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Jan 18, 2009

Apparently, there is a network of federal and local government agencies, courts, private companies, a noted law firm, and others willing to join together and deny civil rights and due process of law to Americans, and I call them the "New World Order" gang.  Citizens victimized by the NWO gang receive little or no help from respected civil liberties groups.  Hopefully, not all our business and political leaders and members of the judiciary have embraced the New World Order yet, but my Bible says they definitely will some day, or they will not be in those positions.

Consider my family's justice quest regarding the secret incarceration and wrongful death of Larry Neal, my brother.  See DOCUMENTS tab at this website for proof of the below information:  

1. Memphis/Shelby County Jail secretly arrested a private citizen, Larry Neal, a mentally ill heart patient, and refused to acknowledge to his social worker and family that he was incarcerated, holding him from his prescription psychiatric and vital heart drugs until his death after 18 days of secret arrest on Aug. 1, 2003.  Although that was five years ago, all of this family’s efforts to get any explanation, arrest reports, or any other official records have been denied.  We only received a partial autopsy report via fax and the death certificate.  

2. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm contracted with Larry Neal’s bereaved family, but actually worked to defend the jail by doing nothing on our case while the statute of limitations was ticking away for 10.5 of the 12-month statute, and withheld the fact that the law firm's managing partner of its Memphis office was himself a present member and past chairman of the Shelby County Commission, the entity that owns and operates the jail where Larry met his mysterious death. Consider allegations by Shawn Holley, formerly an attorney with The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, now suing the firm for race discrimination, alleging she was fired in part for not going along with giving poor representation to minority clients: 
Hear this NPR Radio interview with a former Cochran Firm attorney. 

3. The USDOJ, which was already in overview of the jail, refuses to do its job and investigate Larry's secret arrest and death, apparently allowed the jail to omit reporting Larry's death in federal overview hearings, and does not respond to the Neal's FOIA request for records of DOJ overview. (See also No. 13) 

4. Georgia Superior Court.  When we sued The Cochran Firm, Judge Wendy Shoob of Georgia Superior Court declared the most well-advertised law firm in Georgia, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, not to exist under its advertised identity and dismissed our suit.  The court reportedly “lost” important pleadings in the case.  Undoubtedly, The Cochran Firm had cases before that court on the very day the judge signed an order of non-existence.  Here is another court with New World Order problems:

  In-person Stalking.  When we sued The Cochran Firm in USDC, I started being followed and was waylaid in my neighborhood businesses, called 911 and got no response from DeKalb Co. Police (police contacted me a month later after I contacted our congressman, and police state they came AN HOUR LATER.  However, police did no follow-up to ensure that I was not in the trunk of someone's car when police saw I was no longer at the Chevron station.  A US DOT truck was among the five vehicles that accosted Mary Neal, and police refuse to investigate.  Videos made for protection: 

The Cochran Firm Fraud Videos 1 and 2
Video 1 -

Video 2 -

  Angela Mason, Cochran Firm attorney, slipped up and told USDC the color of the vehicle that followed me home from work every night in Jan. and Feb. 2008, but no authorities will investigate to find out from her how she knew the color since I never told anyone.

  Computer Terrorism.  I regularly receive threatening messages from cyberstalkers, which I reported to the FBI and to the federal agency that handles such crimes, but got no response yet as far as I know. I say "as far as I know," because my emails are stolen regularly. My electronic communication is monitored and filtered.  Those emails that "they" do not want to reach me don't, and those that I send may or may not get through.  I do not know if this is done by purchasing cooperation from individuals in various email services or if “they” breach the security of various Internet servers.  Yahoo Mail reports having bounced over 2,000 of Mary Neal's incoming emails since mid-April.

  Mainstream Media.  The message about Larry's secret, wrongful death and The Cochran Firm fraud is highly censored - blacked out of mainstream news and restricted online. StumbleUpon even wrote an email telling me they were censoring me.  The media continues to carry ads for the Court-declared and self-declared "non-existent" Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm to an unsuspecting public.  The law office continues to be represented to the public as being a "P.C." but is not organized in the State of Georgia.  The firm apparently has no more right to use that suffix than I have to put M.D. after my name and begin treating patients.  How many people are in on the fraud, and why is this "false" identification carried forward to the public?  The firm's clients are mostly African Americans.  Are African Americans not entitled to truth in advertising in America  Consider H.R. 645 as presented at this link to World Net Daily 2/1/09:

Bill creates detention camps in U.S. for 'emergencies'

  Consumer Protection Agencies.  Although mainstream media knows the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm had itself declared non-existent under that identity in GA Sup. Ct., they continue to run ads for that law firm under that same identity, helping to trick consumers. The FCC, FTC, and BBB refuse to do anything about it.  In fact, the BBB refused to even take a complaint against The Cochran Firm.

  The GA Bar and TN Bar will not censure The Cochran Firm for its unethical conduct. In fact, The Cochran Firm, under its many various names, is the only firm I found on the Tennessee's Secretary of State's list of corporations that was presented online WITHOUT A DETAILS BUTTON for people to get the company's registration information.  Luckily, I got a printout of the data that should be displayed before it was hidden.  The Cochran Firm of Memphis is or was listed with the Secretary of State as being an “assumed name.”

Civil Rights Groups will not speak against this injustice. One noted civil rights group helped to arrange for The Cochran Firm to represent the family of 82-year-old Kathryn Johnston, who was killed by Atlanta Police in a home invasion in 2006, six months after the firm and Georgia Superior Court declared The Cochran Firm did not exist and had our lawsuit dismissed on this basis.  Ironically, Ms. Johnston lived and died on Neal Street.  Why sic this law firm on the bereaved Johnston family to represent the survivors of another victim of police misconduct?  I went to a Town Hall Meeting after Ms. Johnston's death and passed out flyers to let those at the front table know there was some problem with the law firm's identity.  The next morning, all my car doors were open, my trunk up and my hood up on my car in the driveway, but nothing was missing from the car.

.  My family acted under the apparently erroneous presumption that the United States Constitution was still the law of the land, and that citizens still had the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  Because the New World Order has not openly declared itself yet as the supreme authority in America, there is much censorship regarding Larry Neal’s secret arrest and death and his family’s justice quest.  When we initially contacted the USDOJ to investigate Larry’s secret arrest and death in jail, we erroneously believed the rights of individuals were still being protected in the USA and that due process of law included protecting citizens - even handicapped citizens and African Americans - from secret arrest and secret deaths in government custody.  Apparently, we were wrong.

The secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and subsequent cover-up and denial of justice are proof of the PRESENCE of the New World Order - a gang of wealthy, influential people and entities in positions of trust and responsibility who use their positions to conspire against the interest of private citizens in total disregard for citizens' rights, including the right to life.  The advent of the New World Order is not some futuristic event.

Larry's family then pursued justice in the United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, hopeful that not all courts have embraced the New World Order. 
Court Docket -  

Actually, the Neals should have thought it perculiar that the USDC would accept the case under the Diversity Rule, which requires that a company have NO office branches in the same state where plaintiffs reside.

12.  United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Judge Timothy C. Batten presiding, denied justice to Neal family regarding The Cochran Firm's breach of contract.  Summary Judgment was ordered in favor of the duplicious law firm on February 9, 2009.  The law firm signing a contract to be Larry's wrongful death lawyers and then writing his elderly mother lying letters about fictitious legal action that was NOT done in order to protect Shelby County Jail were acts called "immaterial" by Judge Batten, and he stopped the case from proceeding to be decided by a jury.  Naturally, any impartial jury would have decided in favor of the plaintiffs, so the case was prevented from going to jury - again.

On February 17, 2009, a week after Judge Batten's ruling, The Cochran Firm Atlanta office released a video commercial for the office that was non-existent under that identity according to its representations in two courts. 

YouTube Commercial - Cochran Firm Atlanta Office

Furthermore, stalking and endangerment of Larry's family members for daring to inquire about his secret detainment and death continue, and emails and phone calls to the USDOJ regarding violations of U.S. Code 18, sections 242 and 245 went unanswered.  On May 7, 2009, Mary Neal, Larry's sister, sent the USDOJ a request for documents under the Freedom of Information Act. 

13.  USDOJ Ignores FOIA Request - The Neal family waited until the new administration was in office before requesting records, knowing that former Attorney General Gonzales had been indicted in Wallacy County, Texas in November 2008 for accepting kickbacks to withhold DOJ investigations following abuses to inmates, and that Larry Neal died during his term in office.  However, it appears that the DOJ under the Obama administration also refuses to investigate and disclose the circumstances of Larry Neal's Guantanamo-style secret arrest and death in goverment custody.

FOI Request to USDOJ re: Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm Fraud

One of President Obama's first executive orders was to strengthen the FOIA and set timelines for responses.  On May 28, Larry's sister was notifed that responsive records would be received by the end of June.  No records were received to date - July 16.  The Neals assume the DOJ has no excuse for allowing Shelby Conty Jail to enter fraudulent testimony and records during federal hearings for the jail to be relased from overview in 2005.  The DOJ apparently ALLOWED the jail to submit perjury, entering false reports that omitted Larry Neal's death in custody. 

Since this is the land of  "liberty and justice for all," perhaps your own taste of this new brand of justice is right around the corner. 

QUESTION: Do you know where all your relatives are? Are you sure?

Don't you hope none of them land in the facilities being planned?  Railroad work begins soon.

American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R. 645

Slavery Continues in the USA - All Races Eligible
Experimental H1N1 Vaccine Under Threat of Concentration Camps?


There are 25 justice issues listed.  Please find one you can support at the link above.  Plan to come help say "no" to America's new system of Nazi justice.

Details about the PEACEFUL demonstration against citizens' erosion of
civil rights and to support prisoners who are abused inside U.S. prisons inside as well as outside American borders, see:

NOTE:  All are working links, highlighted or not.  Any that fail to open result from ongoing censorship to protect public officials and the private enterprise discussed herein.

Mary Neal

170 Justice Articles:

Author's page:

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill:

AIMI Photo Album AIMI Photo Album





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Posted: Sunday January 18, 2009, 12:51 pm
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hang in there buddy i signed the troy davis petition ans will,keep praying for him

Mary Neal (187)
Tuesday March 9, 2010, 8:29 pm
Thank you, Barbara. Troy Davis and many other Americans await dog justice. When dogs are accused of biting people, they are put in the pound for a while to be sure they are not rabbid. That is a test for them. However, Hank Skinner in Texas is due for execution on Mar. 24, 2010 and denied a DNA test to prove his innocence. When Vick's dogs were abused and killed, the athelete was investigated, prosecuted, sentenced, bankrupted, and fired. The DOJ refuses to investigate Larry's murder in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail and it refuses its lawful duty to respond to our FOIA request for records and information. DOGS in America are deemed more worthy of justice in America than poor and middle-class people like Troy Davis, Hank Skinner, Larry Neal and many other citizens, black and white. This is especially true if victims are mentally ill. The sad fact is that our lawyers, the courts, the DOJ, mainstream news, and others named above agree to rob Americans of our civil liberties TOGETHER. I call this collusion the NWO.



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