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Aug 2, 2009


in case you are interested in having it , here is the link :
Created with coloured Mother of Pearl, TigerEye wand and four Lapislazuli beads...
in the middle you find a silver spiral symbolizing the Spiral of Life ..
This necklace is a healing tool at the same time as you may use the TigerEye wand for acupressure.

Healing Properties of the beads used : Mother of Pearl : Protection; Know mother's love. This stone is a great protective stone.

Lapislazuli : A stone of royalty. Assists on to develop the power of mind, intuition, wisdom and memory. Releases and heals emotional wounds. Cleanses the system and makes it free of impurities. Opens the heart to love and beauty. Focuses the mind, helps one to see and understand different perspectives. Gets us in touch with the Earth. The peacefulness and warmth calms the emotions. Provides courage. Strengthens energetic boundaries.

It is claimed that tigers eye will counteract  the onset of psychosomatic illness and will also give a feeling of self-confidence.It is especially good for clear thinking and helps one to see a problem objectively when confused or emotionally affected. It releases tension and develops will-power.Helps people gain insight into their own faults.

Tree of Life - Necklace / Quartz and Chinese Jade --

if you are interested to have it , go:

In the Spirit of Oneness with all that is.
The snake symbolizes the Kundalini/ Your Life Force Energy
The small glass leaves make this a very special necklace ...

Healing Properties of the gemstones : Jade encourages practicality, wisdom, mental peace and tolerance of others. Relaxation and rejuvenation. It promotes wisdom and mental peace, calms fears, and increases a person’s ability to love. Helps to heal the mental, physical and spiritual ailments. Contains all colors to help balance, energize and expand all elements to make us whole and fulfilled. Helps each of us to find our own inner light.
Clear Quartz deepens your connection to spirit.
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Posted: Sunday August 2, 2009, 5:19 am
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