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Mar 29, 2009

Why Troops to Afghanistan?

Consider the Oil Pipeline Explanation
by Edwin L. Young, PhD

    Do you want to know why we are deploying troops to Afghanistan?  Examine, using one of the three slide show application formats compatible with your computer below, the hyperlinked map and its description : 

Afghanistan and Middle East Oil Pipelines- Its Role in US Troop Deployment  PowerPoint 2003

Afghanistan and Middle East Oil Pipelines-Its Role in US Troop Deployment There SHOW.ppsx Previewer Converts Show to Your Computer

Afghanistan and Middle East Oil Pipelines-Its Role in US Troop Deployment There.pptx  PowerPoint 2007

     If you examine this map and the existing, under construction, and proposed pipelines for Oil and Gas, and then examine the territories that are considered strategically vulnerable, it becomes obvious, at least to me, that troops are being deployed to ensure present and future oil and gas distribution throughout the world.

    Once again, if you consider that the conversion to hydrogen, wind, and solar, the clean energy alternatives, would eliminate the need for Middle Eastern Oil and Gas.  Consequently, invading and occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, and the entire region and waterways would be unnecessary.

    Therefore, the question must be reframed.  Instead of asking why we are deploying troops to Afghanistan, we should be asking why we are not immediately converting to hydrogen, wind, and solar.  Please, do not be misled by the argument that these alternatives are years away from replacing oil, coal, and nuclear.  That simply is not true.  So, if I am right, then who is blocking the implementation of alternative energy sources and forcing troop deployment for years on end to the Middle East?

    I think you can guess the answer to that question!


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Any feedback to me on this question would be appreciated.  If you agree, consider sending this to your Representative and Senators, and as many others as you see fit.


Thank you,


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Posted: Sunday March 29, 2009, 1:07 pm
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