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Sep 19, 2009

Meet REV. RICH LANG: Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Ballard {Seattle, WA}. For a look at how he interprets the Book of Revelation go to and click "sermon".

"Today's column is Part One in a series of articles concerning a very intimate and controversial subject: Christian Zionism." {In Real Change, a member of the North American Street Newspaper Association. Published weekly and sold by the poor and homeless of Seattle.}

 "...............Christian Zionism is the dominant belief of media and cultural Christianity in America. A Christian Zionist is a fully committed supporter of the Jewish right to the entirety of the land of Israel, including the West Bank, Gaza and, for some, all of the land between the Nile River in Egypt and the Euphrates in Iraq. {Emphases mine! BMT}

The belief emerges from a peculiar interpretation of the Bible that assumes that the scriptures contain a hidden code revealing a detailed prediction of events that will lead to the end of life as we know it. The good news of such an end becomes the advent of an entirely new creation, purified of all the unclean and unrighteous. Christian Zionism affirms that the Jews must reclaim their own purified land before the end-times clock can start. Most {but not all} Christian Zionists believe that today the end-times clock is about to start ticking. One implication being that those kids we all sent to school last week, are, in fact, the last generation before the end of time.

The theology of Christian Zionism has major implications for the political, economic and military policies of this nation. Whether or not you give a rip about such esoteric theological pontifications, the reality is that such pontifications have deeply influenced the right-wing of this country. Such pontifications are, for example, deeply embedded in the theology of many chaplains who serve in the armed forces, and who have indeed helped twist the minds and hearts of our military apparatus in our current undeclared holy war against Islam.

Christian Zionism is a movement of spiritual despair. It has political implications that justify violence, genocide and ethnic cleansing in a celebratory fantasy that they will glorify and please the Creator. In the months ahead, I will continue this series with growing specificity concerning the theological heresy of Christian Zionism. I will attempt to make the case that such a Christianity is the antithesis of the spirit of Jesus, and the Jewish tradition in which his teachings are rooted. Such a theology, I will argue, imperils the wellbeing of our nation and the political and economic health of all creation."

By Reverend Rich Lang, Seattle, Washington

I look forward to the future series! BMT

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Posted: Saturday September 19, 2009, 1:21 pm
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BMutiny TCorporationsEvil (464)
Saturday September 19, 2009, 11:08 pm

To clear up a bit of confusion:

The relationships between "Christian Zionism" and the State of Israel, are peculiar. Not ALL Israelis are happy about it. {And not ALL Israelis, remember, support their vicious government in its evil-doing. I just went to a talk by two young women who, while still in their teens, went to JAIL for resisting the Israeli draft of all young people. They objected to being a PART of the oppression of Palestinians and were VERY conscious of what was really going on. Many other Israelis, however, just like Americans!, prefer to SHUT THEIR EYES as to what is going on.}

Anyway, CHRISTIAN ZIONISM is NOT the same as "Christianity", but a SPECIAL KIND OF THING. Pastor Lang says "It is the dominant belief of media and cultural Christianity in America". Be that as it may {I am not sure of his sources, which he does not give for this extreme statement}, Christian Zionism is not the ONLY form of Christianity; even for middle-class, conformist, hypocritical go-to-Church-only-on-Xmas-and-Easter Christianity.

That is an important distinction to make. Christian Zionism is taking over mainstream Christianity. It has made HUGE INROADS into the U.S. military; as I guess those "Christians" who would want to serve as military chaplains in an illegal, imperialist war, would tend to be of that particular persuasion. Christian Zionist chaplains in the military, actually encourage their adherents to PERSECUTE adherents of other beliefs, Jews, atheists, etc., even other kinds of Christians! This was NEVER BEFORE SO, IN THE AMERICAN MILITARY. There is a BOOK out on the subject, of the "new" kind of "Christianity" taking over in the Military.

Anyway, to go back to Christian Zionism and the State of Israel; there are Israeli commentators and govt officials who state that Christian Zionists are no real friends of the State of Israel; they only pretend to be so. Among other things, some Christian Zionists think that ALL THE JEWS NEED TO BE, AND WILL EVENTUALLY BE, CONVERTED TO CHRISTIANITY. Other Israelis point out, that extending "Jewish" land claims "from the Nile to the Euphrates", is UTTERLY PREPOSTEROUS. Zionist Jews may be land-hungry and crazy, but not THAT crazy!!!

Some Israelis ONCE supported or thought they supported, or welcomed support from, the Christian Zionists; but do so no longer, now that they know their REAL program; which has NOTHING TO DO WITH JUDAISM AT ALL; AND EVERYTHING TO DO JUST WITH A WEIRD INTERPRETATION OF THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. NOTHING to do whatsoever, with the Jewish Old Testament!!!

Anyway, this hasn't of course in the least bit, deterred the Christian Zionists. Their version of "support" for the State of Israel goes on, wanted or not wanted! Among other things, it is GUARANTEED to OUTRAGE the Arab countries even more {openly calling for a "Holy War" against Islam}; thus making Israel EVEN LESS SAFE with its neighbors.

I think it is IMPORTANT to DISTINGUISH between this WEIRD "Christian Zionism"; and run-of-the-mill Christianity that we have had in this country for a hundred years. "Christian Zionism" was started by some very-far-right-wing preachers, oh, twenty or so years ago. {I think.} I am hoping Pastor Lang {whom I have met, by the way, in the context of anti-war activities}; I hope he will enlarge on this subject in the future series he plans to write.

I hope this clarification has emphasized enough, the necessary distinctions to be made here.


BMutiny TCorporationsEvil
female, age 78, single, 1 child
Seattle, WA, USA
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