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Inconsolable T.

"My Care2 purpose is for Animals / Environment, and to forge close lasting friendships with those of my Care2'ers whom wish to"

London, LD, United Kingdom
Speaks: Engish and just a little Animalese
Joined Feb 20, 2011

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To all my departed beloved kindred spirits / soulmates in Animal form whom had been in my life, each night I say " There is no death where the spirit lives, This was only another day, And so I say goodnight ", I will be with you all again.

16 Aug 2015, Wonderful spirit in cat form " Mickey ",  ( only 2yrs of age) ( July 1992 - 16th August 1994 )

15 Aug 2015,
Beloved sweetheart spirit in cat form " Cammie ", it is two years now that on this day  you decided to go outside at 3.30 in the morning and never return, you are never forgotten, we miss you.

27 July 2015, A year ago this day, Middy's life was
ended by vet at approx 00.32hrs.

Midnight " Middy ",
my brother, however much time passes by, it'll only ever be as if it were just yesterday that your life was taken, I will be with you again.
Eternal candle for Blackie, Oxo, Stokie, Tarquine, Spike, Toby, Midge, Mickey, Squeak, Ginge, Whitey, Cuffie, Bew, Max, Inky, Beck, Stripes,
Cammie, TweetyPie, Midnight and all cherished kindred spirits in animal form whom had gained their place in my heart

For Midnight " Middy ", Forever " The True Lion King "                     1st Sept 2008 - 27th July 2014

      Dog or other species of Animal

I will have vengeance against all my enemies
and against haters of animals, in this life or another !!.

Okay I openly admit it, I'm a sentimentalist regarding animals and the earth.

If destiny allows, and I so hope it will, that in the next or another life, existence, I will have my wish granted, to take vengeance against the criminals of humankind on behalf of the innocent animals, murdered and victimized for greed and fun, I'd rather our species never existed, given what it has done to the world, other lifeforms.

The Chronicles of Riddick, " Its an Animal thing ", now this is what I'd call mutual respect

There are hidden links in photo's and words, throughout my page, go n find them



Connecting as friends on Care2 -

Am so very selective and choosy about whom I'll connect with,  Oh all right then !!, I'm a down right fussy sod !!.


I need to have a sense of rightness first of all about those whom I consider connecting with, and then, only those I rate highly, according to my own personal standards, views n criteria, and those whom are on Care2 for the best and right reasons - " Animals, Natural Environment and Planet ", or whom have enough of similar thinking, will get invited / accepted.

All my butterfly creds go to animals and the environment.

I am against the stealing of water supplies / sources, habitats from wildlife, and will not donate any water on care2 or anywhere else, because doing so kills animals and only further increases over breeding by the human species, most specifically in the third world, Africa, Asia, Middle East. Far East, Orient, Mexico and South / Latin America, these are the worse offending populations and countries

As do Water aid, band aid, sports aid, live aid, and many others which are sending aid to africa, india, and the various other country's whose human populations are running amok and are the one major threat to animals, habitats, natural environment etc...

Comic relief and the various others, compounding the problem of human over breeding with their insane and misguided actions, people should stop donating to them.
Year in year out, for decades, Comic relief and others, have only made the over breeding problem worse, and by doing so, have played their part in putting all animals, habitats, environment under ever increasing threat.
It no doubt seems a harsh and drastic view to have, but it is only common sense, the world wide human population needs to be reduced and kept down to 2 and half billion Max, one word defines what is absolutely necessary " Equilibrium ", most other species follow this rule and live in harmony with nature, keeping their numbers in check, the human species and certain races in particular, of the human species do not, and they pose one of the primary threats to the very existence and survival of everything else.
Hence I do so believe, " Comic relief Suck Big Time ", " Red Nose Day Sucks ", as do all charities, organizations  which exacerbate the problem.
If animals, habitats and natural environments are to be saved and survive, the above should not be donated to,  people should redirect their donations to animal and environment charities.
Strong words, maybe, but they are based on irrefutable facts

There are hidden links in photo's and words, throughout my page, to vid's / web pages, and petitions, go n find them

Inks, another shining spirit lost from my life and the world - 17th May 2012
The pain, grief and regret of Inky's going, is now added to that of all my other beloved lost, never to diminish and always to be keenly felt.

My outstanding compassionate Care2'ers, every once in awhile, I'll be minimizing content on my profile,  your
emails, posts, words n pics that make their mark in my heart are not just deleted or rejected, and I save the best of them.
I am continuing to click to donate, sign petitions, send green stars to those whom deserve, n to express thx, and though I have stopped sending individual messages or replying to such now, there are exceptions, which are important / worthy, to find it in myself to write and or reply to you.
I know all of u my friends, will not be taking offense or feel I'm ignoring u.
Any messages, comments, cards I'm sent, are being read, be in no doubt of that.
                                     I'm still here

                 There is no enlightenment outside of ourselves

I'm battling on so many fronts

I'm involved in a nightmare war with evil animal haters here in London, ( for 4yrs + now ), whenever possible, which is almost daily, ( and providing there are no people around to witness their actions / activities ), these lowlife creatures make attempts to frighten / terrorize, and more at times, Jet & Midnight.

I welcome any and all help to stop and destroy these evil creatures
Below is list of video's recorded of these lowlifes

Creep 2's reaction in 4th July vid clip shows clearly,  they do not like their activities being caught on video

Evil lowlife 7.45am 24th March 2012

16th and 24th May 2012

Creep 1 on 26th ‎May ‎2012 

18th June 2012, Creep 1, a crony of the evil lowlife 

13.27hrs 20th June - creep 1 

24 ‎June ‎2012 ‏‎17 24hrs, two of the creeps and evil scum himself

Creeps 1 & 2 at 15.20hrs 26th June 2012

Creep 1 at 04.37hrs 30th June 2012

Creep 2 at 13 41hrs 4th July 2012

Jet & Midnight used to be so eager to get to the open green space during daylight, but due to 4yrs of and continuing nasty activities by lowlifes, for quite a number of days now, Jet, Midnight have become scared of doing so, because the accumulative effects of the lowlifes activities are taking their toll on Jet & Midnight, the creeps are there 24/7 and have been for the last 4 years, they just spend their time waiting for opportunities to inflict harm on Jet, Midnight, physically and psychologically, hence I will not let them out alone.

                                     And / Or              

                                        Depending on your Gender

To all whom award me Green Stars, To my friends, for all your wonderful comments and cards, whether they have been removed or remain on view, I do so wish I was truly worthy of them, maybe one day I will be

Human population in excess of 7 billion and Water Crisis

           The undeniable Dreadful Prophetic Truth

Because people will not wake up and change their ways

It will be animals who lose out, just as they already are doing and always have !!, our species has already been interfering with and removing the natural habitats and water sources of animals.

It is the irresponsible peoples of particular country's, running amok with over populating, combined with stealing the water sources belonging to animals, which are likely to be the final actions that will consign animals to oblivion.

to hell those of the human species whom are responsible.

I hold strong views about human over population, I hate and despise this happening, and the people of the worse offending countries must be held accountable.

I have no interest in helping people / populations by donating to them on Care2, it is these people running amok with the excessive numbers of kids they have, even when there is famine they continue breeding, it is they who are putting the Earth and All Animals in danger, to give food and aid to these people only compounds the problem, human populations of the worse offending country's should, must be cut back severely and immediately, there is no more time, this is the only common sense reasonable option.



Creating my website, still ongoing

Music I like



Stokie, though you left this world 17 years ago, you have never
left my heart, you, together with all my other beloved soulmates,
past, present and future, have a home there forever.

Stokie - almost 13yrs - went at approx 3.30pm Fri 13th Jan 1995

Click pic below -

Forever Autumn, My chosen song, in memory of all animals,
that our species, have through its evilness, murdered, sent to oblivion 

Big Bang Theory

I may have chosen the pseudonym of catmantee,
but there is no way I'll go this far

23rd June 2011, time spent with some of my Clowder

23rd June 2011, time spent with some of my pride

Jet n me
20th Jan 2013

                                                       11th  June 2011

In memory of Tarquine, Bew
and the many other of my soulmates gone.

Tarquine - 11th June 1997
Bew - 5th April 2008 to 11th June 2008.

Bew, you were only given a few weeks of life but it was long enough for me to fall in love with you, you'll always be loved n never forgotten and if destiny allows, we will see each other again. 

Silent Running -

" It's Insane "
by Lowell ( Bruce Dern )
Cult classic but Nightmarish environmental scenario film, and in reality, this jewel of a planet, together with all the treasures of non human lifeforms are being dragged n pushed along the road to hell and into oblivion, by the greedy n evil of our species, to the utter and total eternal disgrace and damnation of humankind !!

Watching this Lion King vid, brings me both great sadness and intense delight at one and same time, delight from the years in which I was priviledged to share my life with such wonderful spirits and those with whom I now do, intense regret n sadness at the departing of those whom I so adored,  I lose myself completely in thoughts n memories of all the beloved soulmates lost throughout the years, in whichever way, it also causes me to reflect that Humankind has a long history of commiting crimes against other Sentient lifeforms and this planet, yet it continues to do so, clearly humankind looks to be incapable of learning from the past.

                           Midnight and Jet

" Midnight ",
is the true Lion King, annointed by rays of light, compare both photo's

Midnight and Jet, have captured my heart and soul, just as had all my other beloved animal soulmates, including those of friends but whom were, are as mine.

Midnight                                                              Jet

I have
previously been a dog person,  and still am, despite the tragic loss of my beloved Blackie, Oxo, Stokie and Tarquine some years ago, all tragically gone before their time, their memory still n forever bright. 
The pain and sense of their loss never diminishes

If allowed to, and if their trust is earned and kept, Animals will reveal their true and complete intelligence and the full range of their individual character traits

Role of Honour -

My Canine companions - Blackie, 14yrs, Oxo, 13yrs, ( 21st October 1994 ), Stokie, 12yrs , ( Friday 13th January 1995 ), Tarquine, almost 17yrs, ( 11th June 1997 )

Mine and friends Feline companions, whom it was an honour for me to have shared my life with - my wonderful - Mickey, ( only 2yrs ) ( July 1992 - 16th August 1994 ), friends cat - Midge, my beautiful Bew, only 8 weeks, ( Horrendous loss - 11th June 2008 ), friends cat - 5th aka Cuffie ( age unknown ), friends cat - Beck ( 17yrs ) - 12.01pm, 12th September 2011 ) 

you'd only been granted 2 years of life, before being taken from me, and as with those beloved others I could not save, the sadness of your loss is always with me, here's to us being together longer in the next or another life.


For Bew and all my and friends beloved animal spirits, their memory forever bright

Cuffie, aka 5th Cat, I loved n adored u, another beloved and shining kindred spirit, go and be with our others over the rainbow bridge, the rest of us here, will join you and my other beloved lost soulmates, when it is time.

For Beck ( 17yrs ) - 12.01pm - 12th Sept 2011 - Your memory forever bright

Goodnight n bless you Beck, you are a Prince.
For three weeks I fought for your life and tried to save you but in the end I could not.

Beck, wonderful magnificent brother of mine, you'll forever live in my heart and always have my love.

We'll be together in another better life.


Inky - 17th May 2012

Farewell my treasured brother spirit, you are another brilliant star in my sky, your memory, as with those of all my other beloved soul mates, is forever bright, may we all be together beyond the Rainbow Bridge Inks.

It was clearly destined that street cat Inky, and myself would meet in this life, and form such an amazing incredible connection with each other, and that he would live out the rest of his life as a beloved family member, enjoying his last 2 years, living alongside his daughter - Jet, and his son - Midnight, and their mum Snooks.

I'm so proud n privileged to have encountered you Inky, another of the exceptional spirits whom chose to entwine their life into my own.

In remembrance of Max ( Approx 2 yrs of age, RIP - Monday 12th Nov 2012 )

Max, another wonderful spirit lost too early and whom I will be miss so deeply, I count myself so gifted to have had another unique privilege, that of encountering you during your short life, you may have lived with others but I'd always considered you to be another of my kindred spirits, and so hope that I'll be granted your being amongst all my kindred spirits beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

Blessings and love to you forever Max

Sweet spirit - Cammie - Missing since 15th August 2013

Without you, life is that much more lonelier and darker now, in yet a further way, than it already has been and continues to be !!.
I've known you since you were a kitten, and though you were a friends cat spirit, you were and always will be in my heart like one of my own
I do so believe that the evil git and or the creeps were responsible for your disappearance, and may I be granted vengeance on them and all enemies.

Role of Honour

Spirits in cat form whom are with us now -

Fluff, SnooksJet, Bobbie, Marcus, Felie, Biffa, WhitePaws

Re homed -
But still with us in heart and soul, now and always, the siblings of
Jet n Midnight, re homed, with great reluctance, regret and sadness yet they are always in my heart and often in my thoughts
Personal Professional Contact Singles
Joined Feb 20, 2011 Activist Aspirations Casual 
Here for Meeting Friends, Support a Cause 
Group Host of none yet
Groups Activists Against Animal Experimentation, Care for Chinese Animals, Care2 Feedback and Suggestions, Click free to donate and Petitions, Click to Give Free food, ORANGUTANS: Men of the Forest, World Wide - Legal Action 4 Animal Rights
Hometown East London 
Birthday May 08  
Languages Engish and just a little Animalese  
About Me Have been single the whole of my adult life, just the way of things I spose, and as for never travelling, going abroad, never having had a holiday, the main reason is, I could never leave my kindred spirit animals or put them in kennels, cattery, as they would fret greatly, I missed out on a lot, I know, but this can happen when you are an animal person.
Compassionate towards animals but none at all towards the human species except those whom care about n respect animals, am very selective as to whom I become friends with, both online and offline, very few measure up to my standards.

With the exceptions of family, close friends and those who do measure up to my standards, and certain other select individuals, I am quite happy to see the rest of humankind, and especially those of it whom inflict atrocities on other species and this earth, go to hell and deservedly so.

Have never left the UK or travelled, my soulmate animals have taken up almost my whole life, except for 11yrs, between 1997 and 2008, during which I could not face getting attached to, or the hurt of losing further animal soulmates, this continues to be so, and yet, though contradictory, I have still gotten attached to many others and adore all those encountered and those with me now, it has been my honour and priviledge to know them, share my life with them all.
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Pets dogs, cats  
Activist Aspirations Casual
Political Leaning Depends
Eating Habits should eat better  
Wild Fact About Me I'd stop human over breeding, reduce human population back to 2 billion Max, and maintain strict equilibrium, for the benefit of all other species and this planet
My Philosophy For our society, with all its technology, to still be able to live in harmony with all animal life and the natural environment and to give other species their natural habitats back
What Gives Me Hope Very Little
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by I'd cull the worldwide human population, cut it back to 2 billion and keep it at that, and boy, I know which countries, human populations I'd start with.

31st Oct 2011 - 7 Billion of one species - Human, it is disgusting.
What/who changed my life and why I have been a dog person previously and still am, despite the tragic loss of my beloved Blackie, Oxo, Stokie and Tarquine some years ago.
It is a fact, that if allowed to, and if their trust is earned and kept, dogs, cats, all animals, will reveal their true and complete intelligence and full range of individual character traits, which they almost always hide from us, I know this from personal experience, the way my dogs, kittens / cats all connected with me, has made me see them all as fellow intelligent beings, and I will strongly take issue with those who reckon a dog is just a dog, a cat is just a cat, an animal is just animal.

My wonderful Dogs and the following Felines deserve full credit, for making me a more all round animal compassionate person -

Mickey ( tragic loss at 2yrs ), Midge ( tragic loss ), Bew ( Horrendous tragic loss at only 8 weeks of age ), 5th cat aka Cuffie ( tragic loss at about 12yrs ), Beck ( tragic loss at approx 17yrs ), Street cat " Inky " ( Tragic loss at age unknown )

Still here -

Friends cats - Cammie, Snooks ( always as my own )

My own outright - Jet and her brother Midnight

Siblings of Jet, Midnight whom were re homed, much to my sadness n regret, I miss them all and always will, though they are with other people, their spirits live in my heart - Betu, Soot, Tiga, Tiggy, Sock Ritzy, Smokey
What Bugs Me Ignorant lowlifes, People who hear but do not listen, The destruction of rural areas, People on cellphones while driving !, Litter Bugs!!, injustice, hypocrisy, Excessive Consumerism, Evil people, denial of heritage, cruelty, bullying, arrogance, Any one that would h  
Passions My Companion animals, nature, mythology, environment, animals  
Inspirations good people, blue skies, a gentle breeze, animals, Cloudless Nights, listening to gentle rain, the sun coming up, the sound of the ocean, Well lived lives, the sun going down - twilight, sounds of the night, the beauty of nature, People who refuse to give up, kittens  
What Scares Me moral direction of our society, Ignorance and evil, apathy, Is how cruel the people of the world are  
Role Models  
Quotation Be water, it can flow and it can crash, be water my friend - Bruce Lee

" Live and Let Die ", this should be applied to the third world, middle east etc.., where they keep having too many kids and the human over population is threatening the existence of all other lifeforms and the natural environment
Interests online chess, movies, ecology, history, internet, Mythology / Folklore, recycling, wildlife, national parks, pets, My pets., environment  
Books Soylent Green, The Bicentennial Man, The Rest of the Robots, Argent, Caves of steel, Foundation series by issac asimov, I Robot by Isaac Asimov, Tai-Pan, King Rat, Fluke, Planet of the Apes, Silent Running, Dark Star, The Omega Man, sci-fi  
Movies Silent Running, The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), The Seven Samurai, Fluke, The Jericho Mile, Kelly's Hero's, Excalibur, The Planet Of The Apes-saga, Mission to Mars, Windtalkers, The Game of Death, the Silent Flute, The Final Countdown, Animal House  
TV Shows How I met your mother, 2 Pints of Lager, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Frasier, Malcom in the Middle, Shogun, 3rd Rock from the Sun, 2 and a 1/2 Men, Babylon 5, The Big Bang Therory, South Park, Family Guy, Everybody Loves Raymond  
Favorite Foods English  
Favorite Places Was and is always with companion animals, rainy day!, In front of a fireplace at night!, england, forests, parks, woods, nature  
Can't Live Without shelter, peace, freedom, nature, my pets, animals  
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 In memory of Robin ( 2nd Nov 2012 )

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    Apr 12, 2016 8:14 PM

    Laurie H. (812)

    MY DEAREST TERRY, SO MANY THANK YOU'S for your Special Birthday Postings and Wishes!!! You are SO Dear and Caring & ALWAYS Loved & Appreciated===Loved Your SURPRISE!!! Thank you again, Dearest Heart!!!!!

    Having Major tech Care2  problems and limited abilities to navigate etc. Reported to Care2 Support & Hopeful. 
    Take Good of You and Precious Kitties & know I want the BEST for you and them Always!!!! Bunches of Love and Appreciation, Laurie & Tara Mittens~`XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO~~>^..^< >^..^<

    Apr 11, 2016 4:00 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)

    Happy Birthday I Love You

    My beautiful Bew, and your siblings, Soot, Betu, Tiga, Tiggy,

    Jan 13, 2016 1:13 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    13th Jan 1995, My cherished adored Stokie it is 21 years since our parting, A candle burns eternally in your honour and in memory of you

     photo Stokie_zpsznfiid8p.jpg

     photo For Kindred Spirits and Soul Mates gone_zpsvltxo7nu.jpg

    Nov 8, 2015 12:05 AM

    Charity M. (78)

    Thought you would appreciate this one, Terry!

    Image result for earth without humans images
    I hope you're having a good weekend. Take care of yourself.

    Oct 21, 2015 1:26 PM

    Charity M. (78)

    Thanks for the friend request, Terry - WELCOME!

    It's nice to meet you. I love the dedication you shared on your page for the kindred ANIMAL spirits you have cared for and LOVED, over the years. An excellent tribute to them. 

    Sep 17, 2015 2:56 PM

    Lisa N. (767)
    "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man."  ~ Charles Darwin Via Elsa @ekdavern:
    Aug 13, 2015 9:02 AM

    Nicole W. (654)
    cute cats image This Cat Is Working Through Her Summer Reading List
    Jul 26, 2015 4:19 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    In Memory of Midnight 1st Sept 2008 to 27th July 2014
    Jet, Snooks, myself and rest of your family deeply miss you Middy

    Jun 27, 2015 4:00 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    11 months since you were taken from me Middy, the grief and feeling of great loss remains and always will.
     photo 5June2014Midnightandmyselfpic2_zps2ecedf2f.jpg

    May 26, 2015 5:34 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)

    Midnight " Middy ", another candle in honour of you

    Mar 26, 2015 5:28 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    My beloved Midnight Middy, 8 months since you were taken from me.

    Middy, Wishing that you were still here with Snooks, Jet, Bobbie and myself as you were below.

    Mar 23, 2015 6:17 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    On this date, 24th March, one year since TweetiePie died alone,
    This award is for my care2'ers and the 148 individuals whom signed the petition.
    To those residing in the UK whom did not sign and / or don't give a damn about animals,
    well, you can all go to hell.

    Mar 23, 2015 10:17 AM

    Inconsolable T. (50)

    TweetiePie, its now 1 year since your life was taken from you,
    I tried to get justice for you and make your loss count for something
    but the people in this country have proved they are scum by not signing your petition.

    Feb 27, 2015 12:12 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    My beloved and cherished Midnight, seven months have now passed since you were taken long before your time.

    One of a kind Midnight, just a few of the many qualities you were gifted with -
    Genius level intelligence, supreme athletic ability, charisma, personality ..........

    Feb 23, 2015 2:29 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)

    Feb 10, 2015 11:19 AM

    Sara P. (66)
    zazzles!For sure you will like this my Cat Spirit!!!

    Jan 27, 2015 12:19 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)
    27th Once again

    Jan 13, 2015 9:51 AM

    Inconsolable T. (50)

    There is no believing it is Twenty years since my beloved Oxo and Stokie lost their lives.

    Stokie's was taken on 11 Jan 1995, 20 years ago to this very day and month.
    Oxo had his taken on 21 Oct 1994

    Dec 27, 2014 1:19 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)


                    Song " Bright Eyes "

    Bright Eyes Burning like fire,  Bright Eyes how can you close and fail,
    How can a light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale, Brights Eyes

    Dec 26, 2014 4:34 PM

    Inconsolable T. (50)

    27th Dec 2014
    Midnight " Middy ", now 5 months gone, but still feels like you were only taken moments ago, this will not change.

    No matter how many months n years go by, the pain, regret and more of your loss will always be with me.

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