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Mar 27, 2009

Focus:Civil Rights
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States

Here is a little--NO!--a BIG thing that I am hoping President Obama will take in hand and bring to the attention of the country, the states, and other government levels.

Literally thousands of Americans and immigrants are unjustly imprisoned. I have read estimates as high as one in seven being innocent of the crime for which they were convicted. The Innocence Project alone is evidence of the truth of this statement.

I offer you a particular case in point: the Elsa Newman Case in the state of Maryland. Newman is unjustly imprisoned. Her children, by default, are in the physical custody of a father about whom they have disclosed virtually unspeakable molestation and abuse.

This woman needs to be free to help her two sons.

Please look at--and I hope you will sign--the following petition:

This woman is unjustly imprisoned in the state of Maryland--Maryland Correctional Institution for Women at Jessup. She was charged and convicted of a crime committed by someone else. The highest court in the state of Maryland, on apppeal, opined in their majority opinion that there is nothing to connect Newman to the crime.

Newman was subsequently re-arrested, recharged and reconvicted by the State's Attorney of Montgomery County, Maryland, who, just "coincidentally" happened to be planning a run for state office. I suspect he could not allow Newman--although she was innocent--to be released; the release of an innocent woman, convicted on his watch, would not look good on his record. [Yes...his run for office succeeded; Doug Gansler is now the Attorney General of Maryland.] He preferred to convict the innocent, rather than let the mess stain his record and keep him from higher office.

The trial was even moved to a different county, where-- according to Gansler's chief assistant, Katherine Winfree--there was a higher chance of conviction. Yup! You read that right. I have in hand a copy of an email from Winfree to one of the police detectives with whom she worked, stating that the percentage of chance of conviction went way up when the second trial was moved to Fredrick County [a county rather rudely referred to by Gansler as "Fredneck County].

I don't know what else to say. I have been reading about this case, researching it and talking and writing to people involved for over a year now. I am convinced that Elsa Newman is innocent and that her children are in the hands of a sexual predator who molests and abuses them.

Her release would allow her to work freely for the welfare of her children.

Please? The petition again:

Thank you...any and all of you who are inclined to add your signature to this petition.

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Posted: Friday March 27, 2009, 12:48 pm
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Margaret Candler (0)
Tuesday September 28, 2010, 1:15 pm
This Maryland tragedy began with domestic violence and problems in the family court. Its beginning is usual not unique. Now mom is incarcerated, 8+ years for a crime she did not commit; the children are with the father they feared and said he abused them. See the new website at:


Aine O.
female, age 73, single, 4 children
Amboy, WA, USA
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