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What is a tag?

A tag is a label or keyword that helps classify, or categorize something (in this case a share). Thus, a share about a tree might be tagged with the word 'tree' or a share about a cartoon might be tagged with the word 'funny.' Tags are applied to shares by users and any number of tags can be applied to a share.

Why use Tags?

Organize with Tags:

  • Tag all of your vacation shares with 'Hawaii'. Tag every share about your cat Rex with 'Rex'. Tag the shares about Rex in Hawaii with both 'Hawaii' and 'Rex'.

Search and Explore with Tags:

  • Think of tags as a search tool, or even a jumping off point for exploration of Care2Share. By clicking on a tag you will be taken to a collection of shares tagged with that tag. Tags can be great to use when you want to look around, but do not know what you are looking for.