorists in Jerusalem.

The attack occurred near the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City, where Cohen and another young female Border Police officer spotted a trio of Palestinian Arabs behaving suspiciously.

Cohen and her comrade demanded to see their identification, but instead the Palestinians pulled out knives and guns.

Eyewitness accounts stated that Cohen, despite being so young and inexperienced, managed to return fire before being fatally shot and stabbed. The other officer suffered serious injuries, but is currently in stable condition.

Additional police forces that arrived at the scene and killed two of the three attackers discovered two guns, several knives and pipe bombs on the bodies of the terrorists.

In other words, they were planning a much grander, more coordinated attack, and were ultimately foiled by Cohen and her partner.

Israeli security officials called the incident a “turning point” in the current wave of violence, that until now has consisted primarily of “lone wolf” terrorists spontaneously deciding to attack Israelis.

Two Palestinian Arab terrorists, one of them just a teenager, killed an Israeli woman and wounded another in the Jewish community of Beit Horon north of Jerusalem on Monday.

Unarmed women appear to have become the favorite target of those Palestinians taking part in what has come to be known as the “Stabbing Intifada.”

The fatality in Monday’s attack was named as 24-year-old Shlomit Krigman (pictured), who was attacked while shopping at the local grocery. Krigman had been a youth leader in the community.

Both terrorists were shot and killed by a security guard following a short chase.

Police later found two pipe bombs at the scene, indicating that a much more severe attack had been averted.

Palestinian Arab terrorists, so often described as “heroic” by Palestinian leaders and media, demonstrated their tremendous bravery this week by stabbing a petite, defenseless Israeli mother and a pregnant Jewish woman.

On Sunday, a Palestinian terrorist entered the home of Dafna Meir in the Jewish settlement of Otniel and brutally stabbed her to death in front of three of her six children. A day later, another knife-wielding Palestinian seriously wounded a 30-year-old pregnant woman in the nearby Jewish community of Tekoa.

Meir’s older teenage daughter witnessed the attack, and told authorities that her mother wrestled with the terrorist to prevent him from harming any of the children. By some miracle, after fatally stabbing Meir, the terrorist fled the scene instead of killing the children.

Two of the six children in the Meir household are foster children. Dafna was also a nurse at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, where she treated Jews and Arabs, alike. Adding to her saintliness, the apparently tireless Meir provided couples’ counseling.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that no effort would be spared in bringing justice to the killer.

“In the name of all Israelis, I want to give strength to all the children of the family. All of us are hurting and share in the painful grief. We will find the terrorist, and he will pay the full price for this heinous murder,” Netanyahu posted on Facebook.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon concurred: “We will not rest until we settle accounts with the terrorist, wherever he is. [Dafna Meir’s] murder…teaches us yet again what a cruel enemy we are up against.”

Monday’s attack took place at a clothing warehouse in the Judean settlement of Tekoa, essentially a suburb of Jerusalem. Security guards managed to shoot and kill the terrorist, but not before he inflicted serious upper body injuries to his pregnant victim, who was taken to a hospital in the capital.

In light of the two attacks, Israeli security officials are reconsidering allowing Palestinian workers into Jewish settlements. Both of the above terrorists are believed to have gained entry to Otniel and Tekoa by being employed by local Jewish businesses.

Natan Meir, the husband of the recently murdered by a Palestinian terrorist Dafna Meir from the village of Othniel in Hebron, published yesterday evening a very emotional entry on Facebook. Countless have already shared the post and pressed "like", even Prime Minister Netanyahu left a comment.

Natan writes: "My sweet daughters, Noa (11) and Ahava (10) took part in an internal competition in gymnastics Othniel. Both won medals for second and third place. Two mothers, very dear neighbors had the two girls brainer and they cheered. "

"When evening came, came the tears, because her mother is no longer there to experience their sporting success. Where is her embrace? Why is she not here to see that? So I suggested to them that I'll post a picture of them with their medals, so they can get a warm hug and love from the entire Jewish people. "

Thousands people sent then their congratulations to the girls, including Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Culture Miri Regev (Likud).

"Dear family, I embrace you and just hugging you all the people," Netanyahu wrote and Culture Minister Regev added, "Sweet Noa and Ahava - your mother sees everything! The total Jewish people is with you, the Champions! "

To put it quite bluntly what Helloween

I am against Helloween -

because a pagan - is bloodthirsty custom

The former pagans in Great Britain Ireland have carved any gods and then wondered if bad harvests came,

because God put Abraham Isaac and Jacob hates idols service --- then just like today,

came as a poor harvest gave the medicine men of the population

the gods call for pure blood to be appeased,

Then each family had a head out and so every year, the family had to sacrifice a child determines the

the children were tied to a stake and verbrant in living body

the burned-out brains of children looked like carved pumpkins

for out of the mouth and eye sockets lit the fire

I mean, who still celebrates this tradition today, accordingly attracts the unsavory costumes

participates in the children victims of the many sacrificed children because it is the feast followed even if not burned children but this custom of burning victims glorified thereby


and God of Jacob abhors any idolatry until today and all pagan fixed until today, so it is in the Bible

So listen to the God of Jacob, and will celebrate its arranged fixed and back to return him to Yeshua Messiah-Jesus Christ-C.


The Iranian-born pastor of the Persian convert commune "New Covenant" in Frankfurt am Main, Mahin Mousapour. Photo: Idea townspeople

Frankfurt am Main / Berlin (idea) - Muslim refugees who threaten Christians in Germany, should have immediately left the country. The calls on the Iranian-born pastor of the Persian convert commune "New Covenant" in Frankfurt am Main, Mahin Mousapour. Background are reports that up assaults by Muslims on Christians accumulate in German refugee camps. Of the up to one million refugees which Germany expected this year, 80 percent are Muslims. How Mousapour said on request of the Evangelical News Agency idea, many of the approximately 40 worshipers their community - especially Iranians and Afghans - have fled from their home countries because of their faith: "But even in Germany earlier Muslims are discriminated against and sometimes hostility." So be a Afghan Christian threatened in his refugee accommodation of Muslims with a knife because he had a Bible: "The police have suggested that the young man could even move or make the night a chair under the doorknob a room." In other cases, converts would in forced collective living quarters, to clean after cooking not only the dishes, but the entire kitchen: "Many Muslim refugees say that all Christians are impure." In view of such incidents, the 57-year-old pastor would like to ask any politician in person: "Do you notice not that we are kidding? That's a Christian country. "The money and the property would take the Muslim asylum seekers like," but at the same time they keep us Christians worthless ".


"You have mocked me and slapped in the face"
Tuesday, 6 October 2015 | IH-Redaktion

Adele Bennett (22), the severe cuts it contributed to the terrorist attack in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday, has spoken to the Israeli online newspaper Times of Israel. They gave a harrowing account of how she experienced the attack and stabbed at her husband and how their own cries for help were ignored. Her husband Aharon (24) died in the terrorist attack, a hurrying to help military rabbi (41) was also killed.

"I screamed: 'Please help me!' But they have spat on me, "says Adele. The Arab shopkeeper in the Old City would have simply looked and not intervened, as she and her family from the Palestinian terrorists Muhannad H. (19) were attacked.

"Even when we returned from the Wailing Wall, we felt that something was wrong," said Adele recalls. "We went faster, but the terrorist crashed from a shop out and began to stab my husband. My husband is very strong, he struggled with the attacker and hit him in the face. Then I was stabbed. He let go of me and went back to my husband. He stabbed him - again and again. I tried the knife take, but I could not. "

Adele reported that Palestinian youths who witnessed the attack. You would have noticed their two small children in strollers. But they just laughed and cursed her when she screamed for help bleeding heavily. One had struck her in the face, another laughed at her when she begged him: "I have given him a million shekels, when he can get away with me and my two children. I should drop dead Just, was his answer. "

They have collected their last reserves of strength and had fled to police officers, who were very close. "I could only say: 'I am hurt, my husband was stabbed and my two babies are there all by yourself.' Then I lost consciousness, "the mother recalls. The Military Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi, who lived in the old town, heard the screams and ran to the scene to help. He was also stabbed by the terrorists and fatally injured. The terrorist was finally shot dead by a security guard. Adele's son (2) was slightly injured, her daughter remained unharmed.

Image: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the victims of terrorism Adele Bennett in Jerusalem Ein Kerem Hospital. Photo: Kobi Giden / GPO (Flash 90)

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Jerusalem, or at least the area around the Old City, has become something of a war zone over the past few days.

In at least two separate attacks, two Israelis have been knifed to death, a Jewish toddler has been stabbed, and several more people have been wounded for no other reason than walking in certain areas while being Jewish.

And how have Israel’s peace partners in the Palestinian Authority responded? By blaming Israel, naturally.

When a 19-year-old Palestinian man mercilessly killed two Israeli men, critically wounded the wife of one of the victims and stabbed their helpless 2-year-old child near Lions’ Gate on Saturday, he was shot and killed by soldiers responding to the scene.

Similarly, when another knife-wielding terrorist stabbed and seriously injured a 15-year-old Israeli near Damascus Gate on Sunday, he, too, was gunned down to prevent any further bloodshed.

The statement released by the Palestinian Authority in the wake of these attacks insisted that the “killing of two young men in occupied Jerusalem” was part and parcel of Israel’s “policy of escalation.” The regime of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urgently called upon the international community to intervene against Israel.

Nowhere in the statement did Abbas acknowledge that the two slain Palestinian men had only been shot because they had first perpetrated murderous attacks against passing Jews. In fact, the statement didn’t mention the Jewish victims at all.

Tellingly, some foreign media followed Abbas’ lead, headlining the story in a way that sought to disconnect the deaths of the Palestinian men and their Jewish victims, and to blame Israel for the former.

For example, the BBC first headlined the story of the Lions’ Gate attack “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.” A more fitting and accurate headline would have noted that two ISRAELIS had been killed and their attacker eliminated.

Sunday, October 04, 2015 |  Tsvi Sadan

Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin from Neriyah were killed last week by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, the military arm of Fatah, the "moderate" faction of "moderate" Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. 

But this well-planned killing of Jews was not a crime. Eitam and Naama were not murdered by savage, blood-thirsty sub-humans. This pre-meditated attack was carried out by people who are at war against Israel's very existence, a fact that is well masked by what is presented as a legitimate "fight for freedom" against the Israeli occupation of the "Palestinian state" whose flag now flies at UN Headquarters.

This attack was carried out just hours after Abbas' "speech of lies" at the UN, where he once again wrapped his hate for Israel in rhetoric palatable for the gullible West. The support of the countries of the world, he said, is needed for the sake of truth, freedom and lawfulness. A Palestinian state, he continued, will be "the greatest contribution to peacemaking in the Holy Land." 

It is for good reason that following this speech, Islam expert Mordechai Kedar labeled Abbas a soldier in a "'political Jihad' whose goal is the establishment of Muslim State No. 58 on the ruins of the one and only Jewish State." The doctrine of Islamic Jihad, continued Kedar in stating the obvious, "mandates the inclusion of an element of deceit, and Mahmoud Abbas is a master of deception."

The disheartening part of it all is that almost every Israeli, from President Rivlin to the fish merchant at Ben Yehuda market, continues to use terms taken from the criminal vocabulary, and Israel continues to fight this jihad as if it were some sort of criminal activity. 

It is notable that the first to arrive at the scene of the killing of Rabbi Eitam and his wife was the forensic unit of the Israeli police. Similarly, Israeli media continues to describe murderous rock and Molotov cocktail attackers as "youths," "activists," "militants" or "human animals."

But the killing of a young rabbi destined for greatness and of his lovely wife is a chilling reminder that Israel is at war, a war that for some reason tends to consume her very best. In a moving Facebook post Aharon Rose mourns his friend: "We lose our very best; the greatest among the next generation leadership of religious Zionism was murdered." A man of "great genius of noble spirit" he calls him. A gaze at Eitam's blog shows just how accurate this description is, and how urgent it is for us Israelis to wake up to the fact that the Henkins are casualties of war, and not victims of heinous crime.

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The 22-year-old Karen Mosquera (photo) came from Ecuador to Israel to study the Torah and to convert to Judaism. Now she found in Jerusalem death: In the Hadassah hospital she succumbed to serious injuries that they had sustained on Wednesday at the terrorist attack on a tram stop. Before the three-month-old girl Haya Zissel Brown had already died. She had been detected in her stroller from the car with which raced a 21 year old Palestinian in the crowd.

Karen Mosquera had come to Israel from Ecudor half years ago. The past two months, they had spent together with other women from South America in a Torah school. "She was run over when she was on the way to a Torah lesson," said a friend. "She was a quiet girl who believed firmly in the path they had taken. She struggled to be a Jew, and could not be dissuaded. "

The driver of the terrorist car, Abed Rahman Shaludi, had been shot by a plainclothes police when he tried to flee from the scene. He later died in hospital from his injuries. High-ranking Palestinian tribute to him being "heroes and martyrs".

On Sunday evening Shaludi was buried. The Israeli police had allowed for safety reasons only 20 mourners. Several dozen residents of East Jerusalem shouting "Allah Akbar" ( "Allah is greater"), as police units blocked the roads to the cemetery.

In Silwan, where the terrorist had lived, pelted Palestinian security forces with fireworks and stones and set fire to barricades. The police responded with tear gas. Previously there had been riots in Beit Hanina and Issawiya. Police arrested several masked youths who had thrown stones to the police officers.

Israel concerns us all to Jesus followers

because Jesus followers are automatically Israel.

If a terrorist attack on a tram stop in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening a three-month-old girl has been killed. Seven people were injured, some seriously. The assassin, a 20 year old Palestinian was run according to the police with his car into a group of people waiting at the bus stop Ammunition Hill on the web. He wanted to flee on foot after, but was shot by a police officer. The terrorist died in the night in the hospital.

The incident occurred shortly before 18:00 local time. Initially it was reported, the tram was derailed. But it quickly turned out that they were a stop. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Thursday morning on Israeli television, three of the injured were in serious condition. The perpetrators had wanted to kill as many Jews as possible.

The culprit is according to official figures, a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. There had come in recent days to riots after Jewish families had bought in the Arab-dominated neighborhood apartments. The assassin has already served a prison sentence for terrorist activities. A Hamas spokesman said in a statement, the terrorist attack was "the natural response to Israel's actions in Jerusalem." By contrast, the family of 20-year-old claimed that it had not been for a stop, but a traffic accident. This is contradicted by the records of surveillance cameras. They show how the car is turning and targeted unrestrained drives in the group of people.

At the site of the attack to dramatic scenes took place. Paramedics reported that the terrorist had with his car rolled over the stroller with the little girl. "The mother brought the child with a severe head injury to us. She was hysterical. The child was unconscious, "said the paramedic. The little girl died shortly afterwards at Hadassah Hospital from his injuries.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a political complicity in the assassination: "This is the way its government partners are working," said Netanyahu. He was referring to the Palestinian unity government, in which the Hamas terrorist group is represented. Abbas had provoked attacks on Jews, it was the part of the Israeli government. The Palestinian President had called for "Jewish settlers by all means from the Al-Aqsa Mosque keep" (Israel Today) reported.

To sharp words grabbed Trade Minister Naftali Bennett. "Not even Satan could find an adequate revenge for the blood of a three month old child," he explained. He called on the police to treat every stone throwers and arsonists as terrorists. Politicians right-wing accused the security authorities to take too little against the continued terror of Palestinians in Jerusalem.

A few hours after the attack blocked dozens of masked Arab youth several streets in Silwan, set fire to car tires and shot from fireworks. In Issawija district occurred in the evening clashes between rioters and police.

The Jerusalem tram that connects the western part of the city with the Arab-dominated east, had been repeatedly attacked and damaged in recent weeks by Arab rioters.

Recently, there had been a terrorist attack in the Israeli capital in August: A Palestinian excavator driver had intentionally run over an Orthodox Jewish passers-by and injured six other people.

The attack was recorded by a camera:

Footage of terrorist attack in Jerusalem October 22nd 2014

The media bring anything

but rarely what happens in and around Israel.

that's why I'm doing this now on care2 finally publicly. -C.


in the Bible it is written:

The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus Christ-Messiah Yeshua is the Lord alone

JesusYeshua has already won the victory on the cross

Isaiah 45

22Wendet unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends; for I am God and no one else!

23Ich have sworn by myself, justice comes out of my mouth, a word that is not withdrawn: I shall bow every knee, and every tongue shall swear.


24Nur the Lord (as it will be said) I have righteousness and strength. To him shall come and be ashamed all that are incensed against him.

IS strives for world domination

IS has since June 2014 expelled hundreds of thousands of Christians, Yazidis and moderate Muslims from northern Iraq and Syria, and there set up a caliphate in which the religious law Sharia is enforced with brutal means. Who opposes IS, must expect to be crucified, decapitated or raped. Girls and women are sold as sex slaves in markets. IS plans to build a caliphate for all 1.6 billion Muslims. A "final battle" should mean that Islam dominant world, according to a recruitment document. This IS announces to behead anyone who rebelling against Allah. For a year fought a US-led military alliance IS in Syria and Iraq. However, although about 10,000 jihadists were killed by airstrikes, the number of combatants has not reduced because it is possible the IS to constantly recruit new. The total number is expected to reach 20,000 to 30,000.

The terrorist organization "Islamic State" continues its atrocities. Photo: picture-alliance / AP

Heidelberg / Washington (idea) - The terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IS) is continuing its atrocities unabated brutality.

So the militia beheaded three weeks ago in Egypt kidnapped Croat Tomislav Salopek by its own account. In Syria, hundreds of kidnapped Christians are also threatened by death. Meanwhile, there are increasing voices that given the continuing tragedy in the Middle East accused the West inaction.

According to the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Mor Silvanus Petros Al-Nemeh (Homs) are currently 270 Aramean Christians in the violence of heavily armed militias IS. The hostages were sold on August 7 from the city Karjatain largely of a church and deported.

Among them are the elderly, children and pregnant women. IS imprisons also still 205 Syrian Christians who were kidnapped in late February during an attack on 35 villages along the river Khabur. A total of 3,000 were expelled. Meanwhile IS has 22 Assyrians, including 14 women released.

The Federation of the Arameans in Germany (Heidelberg) calls on the federal government and the international community to stand up with determination for the abductees. Every day can be crucial. The National Chairman Daniyel Demir: "What is happening with Christians and other faiths or dissidents in the Middle East under IS-rule, the Western world seems to have blunted."

In Germany, about 100,000 Christian Syrians living in the EU approximately 300,000.

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