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Mar 7, 2009

Because most poeple are considered to be "Christians" we basicly live by thier code of ethics in society. Or laws and society is set by the "christians" code of ethics and morals.

I have become very confused with "Christians" (and so societies)  idea of what we believe and how we live.

I have a problem with a God who changes His mind about what is good for me, what is ethical and acceptable.

Lets take eating animals for an example:

According to the Bible, God made humans and animals both vegeatarians. Time goes by, God gets disgusted with the evilness of mankind, and he destroys the earth with a flood.  He says at this point God tells Noah that mankind will not live to 800 plus years anymore but only 120 yrs. Also, God tells Noah and his family that now ALL ANIMALS even the crawling and creeping ones are for food. OOPs!!!! God must made a mistake when he created humans and animals as vegetarians?  Than down the line God uses Abraham to create the nation of Isreal. He tells this nation that they can only eat certian animals.  OOOPs !!!! God must have made another mistake when He said ALL ANIMALS were for us to eat? Time goes by and Jesus comes and saves the world, now God says, ALL ANIMALS are ok to eat again. OOPS!!!!  God makes another mistake and goes back to allowing ALL ANIMALS as food again?

I see a problem here. I see a God who keeps changing His mind about what I can and cannot eat. I see a God who is not perfect and can't decide what is good for mankind to eat for food. Or is it maybe not God changing His mind but "Christians"? Could it be "Christians" are changing what the Bible says?  

So why do the "christians" control what society thinks? and why is what society thinks based on a book that changes it rules? Isnt God suppose to be perfect? Isn't God the same yesterday , today and forever? Isn't God all knowing? So why would God change His mind about anything He orginally created and set up? Can God make mistakes? Does God decide according to the  evilness of man what is acceptable for man, instead of what God thinks is acceptable?

 So why are societies standards set up by "christians"? How do we know thier God isn't going to change His mind about whether it is acceptable to murder? Rape? Steal?  He changed His mind about eating animals, about divorce, about using animals for sin sarcarfices, and many other things God changed His mind about throughout thier "Bible". 

I see mankind making laws and rules that suit thier wants and needs and saying it is based on Gods' Word. (the Bible) Our constitution and most of our laws in the US are suppose to be basied on the Bible truths. How many things have been passed into law and are considered acceptable that God did not sanction or say? "Christians" for centuries said slavery was acceptable. Didn't allow woman equal rights, allowd child abuse and child labor. Just a few things God made a mistake about? And our government in the US is suppose to be based on " Christian" princples? I think it is time we take the "Christians" out of power and start using our compassion and our heads instead of our greed and own desires to set what society says is acceptable behaviour .

I don't care what person tries to say God allows eating animals, God does not change his mind, God does not make mistakes, so God would not make us vegetarian to make us meat eaters. How can anyone say they know and serve God who created the world and the galaxies and say God changes His mind? How can they say God makes mistakes?  

Was it God who said womans did not have equal rights, or childern could be abused, or slavery was acceptable, or humans could use animals for thier selfish greed?  No one who creates anything is going to allow that creation they love to be destroyed or abused, or exploited. If evil humans guard what they love why would God not love and gaurd what He has created? ?Why would God ever allow mankind to use the animals for thier own greed, and selfish desires. It is man who has said God allows this, not God. 

 It is mans evilness that decides what God allows and says is acceptable? Or does God set rules and laws that are unchangable, wise and meant for eternity? 

Isn't it time we start thinking with the minds God gave us? To start seeing the lies of society? To start living compassionately as God intended us to? To start treating all of creation with respect, whether it be the earth, the plants, animals or humans?

It is time to wake up and stop living the way things have always been. To stop living our lives the way we have been lied to and told things are suppose to be, and start living the way God intended us to live.

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Posted: Saturday March 7, 2009, 3:16 pm
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Past Member (0)
Saturday March 21, 2009, 1:25 pm
Hi :)

This is a wonderful article you wrote. I just had the very same discussion with my mom who is a "Christian". I too told her that is does not make sense that God created all things vegetarian and then later told people that it is ok to use animals any which way humans wish. It appears to sanction the torture/abuse of them. Thank you for this share. I salute your wisdom. I hope lots of people read it and start thinking with their compassionate side that God gave all of us to use. I put a share on the network called HUMANE RELIGION just a few minutes ago and you may find it very useful when talking to people about this tragic isssue of animal abuse.

Kind Regards,

Your friend Dena

Virginia H. (14)
Friday June 19, 2009, 9:11 am

You put into words everything I ever wanted to say when "Good Christians" try to mock vegetarinism and veganism, and anybody who just doesn't get it.

If it's ok with you, perhaps I should print this and read it the next time this discussion comes up again.

Thank you for sharing this! If you're on Facebook, Myspace, etc., you should post this on those sites too.


. (0)
Sunday January 10, 2010, 2:19 pm
Great Article Julie but I have gone past the God/Religion believe.

After many years of struggling with the whole scenario I finally came to the conclusion that religion is dangerous and we need to keep away from. I feel that its for people who are still in kindergarten, who need a crutch in life who cannot stand up and think for themselves, who cannot take responsibility for their actions and want to either blame God when something goes wrong or who want to praise God when something goes right. I found that religion was very restrictive and didn't allow one to grow and evolve and that can only take place when we starting asking heaps of questions about everything and then doing the research to find the answers and make informed choices and decisions in life but with religion you are not suppose to ask questions just do what your religion tells you. No thank you.

But I do believe in the spirit and that the spirit cannot grow with using the physical body to do so. I'm spiritual but not religious.

When I became a veg about 20 odd years ago it wasn't because I knew anything about factory farming or anything about the suffering of animals etc. I did so because my inner being/my spirit stopped me.

What happen to me is very hard for people to believe but its true. It didn't happen in a flash but it happened over a period of a few weeks. At first I would go to the supermarket to buy the packaged meat and I would look at all the meat lined up and something started to feel strange, it wasn't sitting right within me all this packaged meat. Hard to put into words. Then one day it happened, I went to pick up the packaged meat and I my hand just froze, I couldn't do it, it was like someone was holding my hand and wouldn't let me pick it up. I struggled with what was happening and it felt like it was taking ages, like time had slowed down but as soon as I gave in to it and walked away without the meat everything was okay.

It was only after that I started asking questions and my first one was; if I love my dogs and other animals how come I was eating them? And that was when the light bulb went off in my head, like some sort of an awakening had taken place. The rest is history.

Then we got the computer and the net, it took off from there because I started to find out about the suffering of the animals. And started to work on my own, writing letters and signing petitions.

I didn't need God and I didn't need religion to find out the truth. Nor to find out who we really are and who we are really meant to be.

Physically, we are not meant to the animals and that we have a gene that other animals do not have and its called compassion. And to be a real human is to be humane.

JustaHuman Here (53)
Sunday February 14, 2010, 9:36 am
Man has created God the way that it is possible for man to visualize this self created god according to what is man. Man got confused in the past by 'gods' that were no gods. And finally man created religion to control the masses. Whoever goes with religion and starts to request will find that he knows nothing about God. God cannot be found in region, neither in history.

JustaHuman Here (53)
Friday April 9, 2010, 4:57 am
Christianity as a religion like Islam was created to control people and turn them into emotional slaves. The "god" of the old gospel in the bible was a being of flesh and bood with an origin from outer space. As these "gods" created man as working slaves they connected their genes with the ones of pre-humans existing on earth. Therefore in the beginning the first humans had a lifetime for more than 900 years. Later the "gods" limited the lifetime of man to a maximium of 100 - 120 years. When the flood was to come, the "gods" went back to their mothership that was parked in the orbit of planet earth. Enlil the boss of the "gods" wanted to let man who had spread out on earth, die in the flood, but one of his sons who felt pity warned some of the humans and told them how to survive. For this betrayal he was banned by Enlil. The real god, as far as it exists, nobody knows about. His creation works under his rules by itself. It looks like this is the reason for the existance of the suffering of the innocent. Nobody saves us from our sins.


female, age 61, married, 1 child
Scotts Hill, TN, USA
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