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Aug 19, 2009

Action Request:Think About
The power to end poverty, lays in our hands. But not within our life time. If we build a trust fund. That will grow as the years pass. We will move closer and closer to an end of poverty.

Just we were to save $1 per week. say 10,000,000 people were involved. each person was to save $1,000 that would build a trust fund of $10,000,000,000. each benefactor will receive 2.5% of interest earned on the trust fund. the other 90% with go towards growth of the trust fund.

We could have a future were every child would have a sponsor, each child would have a bicycle.

We would have a future with free hospitals for all. free dental.

ANZ trustees will setup a trust fund for $100,000

The following figures are base on a trust fund with $100,000 invested. Earning 10% interests per year

In the first year it would pay the four benefactors $250
In the 25th year it would pay the four benefactors $2,155
In the 50th year it would pay the four benefactors $18,589
In the 75th year it would pay the four benefactors $160,297
In the 100th year it would pay the four benefactors $1,382,260
in the 125th year it would pay the four benefactors $11,919,391
In the 150th year it would pay the four benefactors $102,781,440
In the 175th year it would pay the four benefactors $886,292,651
In the 200th year it would pay the four benefactors $7,642,573,019
In the 250th year it would pay the four benefactors $568,282,776,700

So I need $99,000 to start the trust fund as I have a $1,000 saved

seeking 99 people who wish to see this trust fund become reality.

to donate $1,000 usd

on a bank check, made out to: ANZ Trustees

Post to: craig clark 2/2 miller place pottsville nsw 2489 australia
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Posted: Wednesday August 19, 2009, 4:26 pm
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lucy b. (36)
Tuesday August 10, 2010, 9:22 am
Nice Try ! LOL ! Cash is King Ho, Ho!! NO BO !! Very funny, your Ironix twist may be too subtle for people to get the joke, Naughty boy !!

lucy b. (36)
Sunday August 15, 2010, 1:35 pm
This Macro economics is beyond me NoBo, simply put, my pay out after an investment of 1,000 will work out in a stabalied Economy @ 2.5% interest as 2,155, and that is if the Economy was in any way sabalised at 10% and that is never going to be the case Globally. Also 25 Years just to double the investment amount is not really that much of an incentive, when the Stock Exchange can offer all sort o
f variables (that can go up or down, but normally it is UP) ALSO this trust fund is to come to some sort of fruition in 200 YEARS, I WILL NOT BE AROUND IN 50YEARS MAX, AND THEN WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE TRUST FUND? Who will benefit from it? and what good will it do for the people going hungry RIGHT NOW ??? A donation to build water wells would be more useful, or is this the idea, just put it into people's minds that they could rustle up 1,000 at a push and then they might realise that they could actually make a difference right here and now. I wish I could have 1,000 myself, I have a son who is working 12hr shifts to raise money to finance himself to do a law degree, so he can help people. I guess we all have our own needs and wants in life. But we are only on this Earth a short time, everyone wants to make the most of it in their own way, but thinking 250 years into the future is not even on the agenda of the most altruistic of people. Is there not a more short term solution you can come up with??

lucy b. (36)
Sunday August 15, 2010, 3:15 pm
Now this is where I really get confused, if I get 250 payout in the first year? , then in the second year I will minimum get ? ALSO WHERE IS THE MISSING 7.5% - AND what about the tax rates through capital gains tax, and the transferrence of funds tax internationally, and the fund seems to be just sitting there static, and if it is drawn down on then how can the dividends be taken out and re-invested at the same time. there can not be such a duality within the utilisation of the funds, and for the funds to sustain themselves for the purpose they are intended. Please elaborate on the Economic and Global Political Contingencies that have been worked out and Legally Documented for future levels of Investment, and also for the Compensation Factors and Insurance and re-insurance Contingencies for the Trustees in case of Disbandment of the Whole Venture. Particularly regarding the Investment in Capital Assets that you had alluded to. That could be the most complicated of all aspects of this with the Asset Management. What proportion of the population for example would qualify for free dental care and bikes, and food, right away? We will still have the almost 7 billion population to cater for on an emergency level reagardless of how quickly thepopulation growth slows down. So even an immediate $1,000, donation from everyone in the World world would not even butter the bread SEVEN THOUSAND BILLION WOULDN'T EVEN SCRATCH THE INFRASTRUCTURE DEFECITS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD INCLUDING THE MEDICAL NEEDS AND THE FOOD AND THE HOUSING AND THE WATER AND THE ELECTRICITY AND THE EDUCATIONS AND THE TRANSPORT SYSTEMS TO ACTUALLY FACILITATE ON ANY LEVEL THIS UTOPIA, AND AS $1,000 DOLLARS WORLD WIDE is often an annual salary (if that) in Third world countries I should imagine that it is only about 1 person in 7 million of the worlds population (if that) who could even think of being involved. I would like to hear of more specific plans to further this as a more precise theory. It seems that the only person who will be in control of the Finances is... YOU !. That is not going to wash too well with International Finaciers who will be managing your account legally, so there will need to be a Board of Directors and Trustees Appointed, (at least a proffesionaly qualified Quorum) who can actually collectively 'stand' the amounts involved, so you will need a long, long time to get this started, which is a shame but I think there is a great deal to do. In the meantime, I am scrapeing together 30 every 2 weeks to send to my son, if I can, to make sure he at least buys some decent food to keep him going whilst he does his law degree. By Christmas I will have enough to send him some money for his train fare home. How about putting that into your Utopian agenda, Free or affordable transport !! That would be a really good priority for MY Utopia, MY Utopia would also include free mobilr scooters fot OAP's and the Education of the first two Children in a family to be paid for in it's entirity. I lived in a Third World Country, but the American Company that mined in the area paid for ALL THE HEALTHCARE AND ALL THE EDUCATION, in the country until the Revolutionary Coup Happened and ruined a Beautiful Country that had lovely people and turned it into one of the Poorest in the World. ANYWAY HAS ANYONE ELSE GOT ANY IDEAS AS TO WHAT THEIR OWN IDEA OF UTOPIA WOULD BE LIKE ?? It would be fascinating to find out what everyone's take on UTOPIA would be !! YEAH, THIS IS GREAT FUN CONTEMPLATING IT!! I already have lans for Community Centres which would be based along the lines of the Palava Huts they had in Africa, where everything was discussed. UTOPIA HERE WE COME !! I am presuming all this will be run on a consensus basis, as there is financial investment involved then every MEMBER WILL HAVE A VOT AS WHAT TO DO WITH THE FINANCES PER ANNUM. I don't know what year the tax year starts and finishes elsewhere in the world but we are based around April, which is great as people get their bonusus just before the Summer Holidays, which is very welcome. What dates are the tax years in Other Countries, that would be great to know. Anyway must go, get some shut eye, Take care everyone, it will be so interesting to know what is going in each of your Utopian Dreams !! Big Hugs and kisses.


Chi Warrior
male, age 44, single
Pottsville, NSW, Australia
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