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Apr 4, 2009

Whether you are a banker, a teller, a nurse, a doctor, a policeman/woman, a fireman/woman, a mother, a father, a grand parent, You all know that The world is not what we all like it to be, In a time of mankind there has never been an opportunity for us to grow and transform our lives and our children's lives for the better for all of humankind.

In a world where there is crime, rape, murder, coruption, war, poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, and terror, how can we ever make a change? How can we ever get away from all of this? how can we ever live in a better world? The answer is Yes there is a way and it's the only way and that is through, love, compassion, connectedness, and through coroperation with one another no matter how hard it may seem.

This is the year that we must make a move, set the stage, plant the seed, really make the change for a better future, If you looked at our planet from outer space what would you see? One big blue and green planet where billions of people, plants, and animals live. We have been distroying this planet for way too long, and we are not suppose to be destroyers but to be the earth's Gaurdians that's right (Earth Gaurdian) and it's protector.

There are many projects that are making a difference to help change this world, but one project that we must totally look at (The Venus Project) "A total redesign of our entire culture" That is the only project that we can use to change this world into something amazing.

10 years from now what will your children say if we just kept passing up this opportunity and things seemed to get alot worse, a money system is not stable what so ever and doesn't have much time left before it truly collapses and crumbles. It's not that hard to see the collapse occuring before our very eyes.

To start if you are new to the Venus project i strongly suggest you go to the website

Sign this petition the future that humanity deserves to get started if you want to help in some sort of way, a petition is not perfect but it is a start and it's worth the try.
I hope that you all see that this transformation must take place for the sake of all human life, planet life, and animal life on the planet as well as for the sake for our mother Earth.

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Posted: Saturday April 4, 2009, 11:51 pm
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