<![CDATA[Care2 - Photos by Vicki Maitland]]> <![CDATA[mothers love]]> mothers love]]> <![CDATA[peek who me]]> peek who me]]> <![CDATA[missy at her best being cute]]> missy at her best being cute]]> <![CDATA[missy at halloween]]> missy at halloween]]> <![CDATA[dear santa]]> dear santa]]> <![CDATA[can&#039;t come to the phone]]> can't come to the phone]]> <![CDATA[missy loves the heat]]> missy loves the heat]]> <![CDATA[mary2.JPG]]> mary2.JPG]]> <![CDATA[mary3.jpg]]> mary3.jpg]]> <![CDATA[mary1_002.JPG]]> mary1_002.JPG]]> <![CDATA[valentine Day]]> valentine Day]]> <![CDATA[valentine Day]]> valentine Day]]>