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Aug 28, 2009

As a child, I aquired a fear of dogs after a dog attack resulted in lots of unpleasant hospital injections.
Our family's two cats were small and gentle - well, "Puss" was gentle, "Tippy" was cat's were good, dogs -bad.
Every time I seen a dog, especially a big dog, I'd freeze inside, terrified. Later in childhood, we got a Yorkshire Terrier. Hummmmmm...little, friendly, gentle...ok. Little dogs were alright, but not big dogs!
Over the years you'd think I'd get over this It seemed to get worse.

My nine year old daughter spent almost a year, begging me for a dog. We had three cats, so my excuse for rejecting the idea was to explain how cat's claws and dog's eyes don't mix well. Her reply:
"We can get a big dog and he'll be taller than the cats."
EEE GADDDS... childhood logic and my terror over big dogs - they don't mix well either.
Well, there I was, that horrible November 5th, 1997, driving out to some remote, backwoods kennel, daughter busting with excitement, as I tried desperately not to throw up. We headed home later that night with a farty golden retriever puppy on the lap of an even more excited daughter -me behind the wheel, less the sick stomach. this is nice, I thought. A gentle and still little dog....ok.
"Boomer" grew quickly, learning to side step the cats (and in my mind, their claws) and before long became a tall, lanky, bouncy big dog.  If Alfa dogs are pack leaders, Boomer's at the other end of the alphabet. A big dog, who won't even look at the clover munching rabbits in the back yard, as they pass within inches of his head. So...friendly, gentle big dog...ok.

When my daughter grew up and moved away, Boomer's heart sunk. For weeks he moped around, didn't play, food was boring...he was miserable. I decided to get him a buddy - another dog.
What was I thinking?? 
September, 2006 found me navigating a map towards another remote, backwoods kennel. This time it was a horse farm. Later that day, I sat in the back seat of my sister's car, excitedly holding a vomity, black lab, shephard mix. Yep...a soon to be big dog.
He grew quickly. (I still wonder if his father was one of the horses)    He is now huge, muscular and extremely protective over me.
One day, as I took out the garbage, I looked up to see my "Corbi" (aka Corbett) staring at me from behind the backyard gate. For just a moment, his fixed stare and stance scared the daylights out of me. All the old "big dog" fears came rushing back, but there was one difference -
This is the dog that glues to my every move.He protects me and comforts me, makes me laugh and is big enough to hug tightly. He's loyal, faithful and loves me unconditionally.
Here I was, allowing an old fear to creep up on me. That old fear had taken control and almost destroyed any chance of my sharing life with such a wonderful friend and companion.

They all taught me something.
My daughter's beautiful, open mind taught me to face this fear.
Boomer's gentle soul taught me to open my eyes to this fear.
My big black lug, Corbi, taught me to re-evaluate this fear.

Fear of taking chances doesn't have to be crippling. Baby dogs are like baby steps. One at a time and in time they get bigger and better.
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Posted: Friday August 28, 2009, 7:34 am
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Wednesday October 28, 2009, 2:23 pm
Thank you for this beautiful share. I enjoyed it very much : )
Your writing skills are great too..
Woof woof!! Hey, don't run away, it's me!!! Hahaha!! : P
Sorry, I had to write that!! : ) Lots of Love, my friend!!


Laurie A.
female , married, 1 child
Sanctuary Point, SW, Australia
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