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Nov 28, 2009

Mexico City at the Dumps
I Filmed during a field study of dogs in the Mexico City dump, these Photos provides a rare opportunity to view these dump dogs and their interactions around resources. A fascinating look at what resources these dogs consider highly valued,and then I brought the collage I made to Burning Man this year and put it up in the Cafe in Center Camp you can see the photos from The Dumps in Mexico City and of Burning Man this year at my website

A five day work and learning experince-- morning classes with Dr. Coppinger followed by your participation in his scientific exploration of "neighborhood dogs" in Mexico City: Dr. Coppinger has shown that the ways these dogs have evolved and adapted, partly independent and only loosely attached to people, provide important clues about dog behavior, critically important for all dog professionals. You'll track the dogs' behaviors and their responses to human encounters and environmental conditions. 

Limited to 10 to 12 dog professionals. Each morning's tutorial will focus on the preceding day's findings and research objectives for the upcoming exploration. Each afternoon the group goes on-site investigating and observing the "neighborhood dogs". This is an up front and personal exposure to the natural history of the dog, and the scientific methodology of that field. Our hotel, the recently renovated Quality Inn Mexico Roma, is surrounded by restaurants, museums and a huge arts and crafts market. It is a short 15 minute ride from the airport.

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Neighborhood Dogs: Natural History of the Dog

Dogs exist in amazing numbers around the world. Most of them are classified by the World Health Organization as "neighborhood dogs". These are dogs that are loosely attached to people and are in continuous contact with the greater population of dogs. What this means is that most of the dogs in the world form a continuous population that feeds, reproduces and maintains their own lifestyles -- reasonably independent of people.

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Why The Natural History of the Dog is Important to Dog Professionals

Exploring the behavior of this huge population of neighborhood dogs gives us not only the dynamics of how most dogs earn a living but also suggests how they evolved and adapted to civilization. It also provides an interesting insight into dog behavior.

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Course and Research Itinerary

We'll be studying and analyzing the dogs who populate the dumps of Mexico City: We'll categorize and measure the behaviors of a variety of groups of dogs looking for behavioral and other differences among these different groups:

  1. owned dogs that spend their days at the dump unaccompanied, but return "home" at night;
  2. owned dogs that spend days at the dump accompanied by owners searching for items of value;
  3. true neighborhood dogs that spend their days at the dump and return "home" to neighborhoods where a number of families may provide some sustenance without "owning" any of the dogs, and
  4. true dump dogs who are permanently attached full-time to the dump.
Each day will begin with a morning tutorial led by Dr. Coppinger setting forth the scientific targets for each days exploration and reviewing the findings of the prior day. After a light lunch at the conclusion of each morning tutorial, the group will head out in our exclusive and escorted van to one of the premiere sites for exploration. 

Evenings you will be on your own to explore the numerous area restaurants (including one in the hotel) and the cultural and craft offerings in this safe and walkable neighborhood. 
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Posted: Saturday November 28, 2009, 2:07 am
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