<![CDATA[Care2 - Photos by Beverly L. in 'I_love_Mother_Nature']]> <![CDATA[Earth Mother]]> Earth Mother]]> <![CDATA[Share the Earth]]> Share the Earth]]> <![CDATA[She gives us everything we need]]> She gives us everything we need]]> <![CDATA[Mother Nature is My Pharmacist]]> Mother Nature is My Pharmacist]]> <![CDATA[The Heart of a Flower]]> The Heart of a Flower]]> <![CDATA[Sweet Talk]]> Sweet Talk]]> <![CDATA[Time Enough]]> Time Enough]]> <![CDATA[We Don&#039;t Inherit the Earth]]> We Don't Inherit the Earth]]> <![CDATA[Promise of Life]]> Promise of Life]]> <![CDATA[Nature Doesn&#039;t Hurry]]> Nature Doesn't Hurry]]> <![CDATA[Obey Nature]]> Obey Nature]]> <![CDATA[She is My Mother]]> She is My Mother]]>