<![CDATA[Care2 - Photos by Therese J.]]> <![CDATA[Marty Walks Sean]]> Marty Walks Sean]]> <![CDATA[Two Peas in a Pod]]> Two Peas in a Pod]]> <![CDATA[Brenda]]> Brenda]]> <![CDATA[Karl &amp; Libby]]> Karl & Libby]]> <![CDATA[Cottonwood &amp; Bird]]> Cottonwood & Bird]]> <![CDATA[High Summer Stripes]]> High Summer Stripes]]> <![CDATA[Catherine]]> Catherine]]> <![CDATA[After the Rain]]> After the Rain]]> <![CDATA[Shy Guy hiding]]> Shy Guy hiding]]> <![CDATA[Trees &amp; Sand]]> Trees & Sand]]> <![CDATA[Shy Guy spying]]> Shy Guy spying]]> <![CDATA[Young Raccoon]]> Young Raccoon]]>