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May 29, 2009

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Hello Everyone,

I have been reading through here and I have been seeing more and more that Children's Services have been comming hanus acts to Parents. just recently 2 of my close friends had their child taken away from them and wrongfully accused of horrific acts. Upon loooking up way to help them I see more and more that Children's Services which was once designed to help those in Dire need have now abused their power to help. I have seen that in some cases children are becoming even more problematic because parents become too afraid to even touch their child in fear of what Children's Services will do. I for one will not let this continue. I will currently do what I can to help and fight for those who have wrongfully had their children taken from them. I am tired of seeing good people being torn aparat, wonderful happy families seperated and slowly falling to shambles because of someone making a phone call and pointing a finger. I bet if someone called up Children's Services and told them a false acusation they would be knocking at the door and tearing a nother family apart. If anyone has a Class Action Lawsuit in Pa Let me know so I can help a few families out there.





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Posted: Friday May 29, 2009, 11:39 am
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Jason T. (0)
Sunday August 2, 2009, 9:00 am
Back in March of 2009 my wife and i received a phone call from her brother. We live in mifflin County, Pa and he lived in Blair county. He was living with friends with his girlfriend and their twins. Well it turned out that his friends got mad at him and kicked them out. They then called CYS and told them that they were homeless. CYS said he had to find somewhere for the twins to go or they would be placed in foster care. While this was going on the kids stayed at the friends house. Well my wife went up signed papers to take the kids and was told that it would be transfered to mifflin county and that they would contact us. They asked for help when they went to pick up the kids and it was refused. They said there would be no problems but when they arrived the cops had to be called. CYS put the kids right in the middle of danger. It is now August 2 and if i would not have called to see what is going on we never would have heared from them. When i called Mifflin County they said they never were cantacted by Blair County and that this was not the way they would handle the situation. They said since Blair opened the case they would handle it no matter where the kids are. But they checked into it anyway. They contacted Blair county and were told there was no record of a case. Later that day, not satsified with this, I called Blair County and spoke with a case worker. She said she would check into it and call me back. She did not return my call and i had to call again. She told me she was the one that handled the case but could not find any paperwork on it. They lost the paperwork. Now for the last five months these two children have been with me waiting on CYS so they could return to their parents. Being taking from your parents is defistating to any 2 year old. The parents visit regulary since the moved to mifflin county and have a stable home. The children could have moved back to them months ago. When my wifes brother and girlfriend leave my house at night the kids just go crazy, crying uncontrolably for sometimes as long as an hour and a half. They now wake up in the middle of the night with the same thing crying for mommy and daddy. This also wakes up my 2 kids (2 and 3 years old). I work construction and travel alot. Most of the time i have to leave by 4 in the morning and sometimes we are up trying to get kids back to bed all night. CYS is there to help kids but in this case they screwed up real bad and have these kids all messed up. On monday i have an appoitment with an attorney who says there is a huge case against Blair County Cys. When i asked the case worker how you can loose paperwork with something this important she said it just happens. She had nothing to say when i asked her if it had been a case of abuse and the child had been place with a family member and was told of a follow up and it never happened. And they just figured the case was droped and returned the child and the child was later killed. She knows she is in trouble and is scared for her job. As she should be because i will not quit untill i have it. One thing with CYS is that you can't let them push you around. They don't like attorneys like the one i have hired who is the attorney for another county CYS.

Maryanne Disilvestro (0)
Monday September 6, 2010, 5:25 pm

Collin Kellar (0)
Friday November 4, 2011, 6:58 pm
I am sickened by the reality of the CORPORATION and my ignorant involvement as a slave to it. CPS took 4 of my children granted legal custody of them to a "christian" friend who said they were there to help me when I was down depressed for fear of losing my kids due to horror stories I heard about CPS and them taking kids.CPS became involved because a neighbor called on me because she got mad I had issues with my husband and wasn't talking/spending time with her much anymore(my ex husband WAS abusive to me). Then CPS took my newborn baby recently I had with my fiance/"common law husband" whom I believe God sent because he never abused me like exes (God knows the future so why would He join you in a STATE marriage to begin with let alone with a man HE knows will abuse you? Obviously that marriage was never ordained of God from get go but MY choice instead of waiting on God Almighty). I have found your site refreshing and would like to become a member. I am a christian and I need serious help to get our son back(the reason they gave for taking this son is I refused a vitamin K shot at birth for him and a rhogam shot during pregnancy). He was born healthy and without any medical problems because of my failure to get the vaccine during pregnancy which I have read has a variety of potential dangers to unborn babies even by many other women like myself(I met ALOT in groups specifically regarding the subject) who had the vaccine and their child/as well as themselves had physical and neurological damages from the vaccine. I have also read about dangers of Vitamin K and opted out of that as well(they never took my 2 year old for refusing vitamin K at hospital) My fiance and I also need to have a legitimate/NOT STATE marriage license because we want to be married under God. Any help would be appreciated on our start towards Freedom from the beast system mentioned in revelation of the bible. Thank you. My Kids are not the same smiley kids who competed to pick flowers for me. I am going to file appeals for them and also file for my new baby. 2 court cases because of their kidnapping and fabrications. They lied and said my kids are dependent and neglected on both cases. I love my babies more than anything and have been terrorized and continue to be terrorixed for no reason. The judge goes along with whatever they say. I wasn't allowed to have a psych by a neutral doctor. Only theirs. I passed the psych and their doctor said I was able to love and care for my kids and the 2nd time he testified his story was different. I have both of his paper evaluations.. I only saw him 1 time. My old attorney gave them to me behind their backs. They did an evaluation on my 9 year old 1 year after they had him. If he was so bad off from being with me then why did they wait so long to evaluate? They had to "brainwash" him for a year to get him to submit to their wishes I guess. I love you all with my life and will continue fighting for you. I did their case plan but it wasn't good enough. I had to pay child support and now they started taking it out for my new baby. They are getting money from me and system.

Trisha Gadbois


Lycaeonia S.
male, age 30,
S Bound Brook, NJ, USA
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