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Aug 3, 2009

Bravo! It is amazing that the economic "crisis" is over, Hats off to the American people for bearing down  and believing in the new administration and those who had the foresight to back us up in congress and other arenas. WE ARE strong. I hope WE CAN continue taking the necessary steps that will secure our economic future and avoid a relaspe into a full-blown depression, I believe we have learned from our mistakes.

        What do we do now?, as we fully recover? The People have demanded a new economy, one with transparency and accountability. Are folks in Congress and other places working arduently on the new foundation that being built? WE must capitalize on this  opportunity to rebuild America and frankly i don't see enough cooperation and too much silly bickering from folks who would have us believe that business as usual will still work, not logical= not believable. Resisting the change that is here NOW, in this new millenium does not serve us individually or as a peoples. The world awaits OUR leadership......

         It is reassuring to see the American people making the adjustments and changes that are critical in getting us THRU this period of turmoil, both for the economy and the environment. It is great to see that the people understand the interdepence of clean energy and a healthy new economy, it would be nice to see that expressed in some areas of congress. The peoples voice will not be silenced by corruption and fraud any longer, period.

         Are WE and OUR leaders making enough headway on promoting and implementing the new green economy that has emerged WORLDWIDE?  Is the bickering on both sides of Congress slowing down Americas opportunity for advancement for OUR green energy future? I am constantly reading how Europe and China, etc. are more committed and already more heavily invested in what is an obvious New green energy economy and are setting higher and more responsible goals in combating Climate Change. Why is This??? This is not the will of the people. 73% of the people want serious legislation and are willing to do what it takes to protect themselves and their families from climate change and have taken the personal steps towards sustainability.

         It should be obvious to everyone participating in THEIR democracy, NOW, to see who is for the people and who is not. Comprimising with corruption and fraud weakens us as a peoples and a planet. We all know what is good and for the best of the majority, why is it that some still believe that we cannot have what we choose in this day and age? Is it the negativity that has built up from years of lying, fraud, corruption and abuse of power? I say it is time to put our foot down and do what we all know serves us in the longterm as well as now, in a just , open manner.

        No more comprimises, we cant afford them, OUR children cannot afford them! Comprimise , simply means non-committment to the truth, and avoidance of personal responsibility. There is NO strength or fulfillment in comprimise, only an illusion of flexibility that leads to resentment and dissatisfaction on other levels, because the underlying issues have not been resolved.

       Lets  all put OUR heads together and share our ideas and CHOSE where we want to go as a Nation, under God, and a world. And then lets just GO THERE. Time is of the essence. The time of comprimise is over, the time of truth and change is upon us. No more comprimises. The time of unity is here- it is about power WITH, not the old idea of power OVER. The old Paradigm is crumbling and is obselete......

        We do not have another chance, it is a blessing that we have this one, we must get it right this time , i cannot stress the importance of this enough. It is OUR duty and obligation to the future generations and evolution of the Planet.  I have great faith that Humanity will act accordingly, I call upon the people to act Now, in whatever capacity your heart leads you......

        It is reassuring to see the amount of people already helping us all so much in all areas, I have decided to re-double my efforts. Always remember the power of Unity......

        WE ARE Powerful!!!!!!

 "All ways and always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle" - Plato

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Posted: Monday August 3, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Dalia H. (1280)
Monday August 3, 2009, 6:17 pm
I completely agree with you Dearest Serge:)WE ARE POWERFUL!!! and in our hands is the success for a better future. We have INFINITE resources and INFINITE possibilities to make this world better than EVER!!!
Thanks so much for this very important post.
Black Dalia:)

serge vrabec (280)
Friday August 14, 2009, 3:30 pm
Will I treat all humans as i would wish to be treated were OUR cicumstances reversed?? Is human happiness finally just a reflection of materiality, or also dependent upon the development of inner capacities that are non-material??? How America chooses to answer these questions lies at the HEART of who WE ARE to become".- Micheal sears- Makes a moral case for health and economic reform RIGHT NOW

serge vrabec (280)
Thursday October 8, 2009, 1:45 pm
Heres the rest of the passge about COMPRIMISE :

When I hear the word resilience, i think of one of my favorite people, Jesus of Nazerath :):):), love him!. Heres a little excerpt from a great book i "found" : (about Jesus) :

"He came to you from the brightness of Sirrius, not simply with Peace, but with the power of love which CREATES peace. For you he distinguished truth from falsehhod. This master brought radiance and the joy of a simple life, with the message that for EVERY individual there is a destiny which cannot be governed or limited by MATERIAL CONsiderations when they conflict with DIVINE LAW(the only"real" law). His INTENTION was to make clear to you the need to take perSONal Responsibility for Y-OURself and Y-OUR actions, and not to follow blindly the dictates of society or religion.
The master Jesus was born into a family that had an understading of the spiritual LAWS as part of the ESSENE community. The Essene sect w3as not totally acceptable to the OCCUPYING Romans, but was tolerated as long as Roman laws were not infringed upon. In a n effort to live apeaceful life, MEMBERS HADE TO MAKE COMPRIMISES. The Creator and cosmic law , the supremacy of the spirit, however, cannot be COMPRIMISED indefinitely, for ultimately perSONal integrity suffers. The Master Jesus NEVER surrendered his integrity(and NEVER will). If the Rabbis who KNEW who Jesus was- and some did- had accepted him and revealed the TRUTH to their followers, the course of Human History would have been changed.
Comprimise simply means non-committment to the truth, an avoidance( A-Void-Dance) of perSONal responsibility. There is no strentgh or fulfillment in COMPRIMISE, only an illusion of flexibility that leads to resentment(as we now see) and dissatisfaction on other levels, because the underlying issues have not been addressed. Fanaticism, on the other hand, is the reverse of comprimise; both are the work of the DARKER FORCES.There is a great insecurity about those who range between comprimise and fanaticism, comprimising others and sometimes themselves with rules and prohibitions; both are weapons of control. Fanatics seek control thru confrontation while those who prefer comprimise seek power by more devious means. Love and joy are totally lacking in both these postures. When Love seems to be pre-sent, it is actually conditional, and so is an illusion. NEVER allow anyone to COMPRIMISE Y-OUR perSONal integrity with the temptations of his/her half-truths. RE-Member that the purpose of Y-OUR souls journey is to develop Y-OUR OWN INTEGRITY, to purify Y-OUR inner self so that it resonates withthe light and purity of GOLD and BECOMES untarnishable, incorruptable. Fanaticism and COMPRIMISE are a denial of the natural flow of life and the perfection of cosmic TRUTH. FEAR is at the root of both." - Book- The Standing Stone Speaks- By Natasha Hoffman and Hamilton Hill


serge vrabec
male, age 51, divorced
Salem, OR, USA
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