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Jan 19, 2009

Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Other
Location:Michigan, United States
Myspace blocks any links taken off myspace so here are all the links from this. Montcalm Co. Michigan HELP PUT A END TO ANIMALS GOING TO RESEARCH Montcalm Co. Michigan- Dealer Sell Dogs To Research Labs WE CAN put an end to this dirty practice .. R&R Research of Howard City, Michigan has been under contract with the Montcalm County Animal Shelter for purposes of euthanizing their unclaimed animals after the mandatory 5 day hold. For a period of time, and up until recently, the gassing of the animals had been carried out in a "CO2 barrel." R&R Research may also come into the shelter and pull any animal he deems appropriate post the hold time, for sale to research labs. R & R Research, A History of Shady Dealings Cited for Animal Care Violations ***Yes, It's a For Profit Business (From MI Animal News) To listen to the B Dealers and their supporters, you would hear a tale of altruism, concern and philanthropy. The B Dealers claim they are helping humanity by taking pets from shelters and selling them to research institutions. They rarely include the fact that they are for profit corporations, making money off of each animal that they sell. For example, USDA records indicate that R & R sold 592 animals in 2004, leading to gross receipts of $99,723. In 2005 R & R earned gross receipts of $179,115 based on the sale of 611 animals. 2006 was a really good year, R & R gross receipts were $196,272 based on sales of 621 dogs and cats. Montcalm County is giving dogs and cats to R & R and based on its submission to the USDA, R & R resells the animals for an average of $311 each. Shelter Statistics 2004 through 2007 shelter statistics The shelter reports reveal that no attempt to save animals lives is made by the Montcalm County Animal Control Shelter. Less than 10% of the dogs and cats are returned to their homes or adopted. Research dealer R & R took 14% of the shelter animals and gassed the remaining 70%. Dogs Cats Total Admitted: 4109 3926 8035 Returned/owner: 550 6 556 Adopted 431 99 530 Given to Research 519 297 816 Killed by Gas 2271 3382 5653 R & R is one of 5 active Class B Dealers in the state of Michigan who is permitted BY LAW to take animals for this profitable business. Please read this recent article by Justine DePalma of the Michigan Animal News who has done extensive research on the subject with the latest information of the euthanization practices as well as the continued agreement with Moncalm Co. We can make a change to STOP THIS and the time is NOW The contract with R&R Research is up for renewal in January and the city commission will have the first of its hearings on January 12th. Please make your voices heard and use the sample letters below to be sent to the City Commission of Montcalm Co. along with the city of Stanton's mayor. Be sure and specify where you are calling/emailing from so they are aware that this of national concern to the outcome of Montcalm's animals. Please be polite as it a more effective means of communication of these issues Please contact ( or ( for additional information Thank you to Susan, Maria and Polly for your work and research for the Montcalm animals. FW: From Susan Hayley, Subject: Help STOP it, Pound Dogs & Cats Sold for Research, Montcalm Co, MI Hello, A few weeks ago many of us rescues, transporters and other animal lovers were all included in a series of e-mail pleas that were an effort to rescue 11 dogs headed to a research lab. Several of us have combined our efforts, including web searches, to try to help stop the practice altogether. This letter comes to you in hopes that you will all join in to send a strong message to the people who can do something. And if we all write to them it WILL be a strong message. We have effected change before with our combined voices. I am told that Montcalm County, Michigan, routinely sells animals to research. Several rescuers have been working non-stop to rescue animals from that facility--from a fate worse than death. But what also has to be done is to stop the practice. The county's contract with the Class B dealer (R & R Research of Howard City, Michigan) is up for renewal in early January. The Montcalm County commissioners need to hear from all of us that this barbaric practice has to stop. Please ask the county commissioners to vote not to renew the contract with R&R Research. Be persistent. Be well reasoned. And always be polite. There are two sample letters at the bottom of this email. This will come up for a vote at the commissioners meeting on Jan 12, so please do not delay. Thank you, Susan Hayley Contact Information Montcalm County Board of Commissioners Administrative Building 3rd Floor 211 W. Main St. PO Box 368 Stanton, MI 48888 (989) 831-7300 Commissioner Marcia Walker (616) 754-8236 email: ( Commissioner Tom Lindeman Email: ( Commissioner Ron Retzloff (989) 235-6827 email: ( Commissioner John Johansen (616) 754-5375 email: ( Commissioner Carl Paepke (616) 636-5692 NO EMAIL ADDRESS Commissioner Ron Baker (231) 937-5465 email: ( Commissioner Pat Carr (989) 352-8129 NO EMAIL ADDRESS Commissioner Roger Caris (989) 268-5875 email: ( Commissioner John McCrackin (989) 584-3713 NO EMAIL CONTACT City of Stanton Mayor Mayor Robert Burns 225 S. Camburn St. Mailing Address P.O.Box 449 Stanton, MI Zip Code: 48888 Phone: 989 831-4440 Fax: 989-831-5756 E Mail: ( SAMPLE LETTERS Sample Letter 1 Ladies and Gentlemen: People throughout the country (and throughout the world) have learned of the plight of stray animals in your county—first abandoned by their people, only to then face the ultimate betrayal—being sold to an unethical Class B dealer for subsequent use as research animals—with the whole operation being funded by taxpayers despite their vehement protests. Montcalm County is one of the few remaining counties in the country that still betrays the trust of its citizenry by turning animals from the "shelter" over to the atrocities of research. Not only is the practice barbaric, outdated and sharply criticized by ethicists, medical experts and animal lovers alike, but the lab that Montcalm chooses to deal with (R&R Research, Inc. of Howard City, Michigan) has come under fire for unethical operations and flagrant violations of law. R & R has engaged in less than ethical practices including listing itself as an animal shelter in the yellow pages. The State of Michigan Attorney General's Office ordered the ads removed. Quite obviously, R & R is no shelter. Ionia County Animal Control ended its relationship with R & R after it was discovered that a dog that an Ionia Animal Control Officer claimed was shot to death, was actually at R & R Research. An undercover investigation by WOOD TV in the 1990's showed video of R & R owners gassing animals in a rusty 55 gallon drum. In 2006, the USDA cited R & R for improperly transporting dogs. The poor creatures were chained to the side of a livestock trailer, which is illegal since the regulations demand that each animal is transported in an individual compartment. In 2005, a USDA inspection found sick cats, quarantined without a treatment plan. In both cases, it's clear that R & R's actions led to the suffering of animals. Compassion and ethical considerations aside, Montcalm County is, in this time of financial crisis, enriching R & R, a private corporation, at the expense of its taxpayers. Montcalm County is giving dogs and cats to R & R and based on R & R's own submission to the USDA, R & R resells the animals for an average of $311 each. The only one who has benefited from the deal is R & R which resells animals at a huge profit. The animals don't win since they loose the chance at finding a new home. Montcalm County looses any income from adoptions and also the goodwill that a well run shelter generates. Instead, the relationship between the dealer and the shelter is a source of bad publicity for Montcalm County and its elected officials, with many groups even calling for a boycott of all Montcalm businesses until the shelter stops selling to research. I respectfully request that, in considering the renewal of the R & R contract (or even entering into one with another Class B dealer), you take into account the concerns and welfare of your community (economic as well as social) and have Montcalm County take another step into the 21st century by leaving pound seizure behind. Please do not renew the R & R contract. It is the ultimate betrayal. Sincerely, Polly Grunfeld Sack Fairport, New York ________________________________ Sample Letter 2 To whom it concerns, Please vote against renewing the R & R Research contract on Jan 12. The contract allows innocent dogs and cats, some of them surrendered pets, to be turned into research subjects where they suffer cruelties and atrocities. I have read of some researchers putting acid in a dogs eyes, inflicting pain and withholding pain medication, gassing the animals, chaining them, allowing sick animals to go without treatment. I have read that R & R has been criticized for violations and for cruelty. Breeding and using companion animals for research purposes is barbaric and inhumane. Allowing it to continue is wrong. It is understandable that people can become desensitized to behaviors, conditions and practices once they have become accustomed to them. This could make it seem "normal" for dogs and cats to be used and abused in this way when it has been happening unchallenged for generations. Or sometimes human nature can cause people to turn a "blind eye" to awful things and simply be in denial. I'll bet those poor animals aren't in denial. Please open your hearts and vote accordingly to STOP the practice of using companion animals in research. Please do not renew the R & R contract. Please embrace compassion and courage. Sincerely, Susan Hayley, Director Angel Dog Rescue Georgetown, GA "Not to hurt our humble brethren [the animals] is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a highter mission: to be of service to them wherever they require it." Saint Francis of Assisi
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Posted: Monday January 19, 2009, 6:10 am
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