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Eric S.

"Green living and sustainable community information"

Windsor, CA, USA
single, 1 child
Joined Apr 3, 2005

What Is A Green Road?
What is A Green Road? 

"Do not go where the path may lead Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Emerson

A Green Road Blog is where heart and paradigm shift happens. Featuring sustainable green living news, blogs, movies, articles and videos from cutting edge minds and hearts. We ask the question; what benefits seven future generations?

Thanks for doing your part. Keep shining your light and sharing this information with friends, co-workers, politicians, doctors, professors, and other leaders! As the Dalai Lama says; “Never give up, never.” 

A Green Road is affiliated with such notables such as: Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Stephen Covey, Jay Leno, Martha Stewart, Steve Zissou, Cirque du Sole, Lamont Sanford, Grace Adler, Keith Urban, Jerry Springer, Keith Urban, Tila Tequila, Jay Davis, Carl Winslow, William Shatner, Kelci Paige, Faith Hill, Rupert Murdoch, Neil Young, Van Morrison, India Arie, Dixie Chicks, Lisa Marie Presley, Barry Manilow, Wyonna, Sarah Lancaster, Howie Mandel, Van Kilmer, Bon Jovi and many other stars, just like you. Bottom line, everyone is a star in their own way. 

A Green Road provides news, articles, information and services for individuals and organizations that are learning how to and/or creating a non toxic, greener, more sustainable business, non profit, home, health or relationship. It is not about perfection. It is about making small steps in the right direction and then taking some more small steps. The journey of a thousand miles starts with ONE step. 


Care2 considers A Green Road to be a trusted member of the Care2 community. As of 11/11/2012, A Green Road is directly connected to 3,865 direct Care2 Friends. A Green Road Care2 Blog goes out to 45,931 readers (1st Degree). 

A Green Road Care2 chain of trust extends to 94,553 members through friends of friends. (2nd Degree). A Green Road, if also published in all of the groups below, can get in front of 1,798,931 members of Care2. 

A Green Road is also published to Care2 front page news items, syndicated feeds that show up on other websites, groups and;

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Connections are strength. Divided we fall; together and united we stand in strength and power. 

Why A Green Road Seeks Out Friends, Affiliates And Networking Opportunities

A Green Road is all about keeping company with those who are shaking off their limits, and expanding consciousness as much as possible. 

A Green Road features those people who are right now, serving as influencers and agents of positive green changes. The future is full of promise and light, but only if we make it so.. It all starts with a thought. This thought is combined with free will and action to create. 

"Whatever we can think or imagine, we can do."

Those who are part of A Green Road network are marching to a different drummer, responding to the call for green changes resounding throughout the world. 

Those who are part of A Green Road have the ears to hear and eyes to see. They are lifting their heads, following their hearts, looking around, finding each other, and connecting. 

If you let yourself heed the call of A Green Road, you may very well experience a profound transformation and/or paradigm shifts. Jump into the river and let go of the shore... 

Join A Green Road. Follow A Green Road..... if for no other reason than to network. Those who are part of A Green Road are often working on creating or developing a greener community based on love, synergy, communication, collaboration, friendship, and transformation.

Those who are on A Green Road, have a focus on seven future generations. Those who follow A Green Road do not personally profess or teach perfection, but rather progress, or Constant Never Ending Improvement (CANI). 

Those who follow A Green Road belong to all political parties, religions, governments, non profits, community groups, organizations as well as businesses, both large and small.

Those who follow A Green Road, use their right and left brains in a balanced way. Those on  A Green Road consciously tap into intuition. They discuss what benefits seven future generations before making a decision, instead of focusing just short term profit, and nothing else. 

By focusing FIRST on seven future generations, there is much less or no conflict between stakeholders or participants. By using a sustainable focus, those on A Green Road solve many more problems much more quickly and harmoniously.

Everyone is part of A Green Road, whether they realize it or not, because everyone is a steward of what we have been given for free; clean air, fresh clean and pure water, fertile, living, rich ground, and a world full of miraculous, mysterious plants, animals and other living beings. 

Our choice as we follow our own Green Road is; do we leave this planet as we found it for our children, or do we live selfishly, spoil it and leave a mess for future generations to clean up? The choice would seem to be easy... wouldn't you agree?


Those who travel down A Green Road follow the one law that includes all other laws. This law is included in every religion worldwide; "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" or "Do onto Others as You Would Have Them Do onto You." 

Those who follow A Green Road follow this law, so there is no need for other laws. By living from the heart, there is no need for outer laws, as the inner laws are written on hearts, for those who are tapped into this. 

On A Green Road, people treat each other as they would like others to treat them; then no other laws are necessary. This law contains all other laws. Those who follow A Green Road are truly One, no matter what religion or belief system they belong to. 


It is critical for everyone to do their part while traveling or creating A Green Road.  Everyone has a voice and choice, even if it seems to make no difference at all. All who follow A Green Road are here to fulfill their destiny and evolve. This is done through selfless service to others and for others. A Green World network is a form of selfless service. (The pen is mightier than the sword.) What will be your selfless service while you create or travel down A Green Road?

The Two Wolves Story

One evening an old Cherokee told is grandson about a battle that goes on inside people every day. 

He said; "My son, the battle is between two wolves that live inside of all of us. One is 'Evil'. It is hatred, envy, jealous, greed, arrogance, guilt, shame, resentment, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other wolf is 'Good'. It is joy, love, peace, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, forgiveness, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about this for a minute and then asked his grandfather; "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee grandfather replied; "The one you feed and pay attention to the most."

As we travel down A Green Road, there is often a seeming battle, between good and 'evil' thoughts, between good and seeming 'evil' people. 

The choice is; do we fight these thoughts and thereby becoming more and more consumed by them? Or do we see these battles of mind; endlessly restless, like the waves in the ocean, from a position  high above the ocean, or deep down inside of it, where everything is quiet and still?

Mind often thinks it is in control, when actually, it is all just a grand illusion, created by the same mind that creates this black and white duality and all  of the inner and outer friction/strife that results from this. Bottom line, there is only A Green Road, nothing else... Travelers on A Green Road let go, totally and completely, thus eliminating all friction and duality. 

To follow A Green Road, step out of mind, step out of thoughts. How is this done? It is easy...just stop. Realize and stay in the awareness that pure consciousness is actually who we are. Who we are is not about thinking, ego or mind at all. We are NOT our thoughts. Stop the battle. Give it up, give it all up. Surrender to your Self, which is beyond all duality and mind thoughts. 

The process of traveling down A Green Road is much like walking on the sharp end of a sword. A Green Road is narrow, and few find A Green Road. Although many are invited, few choose to accept the invitation and travel down this road. 

Traveling down A Green Road consists in part, the  art of pure BEING, with no thought, while also learning and growing in awareness, often through exploring and learning how the world works on many levels, by staying open, curious and asking questions; Who am I, and Who am I NOT? 

See how long you can stay in a non thought, non duality awareness. See if you can deepen it by meditating. Explore your inner Green Road by just 'watching' your thoughts as if they are clouds in the sky.

As you travel down A Green Road, watch for the empty spaces in between thoughts, and ask the question; 'Who am I", and; "Who am I NOT"?

By contrasting who we are NOT, with who we ARE, we may very well gain clarity, wisdom and grow into infinite consciousness. We may choose to travel down A Green Road together with others who are also traveling this way, or creating their own Green Road.

A Green Road travelers often support or want to make a difference for endangered species, affordable housing, human rights, global warming, protecting forests, children's welfare, or saving the planet from dangers such as nuclear power.

A Green Road travelers make a difference for endangered species, affordable housing, human rights, global warming, protecting forests, children's welfare, saving the environment, corporate responsibility, women's rights, and green living.

A Green Road travelers have an interest in learning, teaching, networking or debating ecology, alternative energy, zero carbon emissions, recycling, composting, green business or organic foods.

Join us. We are stronger together as A Green Road network.

Austrian physicist Fritjof Capra, author of The Hidden Connections said; “Life from its beginning more than three billion years ago did not take over the planet by combat, but by networking.” 

Let's take action, communicate, learn, teach, debate, work together and give examples of how to turn sustainable ideas into and actual Green Road that others can travel on by following us.  

What is a sustainable Green Road? It is anything that is good for seven future generations and does not do harm to the present generation. 

A Green Road travelers network and share skills, ideas, and even inventions in order to help people, animals, and the environment. Whatever we focus our energy, time and money on grows.

A Green Road travelers want a better future world, and focus on that with their time, energy and money, in a positive way. 

There is a way through the challenges that humankind has created up to this point. Any problem is just a huge opportunity in disguise. A Green Road travelers seek solutions and offer sustainable answers. 

A Green Road travelers share, debate or forward green viewpoints, opinions, and experiences. We are much stronger on A Green Road together than apart and alone. 

A Green Road travelers work together and offer green or sustainable solutions, thus everyone wins. You as an individual wins, your family wins, your children win, your great grandchildren win, your local community wins and in the end all of humanity wins, by traveling down A Green Road.

Share what you know... let everyone hear the wonderful news; that A Green Road solutions exist and work! Finally, remember that;

"We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers. We are borrowing it from our children." Chief Seattle

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My Philosophy Friends matter. Each person is important. Getting involved in causes does make a difference.
What Gives Me Hope A small group or even one person always matters. When people rise up and demand something, they always get it, sooner or later.
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by Pass a law that all politicians have to consider and debate the effect of any rule, law or legislation on seven future generations before voting on any bill, as the Indian Congress did. Our Congress is based on the American Indian Congress, but they left that part out. I support all politicians who advocate and WORK towards putting that part back into the process of making bills and decisions, both locally, regionally, nationally and globally.
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Passions ecology, learning, reading, music, nature, my family, my friends, earth, water, writing, trees, peace, making a difference, books, laughter, love  
Inspirations SMILES~, to fulfill my purpose on earth, the sound of the ocean, nature, music, love, good people, friends  
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Role Models Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla  
Quotation We are all stewards of clean air, pure water, fresh air and fertile ground as well as animals/plants. We need to pass them on in the same or better condition to the next generation.
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Favorite Foods Organic  
Favorite Places the ocean, forests, woods, ocean, rivers, nature, mountains, beach  
Can't Live Without the Spirit, music, trees, laughter, Love of friends and family, passion, friends, God, love, light, other living beings  
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