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Jul 6, 2009

Here is how Ms. Vickie Winans describes the triumphant re-entry of Jesus Christ in song:

Pennsylvanians will soon know if they are safe from enforced microchip implants.  Many Christians relate microchip implantation to the Mark of the Beast.  In Biblical prophesies foretelling end time events, the Mark is most significant.  According to scripture, accepting the Mark disqualifies one from being a part of God's elect, and refusing the Mark disqualifies one from participating in activities necessary to life on earth, such as buying and selling. It will be quite a dilemma. 

For years, Christians have been warned that the Mark will be in the form of a microchip.  The technology was first used by veterinarians on domesticated and farm animals.  In 2004, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved an RFID chip -- the grain-of-rice-sized, antenna-containing VeriChip -- for implantation in humans. When a person's body is scaned, the information on the chip can be read.*  Thousands of people have already been implanted.

Some employers want to make implants a condition for employment. Biblically, the Mark will be accepted by those marked, presumably by people of an age to make such decisions, not sneaked into place during a surgery or applied by overcoming unwilling recipients and strongarming them into submission.  Pennsylvania's H.B 1175 to ensure that no one in that state is unwillingly implanted has cleared the House State Government Committee and is ready to go to vote by the full House.  Several other states have already passed laws preventing enforced implantation and protecting children from implants.


Another Bill Against Illegal Chip Implants Passed by
California, North Dakota and Wisconsin
The Bill anticipates everything -- employers compelling implantation as a condition of employment; the use of threats and coercion to keep implantees silent; attempts at sidestepping prosecution by claiming that the Statute of Limitations has expired; attempts at eluding detection by implanting children without the parents' knowledge or permission.

This went to the PA House State Government Committee in early April 2009.  According to PA House news releases on June 19th, it's now cleared that Committee and has been moved to the floor of the full House for a vote.

Note in the following excerpt from the news release that Pennsylvania legislators got their ideas from similar legislation passed in California, North Dakota and Wisconsin.


Committee approves Josephs bill to ban human ID implantations

Legislative Week in Review

The House State Government Committee has approved a bill (H.B. 1175) introduced by state Rep. Babette Josephs that would prohibit a person from requiring, coercing or compelling another person to be surgically tagged with an identification device. Currently, Pennsylvania has no law prohibiting the forced implantation of identification devices, though Josephs said that numerous threats to personal health, privacy and civil liberty had been brought to the nation's attention by other states. California, North Dakota and Wisconsin have already passed legislation to create civil penalties and cause for action for damages resulting from such coerced procedures.

"As more and more advanced technology becomes available, it carries with it an equally detrimental set of risks," Josephs said. "We need to safeguard against all possible abuses of the use of ID devices, as they pose significant ramifications which might compromise the information security of countless individuals using the device."


In the Bible, receiving the Mark requires informed consent and a pledge of loyalty to the Antichrist. Microchips people are being implanted with today are not the Mark of the Beast, as they do not fit that Biblical description.  Some recipients of the microchips are too young to give consent.  There are reports regarding Jeb Bush implanting Florida newborns and about Sweden's nursing home residents being implanted. Prisoners have been implanted in some facilities.  Britain was reported to be considering implanting mental patients.  Thousands of military personnel have been implanted.  It is possible that many people have been chipped without their knowledge or consent.  Certainly, newborns are incapable of giving informed consent.  

Although the microchips are not the Mark, they represent a level of surveillance and potential for control that many people find discomforting and akin to Revelation prophesy. 


Court to Defendant:  “Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!”
Danger Room - July 1, 2009 

Late last year, James Walbert went to court, to stop his former business associate from blasting him with mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation” after a disagreement over a business deal. Later, Walbert, said, he began feeling electric shock sensations, hearing electronically generated tones, and getting popping and ringing sounds in his ears. On December 30th, the court decided in Walbert’s favor, and issued a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using “electronic means” to further harass Walbert. No, seriously.


Findlaw reports another problem:  "The employees' consent may not be truly voluntary. An employee who is only qualified to work in a particular industrial sector may, in effect, have no choice but to be chipped. Refusing to be chipped in positions that involve security may mean getting a reputation for being potentially disloyal or untrustworthy. Employers also may spring contract modifications upon employees at the last minute, or once they are already working."*

Therefore, the decision whether to accept the microchip is tied to commerce, just as scripture predicted over 2,000 years ago.  For, without employment (and employers are already using it), it is certainly hard to engage in trade.  Eventually, the microchip may necessary to complete purchases at checkout just as a UPC code on products is now needed.  The RFID chip is capable of replacing all the I.D. and credit cards we now carry, including insurance cards, drivers’ licenses, student or work I.D., and passports.

 by Anita Ramasastry -  October 16, 2007

Outlawing Employer Requirements that Workers Get RFID Chip Implants: Why it's the Right Thing for States to Do, Although Current Statutes May Need Refinement


The stage is set for the Great Tribulation Period, a time when the world will suffer famine, incurable, infectious diseases, and government persecution in a cashless society with Big Brother monitoring of all purchases of goods and services.  When I first studied the End Game plan in the 1960's in a little Methodist church in rural Tennessee, I did not see how such things could happen except in the very distant future, hundreds of years after my great grandchildren had expired.  But here we are in 2009 with virtually all of the necessary technology and other precursors already in place.  This is certainly not to say that creating the Mark was the intention of RFID chip's manufacturers, but many Christians believe the same technology will be used as the Mark some day.  Other considerations are:

~  Recent reports of food shortages and food contamination.

~  Increasing dialog around a universal currency, banking system, and other globalization.

~  Substiated reports within the latter months of 2008 and early 2009 of lost biochemical lab samples and test rats infested with Ebola, Bubonic Plague, and other diverse diseases such as those which the Bible foretold would wipe out a significant portion of the world's population during the Great Tribulation.

~  H.R. Bill 645 is pending before Congress proposing six emergency FEMA centers, huge structures which can easily be used by New World Orderlies as concentration camps for containment and elimination of masses of Christians and political dissenters: 

~  And finally, there is the RFID chip, which is capable of tracing a person's movements, purchases, and containing an individual's entire medical, criminal, educational, and employment history on a speck no larger than a grain of rice.

Those are some astoundingly accurate predictions to have come from Middle Eastern Jews thousands of years before the invention of the lightbulb.  If they are right about the next two predictions, we will meet Mr. Antichrist soon, a political leader who will do what Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and Hitler tried to do and failed.  He will bring the entire world under one central government.  Everything will be peaceful for a few years, according to theologians who peach this doctrine. 

Unfortunately, the peace will not last.  AC will show his true dictatorial feathers and cease to be satisfied with loyal support, but will demand actual worship.  Everybody will be required to brown-nose AC and treat him as a deity or off with their heads.  If there are any Christians around, they will be in big trouble then.  The Bible teaches that the world will make such a complete break from Christianity, that they will even change time, likely meaning that time will no longer be measured in terms of B.C. and A.D.

For centuries, the Middle East was not a major player in world affairs.  But as time rolls along toward Armageddon, that region is increasingly important.  It will be a war torn area for the remainder of human history.  In fact, inhabitants of the earth will become embroiled there in the war to end all wars - Armageddon.  Just when it looks like all life will perish in that awesome battle, Mr. Big Bang, Himself, will make a grand re-entry!  The Bible says every eye will behold His coming.  When I first heard this, there was no satellite television.  Now it is possible for an event that occurs in the Middle East to be viewed live around the world. What a news report that will be, right bloggers?  Mr. Big Bang will kick AC's butt (hopefully televised), and all will be right in the world, except for those with the Mark, of course.

Sounds like a plan. 

Here is how Ms. Vickie Winans describes it in song to some of the Pennsylvanians whose representatives will soon vote about microchip implants:




Lawmaker Joins Fight to Outlaw Human Microchip Implants
Last year award winning director Aaron Russo, appearing on the Alex Jones show, stressed that the true intentions of the global elite, in particular the Rockefeller family, is a microchipped society. A society where you have no privacy, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, whether you’re innocent, guilty, indifferent or impaired.


When the State Becomes God, by Lee Penn

... the Republican governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, lobbied the legislature for creation ... VeriChip can enhance airport security, airline security, cruise ship ...


State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Phila., introduced her bill in part because of the link the devices have to the development of tumors.  This possible health risk is covered in-depth in the article at the link below. Microchip–Cancer Report
Nov. 19, 2007

A study by Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D. indicates a casual link between microchips and cancer.  She reported that 0.8% to 10.2% of laboratory mice and rats chipped developed malignant tumors. 

In almost all cases, the malignant tumors, typically sarcomas, arose at the site of the implants and grew to surround and fully encase the devices. These fast-growing, malignant tumors often led to the death of the afflicted animals. In many cases, the tumors metastasized or spread to other parts of the animals. The implants were unequivocally identified as the cause of the cancers.



Doctor alleges plans underway to "Microchip" Newborns in U.S. ...
Jeb Bu$h paid Florida families to microchip their children; ... VeriChip: RFID Microchip Implants for Humans First it was cattle. ... have been ... Angel' lands ... both Governor Jeb Bush...

Source article:
Regarding plans to microchip newborns, Dr. Kilde said the U.S. has been moving in this direction "in secrecy."

She added that in Sweden, Prime Minister Olof Palme gave permission in 1973 to implant prisoners, and Data Inspection's ex-Director General Jan Freese revealed that nursing home patients were implanted in the mid-1980s. The technology is revealed in the 1972:47 Swedish state report, Statens Officiella Utradninger. Are you prepared to live in a world in which every newborn baby is micro-chipped? And finally are you ready to have your every move tracked, recorded and placed in Big Brother's databank?  According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and medical students, time is running out for changing the direction of military medicine and MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY ensuring the future of human freedom.


New technology brings with it the opportunity for many new businesses.  Some security companies are devoted to countering the negative uses of microchips against chipped persons who feel that they are being victimized by mind control or directed radiation.  These companies specialize in electronic countermeasure security.  An excerpt from one such company's website is below.

Advanced Electronic Security Company
Implants are without a doubt the most invasive form of harassment. Electronic implants consist of transmitters, ESF generators, micro-neurophonic transceivers, tracking devices and other micro sized devices designed to cause harassment by tracking or controlling movement and thought. The most common implant was designed many years ago and is still used to this day. It consists of a unit that is powered by bodily fluids and is capable of transmitting voice signals, high voltage pulses, emitting a small tracking beacon signal, or other unspecified uses (mind control).


As with most violations against human and civil rights, enforced implantation began with the least of these, His brethren:  helpless newborns, the elderly in nursing homes, and the mentally ill.  One way to ensure that a paranoid schizophrenic person is tormented beyond what he already is would be to insert an electonnic monitoring device inside his body.

Great Britain to Tag Certain Mentally Ill People with GPS


And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.  ~ Revelation 15:7-8

Ft. Detrick Disease Samples Lost? Ebola, Anthrax, and Plague
April 22, 2009

Bubonic Plague Coming Soon?  Infested Lab Rats Missing
February 7, 2009

American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R. 645
February 3, 2009


Everybody wants a savior, but few want a lord.  Jesus is both or neither.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.


Regarding the news about Great Britain implanting microchips in certain mental patients, I have this to say:

Through our online advocacy group, ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, AIMI, members work to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and try to get people who need psychiatric help to accept treatment.  This is less likely to happen if acute mental patients in America are forced to accept microchips. 

It reminds me of pre-World War II Germany when Jews were forced to wear the Star of David on their sleeves, marking them for discrimination and eventual elimination.


Get an honest job.  If you are wealthy, invest in something humane.  Why are so many of you fixated on controlling the world?  YOU NEED TREATMENT YOURSELVES!  I think God-complexes are ordinary and treatable.

I am sure the microchips are useful.  I should have had one on my cat who got lost.  But I do not think employers or governments value human rights enough to have this much ability to monitor and possibly control people.  No one deserves this level of control over others, even parents over their minor children. 

The loss of privacy rights coupled with known cancer risks ought to be enough to make anyone who is given the choice reject microchipping.  People who are too young and those who are mentally incapable of making informed decisions should not be considered for microchip implantation.

Your feedback is invited in the rich text comment field below.

Mary Neal
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