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Sep 29, 2009





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Subject:  Proposed Regulation Section 681, Title 14, California Code of Regulations

Dear  :

I just received some rather alarming news concerning a proposed regulation for Section 681, Title 14, California Code of Regulations concerning hybrid animals and plants. First let me say I agree with the concept that regulations need to be in place for Fish And Game to regulate dangerous situations and need to close loopholes in the law.

I do however believe any proposed regulations concerning hybrid animals should regulate the humans that do not care for, treat, or breed these animals properly, not the animals themselves or the confiscation and destruction of these animals, nor effect the people who do care for, love and treat these animals properly and in a responsible manner.

As such I feel the proposed regulation is seriously flawed in that it is too wide sweeping and would be more detrimental than good. Though it may be true some unscrupulous people may for their own means try to get around proper care and treatment of animals by claiming exemption from current regulations by legal wrangling, the proposed regulation has not been properly thought out and would impact many people which do not condone such behavior and shun those who do, and the animals the responsible owners love.

This is mainly in dealing with wolfdogs, which are considered a domestic breed in other areas. These are not ferocious beast of myth, and as with any breed of dog, it is the actual owner/companion who raises the animal and care for the animal that influences the behavior and disposition of the animal. Wolfdogs, Akitas, German Shepards, Huskys, and good ol’ American mutts that may just look like “hybrids” and such do not have a predetermined disposition for violence or aggression, they start out the same as a Poodle, Terrier, Pomeranian or any other small domestic breed of dog.

The fear comes from the size of the animal compared to the smaller breeds and the myth surrounding actual wolves as being dangerous to humans which has no factual basis. After being around many of these creatures for years it is a fact they are actually fearful of humans, rightfully so, since we are the top predators on the planet and the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

 Just look at the matter being discussed here, we as humans are discussing the fate and possible murder of good animals that have done nothing wrong that we don’t even know, how barbaric and dangerous is that?

It is important to realize this legislation would be far wider sweeping than intended. The mere cost of finding these dogs, the cost of animal control to destroy them, the cost of housing the animals in shelters, the legal challenges including enforcing agencies to conduct DNA testing when challenged individually in court and court costs alone would be far more than the current operating budget of many counties. I personally can see those costs would be in six digit figures within a year. Did anybody doing research on the anticipated costs do any sort of thinking about all these costs? Or did they just think nobody would notice and wouldn’t fight any of this?

After reading the material it appears whomever put this proposed legislation together just put in the usual “no fiscal impact” answer to the questions without actually conducting any studies. Mere common sense would indicate severe fiscal impact for cities, counties and the State. I for one do not want my taxpayer dollars spent on this flawed legislation and the backlash if it actually is made into a regulation. What are we going to tell schoolchildren and their parents that don’t have the proper books; I’m sorry we could not provide the books for the children to read because we had to spend the money to destroy an animal that did not harm anybody but merely because of the way it looks? Maybe destroy that child’s cherished companion.

I for one would sue anybody and everybody responsible if my companion was confiscated and I know hundreds of others that would as well if their dogs were confiscated. Not to mention the toll and severe backlash on politicians that supported this legislation at the next election. If those politicians aspire to another term, or to move up in government public service they would face tremendous public disapproval.

Remember, good ol’ American mutts would fall into the “hybrid” category along with some pure breeds, this would mean the number of people affected by this flawed legislation would be in the hundreds of thousands in California alone, and there would be the support of millions around the planet. And that doesn’t even include the hybrid cat owners which themselves are in the tens of thousands. The Internet is a valuable resource for getting the word out about proposed legislation like this one, not only to those affected in California, but those with an interest around the World, and that has already started. The Husky rescue people, the German Shepard rescue people, the Akita rescue people, the Wolf rescue people, the Wolfdog rescue people, the Malamute rescue people, Samoyed rescue people and various hybrid cat rescue people and people rescuing regular American mutts and all their supporters. That is a huge amount of people to make angry for proposed legislation that is flawed and would not benefit society.

To many dog lovers it would be like taking their child and they would not give up without a fight, even many of those with the job of enforcing this legislation would not want to and would fight it. The numbers of people fighting this would be far more than the estimates you may have. This is something any city, county or state agency in California cannot afford in these economic times.

 Make no mistake, the legal implications alone would cause any of those entities to go bankrupt. I as a state employee sure would not want the State to go bankrupt, we already had the problems with vouchers earlier this year and the budget problems. But you better believe if it came down to my companion or my job, my companion would win out no contest.

 I already got support from many voters just from them reading this letter and they are willing to sign a petition to that extent with their home addresses, some don’t even have dogs.

 Are you willing to take personal responsibility for this seriously flawed legislation though you may not had fully written it? Are you personally willing to stand up and accept the blame for it when entities trying to enforce this proposed legislation lose money in trying to fight all the challenges and cover the overwhelming costs?

We cannot let a few immoral humans effect the lives of most by “rofiling” certain animals which start out naive and with a good disposition, creatures such as wolfdogs, Akitas, German Shepards, Malamutes, Huskys, American mutts etc. We have been fighting racial profiling in humans, fighting the human basic instinct of clannish behavior of “us” vs. “them” which leads to racial discrimination, leads to status discrimination, and leads to discrimination of other animal species. As with other predators there is competition of resources, yet predators are needed for life on this planet to survive, sharks are needed, bears are needed, wolves are needed, tigers are needed or life on this planet as we know it would drastically change for the worse, the resources of the planet could not provide enough for all animals, including humans, that are left.

Yet being the top predator gives us responsibilities we must not take lightly and has also given us a chance to interact with other species in unique ways, ways that shape their evolutionary path and change their dispositions and attributes. This interaction caused a close companionship to form between man and wolf that humans have with no other species. This companionship was and is so strong that we as humans began to modify the wolf, to mess with the genes, to mutate the wolf so as it can hardly be recognized from what it started out as, merely looking at a Pomeranian lap dog would give little to no indication it is closely related to a wolf.

Every breed of dog started out as a “hybrid” at one time or another, there was no Poodle and no Pomeranian, they were bred by humans by bringing two existing creatures together. We cannot let a far sweeping flawed regulation effect the bond between close companions, we already have far too many of those. An example is early legislation in some states of humans of different races who prefer to be intimately involved with those of a different race ie marriage. This is now considered by most to be illegal and flawed legislation.

Personally I do not want to prohibit the happiness of others for my own personal beliefs as long as they are not an immediate threat to my life and to those I care for deeply, I as an individual have no right to intrude and become a threat to their life and those they care for. If a person wants to raise a cow properly on their land outside of city limits, I don’t want to make them give up the animal just because I may take a drive by their place and the smell of manure may cause me to wrinkle my nose.

Many of us who love our 4 legged companions, and care for them deeply, raise them properly and care for them properly should not have to live in fear for our lives and the lives of our companions from the shortsightedness of some, or from myths that are not based on fact, but merely on fear. Wolfdogs may be considered a hybrid now, much like a Pomeranian was many years ago, but they have no predisposed nature to be vicious killing machines no more than human babies do, yet some humans do go on to become just that, as do some dogs of any breed due to being improperly cared for and raised. If regulations need to be passed it should be on the breeding and care of these animals by pertaining to the humans that are supposed to care for them. We as humans have taken the ability of wolves and dogs to survive on their own away, we have bred them to the point they need us to survive, they are no longer the respected hunters our ancestors admired and became so closely involved with. We have started down a path with this species so long ago they have become the closest of companions with us, they need us to provide for them, to care for them, to give them love and companionship, and many of us humans do just that. Our individual companions are family members and deeply integrated in our lives. To have them taken away and destroyed is like what is happening in wars on this planet where husbands and fathers are taken away in the night never to be seen by their families again, make no mistake the feelings and emotions are that intense.

I urge you to consider this proposed legislation for what it is, flawed, a wide sweeping profiling of animals that cannot speak for themselves, a genocide if you will of animals that we have helped make. Legislation is needed to give the Fish and Game authority to stop the humans that abuse these animals, that make them as mean and nasty as those individual humans themselves, just as unfit parents raise problem humans must be regulated. The animals themselves, the various breeds, the so called “hybrids” are not a danger, they are not inherently evil or vicious, they are the same as the small breeds which were at one time also “hybrids”. We as humans need them as they need us, they become family and cherished, for some they are sole companions and are a blessing.

Please do not let this flawed proposed regulation pass, it would cause far more harm than any good and would be detrimental to our society, not only here in California, but the rest of the Country and this planet. It would cause tension between hundreds of thousands of people, there would be legal battles. Politicians supporting this would lose support and their opponents would gain support, the court costs would be large on any scale, merely testing DNA of dogs for court challenges, of which there would be many, would be astronomical. Housing the dogs at a shelter would be more than most shelters’ current annual budget not to mention potential animal abuse of overcrowding, and any monetary losses to entities trying to enforce this would be disastrous. We already have enough of that happening as you can plainly see when reading the news.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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Posted: Tuesday September 29, 2009, 11:31 am
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