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Feb 5, 2009

I DEMAND THAT THE USDOJ DO ITS JOB AND FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL.  People who agree that the deaths of mentally ill citizens under secret incarceration deserve investigation, are signing the petition below to help the Neal family in their justice quest regarding the secret inacarceration and wrongful death of Larry Neal, a 54-year-old lifelong mental patient who also had a heart condition.  Memphis/Shelby County Jaill arrested this man and kept him secretly contained in the jail facility for 18 days until his died under UNDISCLOSED CIRCUMSTANCES on August 1, 2003.  The USDOJ, which was in overview of the jail at the time, refuses to investigate, and the Shelby County Government refuses to give the family any excuse, explanation, full autopsy report, arrest records, and Larry Neal's family has been denied any investigation or accountability whatsoever.

Several months ago, former attorney general Gonzales was indicted by a Willacy County, Texas grand jury on allegations that he used his office to protect county jails from investigations after abuses of prisoners, and other crimes related to prisons.  He was attorney general when Larry Neal died under yet undisclosed circumstances in Shelby County Jail, and he was still in that position when the USDOJ refused to investigate Larry Neal's death.  See more about this in this article:

Former Attorney General Gonzales - Private Prison Profiteer?

Memphis/Shelby County has nation's third-highest jail incarceration rate.  Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons reported in 2007 that his office handled 105,000 cases that year.  After Shelby County Jail was found guilty of neglect and abuse to inmates, the United States Department of Justice was placed in overview of the facility and was supervising the jail when Larry Neal was secretly arrested and died there.  However, the USDOJ refuses to do its job and investigate the tragic death of this disabled American who died under mysterious circumstances in government custody. 

Since Shelby County Jail was already under USDOJ overview and the jail was under a federal Order to make regular reports to the USDOJ, Larry Neal's family appealed directly to the USDOJ for a copy of the inmate fatality report the USDOJ was to have received from the jail regarding Larry Neal's death. 

The USDOJ responded that it received no reports whatsoever regarding Larry Neal's death from Shelby County Jail. 

When Larry's family asked the USDOJ for the jail's reports from the timeframe while Larry was under secret arrest and died on August 1, 2003, the USDOJ responded that there were no reports from the jail during that entire time period while Larry was incarcerated.  

Does this describe what is happening? -  "Neal family, the USDOJ won't let you see that Shelby County officials filed fraudulent reports with the U.S. Government for the timeframe July and August 2003, omitting from said reports Larry Neal's name in order to hide this handicapped American's secret incarceration and wrongful death in that facility.  And no, we won't investigate and possibly have to prosecute our friends over that useless black man."

1)     Is this why The Johnnie Cochran Firm contracted with Larry Neal's family to be their wrongful death attorneys in an undisclosed conflict of interest and then did nothing to sue the jail (the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office was a Shelby County Commissioner, but this information was withheld from Larry's family)?  Is this why the government seems to protect The Cochran Firm from the Neal's attempts to hold The Cochran Firm accountable for its fraud and malpractice?

2)     Is this why Neal family members suffer stalking incidents in cyberspace and in person, but police did not respond timely to Mary Neal's emergency 911 call when waylaid in a neighborhood business?

3)     Is this why FBI agents went to the home of Larry Neal's niece and questioned this 45-year-old grandmother and former civil servant about nude dancing after she facilitated serving the Neals' lawsuit on The Cochran Firm's Memphis office?

4)     In 2006, did the USDOJ allow Shelby County to present fraudulent testimony on record during federal hearings to obtain a Release from the terms of the lawsuit, U.S.A. v. Shelby County Jail, or did they remember to mention a human being named Larry Neal that time?  No - the jail could not have mentioned Larry during those hearings, because the USDOJ reported to Larry's family again in 2007 that it had no records of Larry Neal in any Shelby County Jail reports.

5)     USDOJ, why did you allow Release hearings for Shelby County Jail, knowing about Larry Neal's secret arrest and wrongful death there, and did you then allow jail officials to lie on the court records by again omitting his death?

6)     Did the USDOJ proceed to issue a Release to Shelby County Jail based on records and testimony that the USDOJ knew to be perjury?

Is there some conspiracy going on around here?

PETITION TO THE USDOJ INVESTIGATE MENTALLY ILL JAIL INMATE’S SECRET ARREST, WRONGFUL DEATH, AND CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE THAT FOLLOWED.  The petitions for DOG JUSTICE FOR THE MENTALLY ILL at the links below can be opened and the signers' comments viewed without endorsing the petition. 

         (The 2nd petition is still open)

        (The 1st petition closed for signatures; remains open for viewing)

SEE MORE about the need to decriminalize mental illness in America at this link:

Enforced Treatment v. Prison for Acute Mental Patients and Updates

Mary Neal


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Posted: Thursday February 5, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Mary Neal (187)
Friday June 19, 2009, 1:19 am
6/19/09 - NOTICE, PUBLIC - ALL THREE DISCUSSION ITEMS I POSTED ON 2/8/09 ARE DELETED. Care2 members can publish their blogs to groups for discussion. My discussion items post, but some are illegally removed afterward by cyberstalkers who were hired to contain information regarding the SECRET ARREST and wrongful DEATH of Larry Neal and the elaborate cover-up that followed and persists to this day, almost six years later. Not only were detainees in the War on Terror camps tortured and murdered in recent years, but many persons who are and were U.S. citizens were also abused and killed in the "justice" system. This is the big non-secret that conspirators attempt to contain by censorship like that employed in Nazi Germany duing WWII. It is as ugly as the censorship China is criticized for practicing today. WAKE UP, AMERICA! Freedom of press and speech depend on what one has to say and who it affects.


Mary Neal
female, age 59, divorced, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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