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Oct 14, 2009

     "I the communicant communicate these commutative words to you as we are in community together in a communicable manner." How's that for an introduction? A saying I once heard about public speaking was, "There are two ways to speak. One is to 'impress' and the other is to 'express.' Surely an opening line like this has to 'impress,' doesn't it?

     Yet my purpose is to 'express.' When I looked up the definition of the word 'communicate' I discovered one source of the word came from Latin language; past participle of communicare to impart, share. It's easier to understand communication with keeping in mind that that words imparted are sharing if one honestly sought after decent communication.
     Communication on the Internet has left me feeling that the 'impress' and 'express' of imparting of what is intended to be shared could use some clarity to take it out of the combat zone. Life on all levels has displayed more division than coming together for sharing in our society.
     I went to a workshop on "Male-Female Communication." It was interesting even though at times I thought it could've been the start of 'World War III. One part focused on 'Sexual Discrimination' which mainly showed males as the main problem. Of course I have to add this was at the Woman's Center at the college and males were allowed to participate. I had been asking questions so when this came up I asked, "How come only men discriminate? A woman can use sex in getting what she wants and that isn't considered?" Across from me a large woman with a small husband setting next to her, shot out in a mean sounding voice, "You're sick!" Now I do know right from wrong because it would have been wrong of me to get down on my knees, look up and say, "Thank God, I'm not him," while I looked in their direction. That would've been the wrong thing to share even though it took a lot not to impart that. 
     I must add that I grew up with a mother who complained constantly. She 'impressed' me as if she was making herself look right by making everybody else look wrong. This is a very touchy area in communication or sharing as all any of us that were exposed to this could do is feel sorry for her. I must add I watched my own father lose his will to live, which I believe carries over in all communication. Instead of sharing control and manipulation destroyed any chance of that. The main problem is that when there is nothing to share, control and manipulation insecurely fill the void. 
     I have more to add to this subject but for now 'communication' is 'sharing.' I will share more about this in the future.
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Posted: Wednesday October 14, 2009, 9:18 pm
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