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Aug 19, 2009


If we read this petition we not seen the growth with our feel. Like go to others country or got the anticipation or feelin invite by someone. Phone real. Asking about what you need in this time. We can help you (Using the Link inside care2). and than do real until the person who's take the risk or feelin Cross Way have what He need.

Notes: The Live is good just if you do like this together.

  We are The Real Truth Christiany (Filipi 3) living is just be the servant and be The Christ. Died is Happy. 

  Using this word Filipi 3 (Why Im using this language Asking with Him) Remember Becarefull Dog and other satan work. only this!! is the causes of streeses in this world. 

Using THE GOOD WORD Everyday we are fight and find the truth. DO NOT BE THE PEOPLE WHO'S BE THE RISK TAKER.

Email Me: (For!! what is THE GOOD WORD!!)

We just bring appreciate or anything that may be nothing effect for the people whos make a petition. (Barry's Art Sharing) How we can act real about the anticipation about this prophecy. (My Petition Living Everlasting and Rising)

Act and we have a money too. how!!

Start a friendship but to much ban in your life and that can make the petition maker take the effect from your character.

This is only from the person who living with the management to long time and do work like a world do not The Heavenist mean for do work.

We are living with health and green in The Christiany call that is the Cross Way or carrying Cross of course we are is a defference.

The Car and the Big Wheel is cannot bring proud to us the Important for our is how we can still be in our character alone and growth have a money but always do life inside The Heavenist Way and Mean for we cannot callculate by anyone at next.

The Computer. Email. Blogs. Web. or that all is ++Internet++ that is THE GROMING By. Our Papa In The Heaven to we can share. make a friendship with others. Make you'll for can enjoyed in this Life. Free not cool like the often we enough do. To much your Idea for got the earning and gain which start from this communnity (you know what I mean). Safe and think. feel Green But No. 1 (One) Life in this World is Living The Real Truth Christiany Living.

But we dont know how to using!!

Email Me if you want asking about The Real Truth Christiany Way's.

This is the example but real!!

Money. Money is too eazy to our we are enough groming By Him about that too like be the stock player 1 one day we can have a money for about USD 10.000,00. Which were we just saving our money in the some Stock Institution. Can you emagine if we living to free and beeeeeeeeeeee the Winner is that not eazy for have a home in Indonesia or other country in this life the Important is have home and all the basic equipment. Money enough for eaten smoke and coffee everyday. have a salary every mounth the minimal USD 50,00. And the Vehicles Vespa I think enough for our journey because the second tear is at left side. (Kidding Ha..... Ha ......Ha......Ha.....)

And we back again for war everyday.

But we are is defference we are is the communnity with in one same one feel one goal that is The Peace In The World. Why!!

It just to long time that is the bad think attack we are Christiany we are is defference. Make chance in this world.

  Barry Art.

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Posted: Wednesday August 19, 2009, 5:21 am
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Barry Art
male, age 38, single
Jakarta, -, Indonesia
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Not must be like obidient full if you enough be TRTCC The Real Truth Christiany Communnity. And have THE GOOD WORD. This only The Way which to eazy and simple because How Good. How Nice Papa In The Heaven Answer all of our Scream. This is The Way...
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A fellow care2 memeber is requesting the publics help in finding the owner of this dog. Please share this story and picture so that the owner and the dog can be reunited. Thanks. Dana news/member/281283763/353 3168
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A fellow care 2 member Sophia P has asked that this information be circulated to help this poor animal in Lacaster, California. 986/3528508  

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