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Sep 30, 2009

To days society is none forgiving and it seems that we need to take a good look at ourselves.

We make laws that makes no sense we in prison those who break  laws that have no impact of today's world because we are not that society to forget.  If we lock some one up for committing a crime and that person servers his time did that person pay back to you and the law that stated "you for what one has done they must serve five to ten years".  Did that person give out of his or her life the time that was dictated by you the time you request?

Now allow me to ask you this when do one pay back society?  In some state all rights are striped away from any one who has paid their dues from them how do you say on one hand for committing a thief the judge gives you a sentence of ten twenty years.  After one has done that what was by law in which society set up only to find that he or she must serve that same theft over and over again.

No work cannot rent a place to live, but I paid that in which the laws stated I must do, this is a set up to fail they are not expected to succeed they are expected to return to prison.   In most cases this is what happens one must have something to eat or a place to live. 

I read where a person who had been in prison won the lottery and some thought that the person with the ticket should not have the money yet that person payed what ever the price of that ticket cost.  We are selfish   unforgiving and hurtful of others. 

Shouldn't we be rehabilitating these people so that they can migrate back into society and become law a biding citizens.  Shouldn't  Correctional Centers be just that a correctional center instead of jailers with guns and night sticks.  Most of these people are just as bad a those   they are suppose to be correcting.  How does one correct some one if they themselves need some oversight into someones life, without training on how one should treat another person.  I have visited those place and can tell you first hand most of the guards that are there know one thing how to hurt another person.

It us up to each of us to see that our brother sister is safe.  This I agree with but if one sell drugs or sell a gun even having a  gun with out firing it why should this person pay for the rest of his or her life for it.  Why do they go  back to doing the same things because this is the only way they can make on the outside.  Remember they cannot become employed doing the best of times now that the economy the way it is today. I cannot say.

What I do know is some changes need to be done and I will such out to find out what to do.


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Posted: Wednesday September 30, 2009, 10:56 am
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Marie Russell-Barker
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Chicago, IL, USA
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