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Feb 16, 2009

How are you partnering with President Obama to stimulate our American Economy

The Freemoney Family Organization has sent a Partnership Proposal to President Barack Obama

If you agree with our partnership proposal, please sign the our petition, which will be sent to President Barack Obama.


January 15, 2009


Mr.Barack Obama

President of the United States of America


1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500




               Our Partnership

… Freemoney Family Organization
...American People..... 
President Barack Obama!

 Dear President Barack Obama:

Congratulations on becoming the 44th President of the United States of America.  I, as the founder of the Freemoney Family Organization, would especially like to commend you on the manner in which you conducted your campaign. Hopefully, in 2016 my campaign, which will consist of workshops and wealth-building, across the country, will be one which inspires a citizen, similiar to  myself, to take the time to draft a letter, to commend me on the manner in which my campaign was run, as well as, to offer to partner with me, by presenting a micro-solution, they have faithfully began, which helps to address the issues negatively affecting Americans quality of life.

President Obama, the Freemoney Family Organization would like to partner with you and your macro-policies, by offering the assistance of its micro-services and wealth building opportunities, currently being offered to Americans, in Austin, Texas! 

The Freemoney Family Organization is currently providing AMERICANS, the following 6 services and built-in, wealth building possibilities:

1.   Offering AMERICANS expert income tax Preparation[free e-filing]and a minimum of $50,000 payment, from the Freemoney Family Organization.


2.    RENTERS, waste money on rent, no more: Expert real estate services to/for RENTERS and a minimum lifetime payment of $50,000, which allows them to build wealth, while they RENT!

3.  Home[Buyers-&-Sellers] Helping AMERICANS reduce/or eliminate the rate of Foreclosure by providing home[buyers-&-sellers]expert real estate services and a minimum lifetime payment of $50,000, which allows them to build wealth, and help pay their mortgage!


   4.    American business can now be paid a minimum of $50,000 to ADVERTISE their products or services in two ways:  Please visit:


·         Freemoney Family Business Reference Guide!  Mailed to each member/client FREE JAN.-15 of each year.

·         Freemoney Family Magazine!  First edition mailed to member/clients, FREE Jan-15 of each year, starting 2010!


   5.   Americans are now paid $50,000 to empower themselves, especially minorities and women, by  attending 4 Workshops!  Americans have the following 13 WORKSHOPS, to choose from:

·         How to start and operate a business!

·         How define, evaluate and select Stocks!

·         How define, evaluate and select Bonds!

·         How define, evaluate and select Mutual Funds!

·         How to Invest Real Estate…for real estate investors only.

·         How to manage your Income producing properties.

·         Things a home[buyer-&-seller]need to know.

·         How to write a Grant Proposal.

·         How to write a Business Plan.

·         How to write a Life Plan.

·         How to draft a Budget and Manage  your Credit.

·         Things you need to know about your Health.

·         Your Career!…how to select, and expand your Career.


      Jan-9-2009,  you publicly stated that you would consider any and all suggestions or alternatives presented, which could help you and your staff develop macro-policy initiatives,  which would help stabilize /or jump-start, the AMERICAN ECONOMY.  The Freemoney Family Organization would like to make the following proposal, which I feel will accentuate the micro-effect of your macro-economic-initiatives, which you are reportedly considering implementing, to  jump-start the economy:


Our request: 
 A refundable Grant, in an undisclosed amount [possible $1 million to start]



50% of the refundable grant will  be used to establish an investment account for all Americans; All attendee’s,  who attend the WORKSHOPS must agree to  perform at least 12 hours of community service,  per month, which will be overseen by the Freemoney Family Organization as well as, any government related entity;  All attendee’s will be given FREE MEMBERSHIP into the Freemoney Family Organization;   The investment account should be overseen by the Treasury Department, a committee of American citizens or a Brokerage firm chosen by a majority of attendee’s, and the chief Financial planner or Chairman of the Freemoney Family Organization;  All attendee’s will receive their payment, in the following manner;…..Half of their payment in the form of a lump sum payment and the other half in lifetime, monthly installments;  Unlike the Freemoney Family Organization members, all  attendee’s,  will began receiving a payments, at the beginning of the  next calendar-business quarter; Payment forms: Lump-sum and monthly payments; Payments will continue on a quarterly bases, for the life of the attendee, as long as, community service requirements, are met; Remainder of the grant, [50%]shall be used to compensate workshop instructors, pay for workshop materials, as well as, to secure the facilities, which will be used to conduct the workshops, we are proposing.


Refundable terms of the grant:

The Grant funds shall be invested in the equity markets and 50% of the returns of invested funds, shall be used to pay back the grant; The other 50% of the invested grant funds shall be used to establish two accounts,[Lump-sum account-&-Individual monthly payment account...20% of funds will be extracted, to make quaterly payments, workshop attendee's.] from which the Workshop Attendee's, shall receive compensation;The repayment process shall continue until the grant is paid back, in full.


 Benefits of the Grant, to the American people:

Workshop Investment Club Meetings
All paid Workshop attendee's ONLY,
who pay to attend all 3 of the investment workshop(STOCKS, BONDS, MUTUAL FUND can ATTEND Workshop Investment Club Meetings held each WENDSDAY or on another agreed upon date between..(9:00am-12:00pm)(1:00pm-4:00pm)(5:00pm-11:00pm)..You will have a chance to NETWORK-&- discuss STOCKS, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS, with other Workshop ATTENDEE'S,as well as, other investments you have!

Short Term Benefits:

·         The immediate and quarterly, financial impact of the payments, on the local economy(s) [lump sum and quarterly]

·         The knowledge and information attendee’s receive, from the WORKSHOPS;

·         The sense of community or commitment to community, which will and could come from attending the workshops, because of the community service requirement of 12 hours, to continue to qualify for quarterly lump sum payments, as well as, lifetime monthly payments;

Long-Terms Benefits:

·         The automatic development and/or growth, of the financial base, of all Americans, who attend;

·         The reemphasizing of a commitment to America as well as, community service, implicitly required by the Constitution of the U.S.


 Our Next Step, in our Partnership:

Freemoney Family Organization and  Barack Obama Administration!

Please contact me, Averitt Freemoney Phillips[512-350-4210]  24/7…365, if you or your staff would like to discuss how our partnership can help jump-start the American economy!


Again, congratulations on becoming the 44th President of the United States of America.


I look forward to hearing from you or your staff about the Freemoney Family Organization partnership proposal!


Have a Freemoney Day!!  



Averitt Freemoney Phillips ….Founder of the Freemoney Family Organization



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Posted: Monday February 16, 2009, 10:51 am
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