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Jul 28, 2006

July 18, 2005                                                                                                 
Office of Professional Medical Conduct
NYS Department of Health
433 River Street
Troy, New York 12180 - 2299

Robert M. Morgenthau
District Attorney
County of New York
One Hogan Place, New York, NY 10013
Dear Sir/madam,

I am informing you thru this communication of my concerns that certain Physicians had engaged in questionable medical practices while attending to the care of my siblings.

Ever since Dr. Margaret M. Lawrence of Harlem Hospital deceived my mother into signing my sibling Ward Johnson into Childville back in 1970, my family’s life has been obliterated. During Ward’s stay at Childville, Dr. Jon Block gave my sibling a drug called Thorazine to help him sleep at night (the excuse that they told my mother).

Thorazine was one of the drugs that were used in the Jonestown massacre brainwashing experiments in 1978 and has very harmful side affects. In fact Thorazine has been called a chemical lobotomy because of the similar effects it creates. This dangerous neuroleptic medication is toxic to most brain functions, disrupting nearly all of them; it has a well-documented impact on the dopamine neurotransmitter system. It causes a disruption in the functioning of the frontal lobes that greatly reduces a subject awareness of temperament and surroundings.

In the early part of 1973 my mother informed Childville that she was going to cancel Ward’s enrollment into their “boarding school”, because she saw that there was nothing wrong with Ward. It was then she learnt that she had been deluded and signed him into foster care. That is when Ward’s personality started to change dramatically. On one weekend visit his skin was off his face, hands and arms; she was informed that he had an allergic reaction to something that he ate. And on other occasions, he would just cry, for no reason at all. My mother knew she had to get him out of there, but was denied the right to do so by the staff of Childville.

Daniel A. Pollack the president of Childville had corroborated to my mother what the rest of his staff had told her in saying that she had no more rights to her son and cannot remove him. His staff consisted of Dr. Block, Dr. O’Hagen, Dr. kemker and Dr. Odegan. The social workers were Mr. Proman, Ms. Herring, Ms. Pollack, Ms. Solomon (administrative supervisor) and Richard Altman the director. Nobody would help my mother with her efforts in getting her son out of Childville. It was during that time we experience the frequent vandalism that remain a problem with my mother till today, because of the refusal of the police department to investigate that problem.

On April 11th, 1974 my mother endured a false arrest because she did not return Ward back to Childville. She tried to rescue him from the hands of the Doctors that had given my sibling drugs that had altered his personality; my siblings and I were place into foster care where they had injected us all with medication as a result of her arrest. I was 8 years old at the time, and I can still remember that shot because we couldn’t raise our arms afterward for several days. An order of protection was issue against my mother that prevented her from seeing Ward for 10 months after that. A counselor by the name of Harold Beasley pushed my mother down the stairs when she had return to Childville to see her son.
When her visitation rights were restored in February of ‘75, she took Ward again and warned Childville that they would have to kill her this time if they try to take Ward back. Things never been the same after that, Ward was force to enter into a C.O.H program while attending middle school I. S 158 when his record caught up with him in ‘76, and place under the care of Dr. Lehman. Ward’s condition deteriorated when he entered into that program. He came from school one day saying, “get away from me”, jumping up and down while fighting the air.

Ward started to do strange things while he attended those C.O.H programs thru the board of education. It is in our belief that Ward was medicated and conditioned when he was enrolled into that program. In 1978 Ward disrobe himself at school and the Doctors were able to convince my mother that Ward needed to be medicated in order to get better. My mother hesitantly agreed because she was concern about that incident. She queried Ward as to why he would do such of thing and he did not know why.

 Upon further questioning he recalled an occurrence when Mr. Sunshine attempted to hypnotize him while attending I.S.158 and he told my mother how these men in suits would come to his school and take him to an empty room and ask him all types of questions concerning math and calendar calculating.

Ward had incredible savant abilities and it was quite possible he was a prodigious savant. There was nothing wrong with Ward when my mother enrolled him into that “boarding school” to help children interact with other kids sociably at the recommendation of Dr. Lawrence. The problems Ward developed after he was admitted to Childville were man made. Just look at the medications that they had administered to him over the last 30 years.

The Doctors showed gross negligence and incompetence when they administered and prescribe the numerous anti-psychotics, anti-manic, anti-convulsants and anti-depressants medication to my sibling. It is well documented that long-term use of anti-psychotics (neuroleptics) will cause a condition known as Tardive Dyskinesia, and it also reported that treatment of behavioral problems with neuroleptics might cause additional social and physiological problems; therefore, they should be carefully considered before being utilized.

It seems to me; if a patient exhibits some type of mental disorder, a Doctor would do his best to try to preserve the strengths and intelligence of his patient, not destroy it. Doctor’s are warned that patient’s who require chronic treatment, the smallest dose and the shortest duration of treatment producing a satisfactory clinical response should be sought. One can rationalize, was the doctor’s prescribing the medications seeking the therapeutic effects or was they administered to produce the side effects?
Each psychiatric drug, which was originally heralded as the new “safe” wonder drug, was found to have severe harmful side effects, including addiction, withdrawal symptoms, among others. My sibling has been heavily medicated by various Doctor’s for over 30 years now, and has been giving Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Risperdal, Congentin, Zoloft, Navane, Prozac, Lithium, Depakote, Tegretol and Seroquel that we know of. The Doctor’s often mix his medication and prescribed him multiple pills 2 times per day. The side effects of those drugs had a devastating effect on my sibling, and impaired his savant abilities. Long-term use of the injurious medications that were imprudently administered to my sibling, has restricted his intelligence and personality, and is responsible for his current diagnose presently.

The brain disabling principle applies to all of the most potent psychiatric medications - anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-manic and mood stabilizing medications. The foremost psychiatric treatments exert their primary or intended effect by disabling normal brain function. It is in my belief that when these Doctors Lobotomize my sibling intelligence, it was not only the result of a side effect, but rather, the sought after clinical effect. Conversely, none of the foremost psychiatric medications corrects or improve existing brain dysfunction, such as any reputed biochemical imbalance. If my sibling happens to suffer from brain dysfunction, then the medication that was administered to him would exacerbate his condition.

Neuroscientists are now familiar with chemicals, which effect personality traits. If one wants to create raving paranoia, simply provide the brain with too much dopamine in the emotional center of the brain. If you reduce serotonin in an individual, that person will be unable to connect disagreeable consequences with what provoked them. In other words, they can’t protect themselves from danger. It is in my belief that the reason my sibling was administered heavy medication was to take away his humanity and make him more manageable for their sadistic experiments.

Currently today the Doctor’s have my sibling under some type of Mind Control, it appears that they programmed him to leave his home (usually at night when everyone is asleep) and check himself into a hospital to examine his genital area. Then the Doctor’s claims that my sibling displays sexual overtone and should be kept for observation. It is strange to me that every time my sibling exhibits sexual overtone it is always at the hospitals in the presence of the Doctor’s. Can it be that they are trying to condition him to be that way?

Ward has been known to numerous hospitals throughout the City of New York, all had expressed an out of the ordinary interest in him. On several occasions the Doctor’s would refuse to release Ward back into my mother’s custody and often suggested that she should give him up, because it would serve in his best interest. One Doctor noted in his report dated 1/28/83 after all medication was cleared out of his body “Ward is much more calm and responsive in an appropriate way than on admission. He reports fewer hallucinations, both auditory and visual, and has made no comments on wanting to kiss staff members (as earlier) in the last several days. Overall continues to improve off his medication and behaving well under direct supervision.”

That report came from Montefiore Medical Center when my sibling was admitted for an abnormal EEG on 1/21/83. My mother had brought him there because he has been increasingly drowsy, poorly oriented and bumping into walls. In one week’s time my brother was a completely different person when the heavy doses of Haldol were eliminated from his body. So what do the Doctor’s do now that they witness positive results in my sibling behavior off medications?

Montefoire medical center release my sibling free of all meds into my mother’s care, and Ward was a much more responsive individual. My mother sought help from Dr. Jimenez (of the Council Center for Problem of Living) to enroll him into a special program on 2/16/83. Dr. Jimenez insisted that Ward résumé his previous Haldol regiment. He was not interested in the Doctor’s report from MMC, and suggested that she take him back there for a program if she disagreed with his assessment. Shortly after that my sibling was heavily medicated against my mother’s wishes at Mt. Sinai Hospital.
It seems like every Doctor that my mother met after that, emphasized that my sibling needed to be medicated. They did to my sibling what they please; because their actions remain uncheck, despite the hundreds of complaints that my mother wrote against them to various politicians and investigative agencies. They had a feeling of invincibility and felt that they were above the law.

Even when my mother applied for Legal Guardianship for my sibling Ward in November of ‘85 when Metropolitan Hospital informed my mother that she no longer have any rights to my sibling and refused her the right to see her son because he is considered a adult now. Those orders came from Dr. Luigi Marcuzzo; they held him against her wishes until 4/1/86. The Legal Guardianship process was deliberately impeded until 1992. By various Doctor’s and the refusal of services from Legal Aid. It took my mother 7 years to be granted Legal Guardianship and have power of attorney over my sibling’s affairs.

My sibling entire health records needs to be subpoena and reviewed in order to identify the numerous atrocities, human and civil rights violations that have been committed against him and my mother.

This tragedy spread to my other two siblings (Trevis and Sean Johnson) they were unlawfully given hazardous medications at a young age in life through the forced C.O.H programs of the board of education, Hospitals, Children Services Agencies and even Prison. They both were place on unnecessary anti-psychotics without the consent of my mother that altered their personalities, and is responsible for their current diagnose of today. A review of their early health and school records would reveal that they were normal children that were robbed of their innocence by those sadistic Doctor’s that experimented on them.

The persons who is responsible for this is very cunning and evil, and has used various New York city Agencies to assist them in their iniquity. What these Doctor’s are doing is a continuation of the work that Adolph Hitler performed while he was a dictator/brainwasher in Nazi Germany.
When my mother finally realized that my brother was being overly medicated, and his condition was worsening, she verbalized her concerns to the Doctor’s at Terence Cardinal Cooke in January of 2004. The Doctor’s became agitated and insisted that Ward must stay with his prescribe medication. My mother followed her heart and removed the Depakote medication from his prescription. Ward showed amazing improvements and a desire to learn. Even some of his savant abilities had surface again. Three months later she shared the good news with the Doctor’s at TCC and they became furious that she removed the Depakote from his prescription plan.

They had reported my mother to the Department of Social Service APS Division (FOAJM.2139575) because she refuse to follow their entire medication regiment of Risperdal 4mg, Depakote 500mg, Cogentin .5mg and Zoloft 50mg two times a day. My mother stood her ground and eliminated the Depakote from his regiment because she witnessed the positive result in Ward over the last three months.

Later on that year on 12/19/04 my sibling went missing again, and did not surface until the 29th of December under a assume name at ST. Vincent’s hospital. My mother went there to retrieve her son, but the Doctor’s wanted her to except some type of in-house program that they had outlined for her because she was not compliant with their prescription regiment concerning the Depakote.

My mother immediately refused their services, and they in turn, refuse to release my sibling citing the Mental Hygiene Law. My mother fought hard for 3 weeks for the freedom of my sibling from ST. Vincent Hospital and warned them not to give my sibling any Depakote. They violated my mother wishes and administered Ward the Depakote 500mg along with Risperdal 4mg, Congentin .5mg and Zoloft 50mg twice daily. At the orders of Dr. Scott Mcaffe. I respectfully ask for a reply: What section of the Mental Hygiene Law gave ST. Vincent’s Hospital the authority to hold and medicate my sibling without my mother’s consent?

They crossly released him on 1/18/05 after much fighting from my mother. Social Worker Margaret Vaughn of ST. Vincent’s Hospital called the Dept. of Social Service A.P.S Division and made a fictitious claim against my mother and sibling. The case was assign to Robert Griffith an A.P.S agent. He in turn contacted A.C.S and they conspired to destroy my family once in for all with the aid of Supervising Judge Susan Knipps of Family Court. My niece was removed from my mother’s home based on a lie that was told by Angelica Reyes an A.C.S agent. The Judge had shown a personal bias and incompetents in the handling of this case. It feels like I’m sitting inside a Mississippi courtroom in the 1960’s the way this case is conducted. I invite all responsible investigative agencies to look at this Case Docket # N-01301/05 in its entirety, to appreciate the seriousness concerning this matter.

A.C.S and the Judge were more than ready to commit my niece into a DRC Facility at the beginning of that trial. We all know that kids that are referred to that kind of Facility are meant to be stabilized, by way of medication, to ready them for future placement in foster care. Robert Griffith and Elvis Liburd of the Dept. of Social Service filed a fictitious claim against my mother in the EX Parte Motion part of the Supreme Court (index # 400985/05) on 3/24-25/05.

They made clinical accusations against my mother stating that she is suffering from a mental illness and cannot care for herself or my sibling Ward. They intended to use the Kendra Law against my mother, and forcibly commit her to a mental institution to be medicated. In their feeble attempts to medicate my entire family to live up to their rumors of having a family full of psychotics, it exposes them as the ones who are truly in need for mental evaluations.

My niece is innocent, she is 14 years old and the Judge refuses to consider her desires or interests. A.C.S is constantly trying to get my niece to comply with their mental evaluations and the Judge is demanding for my mother to comply with the court’s mental health service. It is so obvious what these demented individuals are trying to achieve. They want to medicate my entire family for the sole purpose of experimentation and mind control.
There are no “safe” psychiatric drugs. Each has numerous harmful short term and largely unknown long-term effects. They can induce Akathisia, a severe restlessness that studies show can cause agitation and psychosis, TD, Lethargy, Confusion, Hallucinations, Severe Depression, Insomnia, Nightmares, Nervousness, Memory problems, Manic Reactions, Sexual Problems, Delusions, Delirium, Seizures, Nausea, Muscle tremors, Epileptic, Fever, Lowered White Blood Cell Count, Liver Damage, and heart attacks and strokes.
Psychiatric drugs obtain their result by causing brain dysfunction. The Doctor’s never once warn my mother about the dangerous side effects of my sibling’s medication. It is very important to them that he remains medicated. I want to know why? The crimes that I am reporting in this communication are that the Doctor’s deliberately medicated my family to obtain the side effects of the drug for their hideous experiments. I respectfully request that my concerns be investigated thoroughly because an innocent young girl is in imminent danger to life and health. You can save what’s left of my family, please investigate!

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson

FBI New York
26 Federal Plaza, 23rd floor
New York, New York 10278 - 0004

U.S. Department of Justice                                                              950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

City of New York
Department of Investigation
80 Maiden Lane

New York, New York 10038
Honorable Hillary Clinton
United States Senate
780 Third Avenue
Suite 2601
New York, New York 10017

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, New York 10007

Governor George E. Pataki
State Capital
Albany, New York 12224

Honorable Carolyn B. Maloney
1651 Third Avenue
Suite 311
New York, New York 10128

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Posted: Friday July 28, 2006, 5:09 pm
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Joycey B. (750)
Monday July 31, 2006, 8:59 pm
All people who are responsible for this horrible crime in Sheldon Johnson's family need to be prosecuted to the fullest. It is time to give this family back their lives.

Luisa L. (116)
Tuesday August 1, 2006, 3:58 pm
I agree with Joyce. Enough is enough and Sheldon needs to know what happened and is happening with his family.

Denise Lytle (553)
Tuesday August 1, 2006, 4:58 pm
This angers me beyond words! It really pisses me off (pardon my French) that the governemnt gets away with this blatant disregard of life! Sheldon, I am praying for you & your family. This is completely heartbreaking & upsetting...

Valerie l lurie (236)
Thursday August 3, 2006, 2:42 pm
Praying for you all.Many things have been done to people that was done without their permission or knowledge.My Blessings and Light to you all.

Past Member (0)
Monday August 7, 2006, 12:46 am
WOW~ I can't believe your Family has had to endure this. Its absolutely incredible and unjust! I will Pray for your Family and I send Love and Hugs to You and those who are dearest to You~

Tom Fields (16)
Monday August 7, 2006, 6:44 pm
What a horror story! It's hard to believe that medicine is so manipulative and autocratic. Those doctors have no regard for the needs of their patients. Good luck in fighting them.

Cathe Romano (348)
Friday August 11, 2006, 2:39 pm
These things should never have happened to a child or to your family. I hope that one day you have the answers to your questions and what restitution there may be. May peace and happiness once be again restored to your family.

wednesday a. (64)
Saturday August 12, 2006, 1:54 pm
I am speachless...Honestly i don't know what to say.I'm shocked as to what your family has been going through all these years.I have been through a lot of unjustice in my life,but this is unimaginable.If I can help please let me know.Please except a big hug from me

Dian T. (603)
Monday August 14, 2006, 6:24 am
Unbelievable, yet believable. What a mess!! What a horror!! Prayers for you and your family.

Past Member (0)
Monday August 14, 2006, 6:50 pm
I don't know what to say. This is such an awful experience for your family. I am praying that your family will soon have peace from all the wrong you have all been thru. Your mother is an amazing woman. No family deserves this kind of treatment. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have gladly signed both petitions and will pass them on.

Laura Olsen (134)
Tuesday August 15, 2006, 2:15 pm
I believe this happened to you and your family without a doubt. You should be able to get a hold of your brothers medical records. Usually a signature is all that is required. That will tell it all. I hope you can find peace after all this maddness!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 2:18 am
I cannot beleive that this is allowed to happen in America.
Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Article 3.
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Article 5.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
Article 8.
Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

Sheldon have you contacted can they help you in any way?
Like others befor me I too am praying for you and your family.

Diane Cox (58)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 7:40 am
The people of our country need to wake up. Uor government is so corrupt. Tjey can and do what ever they want without anythning stopping them I pray for your family and hope help will come soon it has beeb a long life suffering for you.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 8:38 am
Your Blog has been added to WACM Homepage.
Thinking of you and your family

Deepshikha Dalchand (16)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 9:06 am
I hope that justice comes to you and your family. This is crime of the worst degree, and for 30 years too!!! I hope that these devil-like-doctors and whoever else are dragged to court and given "the dose" that they need!!! All are prayers are with u in your fight.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 9:08 am
Very sad to read this story.
Thorazine is used to control prisoners & many patients rather than to actually address any problems or 'behaviors' that is viewed as problematic.Most doctors receive little training in the area of drug interactions,side effects and DOSES!Thats one reason it's called the thorazine shuffle.People can barely walk no less think.
Is there anything we can do to be of help to you?

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 9:15 am
Before these dangerous drugs were available for abuse,doctors performed lobotomies and shock treatment.This was the abuse my aunt suffered many yrs. ago.
If you have to go on the news,t.v. programs or contact free legal aid groups to gain some form of justice-go for it!!Many high powered attorneys would likely take this one on for free.

Davida P. (283)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 12:27 pm
I'm adding your share to the care2 group People Helping Other People Worldwide. Good luck in this fight and many prayers for you and your family.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 12:54 pm
I hope and pray your family will be all together again very soon.!

Cheryl B. (206)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 1:03 pm
This is truly a horror story of mis-use, abuse, cover-up, and great suffering. Sheldon, I add my prayers for you and your family. I also pray that somehow this will all be brought out into the open. No doubt there are other families 'out there' who have also endured the pain of similar de-humanizing and criminal treatment.
Love and Blessings,

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 1:47 pm
god this story is horraible i would just go out find everyone that did that to him and have them put away with thats really sad what they did to him and i'm sorry you and your mother had to suffer with that as well.

Heidi T. (2)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 3:19 pm
There have been a lot of injustices done in the world. Your story reminds me of the residential schools for First People's and also of the relocation of the Inuit. You have a long history of injustices in your family. I hope that you have all found some kind of peace because carrying such pain eats away at the Soul. I am really sorry that your family has been so consumed in a 'fight' with several systems. I would really like to know what happened, and to hear all sides of the story. I support your need to have an investigation. I wish you and your family well.

Deepshikha Dalchand (16)
Wednesday August 16, 2006, 11:51 pm
This is from my mother's side:"This is terrible, happening in the U.S. who appears to be all for human rights and preaches other countries. We all hope that justice comes to you and your family." and the suffering finally ends once and for all.

Sirena Black (5)
Thursday August 17, 2006, 2:55 am
This is truly something to be investigated. Immediately and throroughly. I was truly horrified as I read this, and burst out into tears when I read the list of medications your brother was one at one time (and perhaps still is). Why? Well, my brother was in voluntarily put into a children's hospital/ phych ward(?) and was prescribed several of those medications, too, and at the same time, which led to terrible reactions. He has been off these medications since 1998, which at the age of 16, my brohter withdrew from school, since the school would not let him attend unless he was drugged. I hope that your case is investigated. You and your family are in my thoughts. (And yes, I agree- many psych doctors are crazier than their "crazy" patients.)

Sirena Black (5)
Thursday August 17, 2006, 3:04 am
Adding to what I just posted: My brother was put in voluntarily because his school threatened to send him themselves (by taking him out of my parents' custody). This was over a note that he wrote to a girl he was head over heels for. If a "normal" kid had written it, he would maybe talked to the principal or something minor. Because he was considered special ed (ADHD), it was suddenly a "dangerous" note. Peace be with you and your family. Hopefully you can get some tough lawyers who can help you out with this, and maybe shed light on other families who have sufferend wrongly, too.

Annemieke Voorn (197)
Thursday August 17, 2006, 4:12 pm
What is told up here is a true crime of first order! This manipulation, abuse, .... this is too worse for any word! This goes beyond any imagination. Why can't people accept that each person is unique, different from others? Why always put (experimental) medication into children's bodies? These medications are no good for any 'cure'. These are toxics to a child's body and mind! Children are to be taken seriously, very seriously! Stop horrors like these and give them what they deserve, it is their first right!

Jennifer Martino (137)
Friday August 18, 2006, 2:44 am
Thanks for sharing this with us all- It nneds to be investigated and republished, as many times as necessary. You have legitimate concerns and knowledge to start the process- I wish you the best of luck and prosperity in this venture! If you should ever need anything, please let us know. The time is right and enough is enough! Keep up the Good Fight!

Bea Mannise (28)
Sunday August 27, 2006, 1:14 pm
Hi Sheldon,
It is a terrible and sad story yours...I DO believe that this happens in the US. Many outrageous things America has done in name of democracy......It is a crime what your family is going through. I do hope and pray that someone listens your story, and can make justice.
From South America to you,

Bea Mannise (28)
Sunday August 27, 2006, 1:15 pm
Hi Sheldon,
It is a terrible and sad story yours...I DO believe that this happens in the US. Many outrageous things America has done in name of democracy......It is a crime what your family is going through. I do hope and pray that someone listens your story, and can make justice.
From South America to you,

Sherry Johnson (28)
Wednesday August 30, 2006, 10:33 pm
Hi Sheldon,
I also know for a fact that this kind of thing happens pretty much on a daily basis in this country.The child welfare authoritues have WAY too much power,as do many medical facilities.
My own nieces children were not only taken from her, but her parental rights were terminated,and the kids were adopted out to the foster mother.The courts said they did it because of her "lack of cooperation",but the Child Protective Services worker told her to her face that she was going to make sure my neice lost the kids because of her religion.This is some "free" country,huh?
Goo dluck to you and your family in getting something,anything done about this.

Caitlin Ba (192)
Sunday September 3, 2006, 3:45 pm
Sheldon, I pray that your family will be together soon. Much love to you and many hugs as well.

Aisha Mohammed (613)
Sunday September 3, 2006, 4:52 pm
investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent-another hate crime against humanity-families being used as experiments..children...
...and the truth shall come love & prayers are with you...and sadly...your story is not is happening everywhere...only people cannot see it sometimes, or feel the medical community is always right or always on their side (Tuskagee experiments)...we all need to be careful, mindful, watchful, and try to keep our families out of the "public" domain so to speak....this is a horrid and sad account...but thank you so much for making all and your family are in my prayers.

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 3, 2006, 5:50 pm
I'm not sure what I can do, Sheldon, if your mother was unsuccessful so many years. Conspiracies, especially involving politics, (and all those protected by polititcians), are nearly impossilbe to expose, no less gat justice. And of all places, New York City. Do you know of another city more corrupt? Perhaps if you unite with other families who have been through what your family has endured, there could be strenth in numbers. I think alone, you stand very little chance of getting politians to even read what you're saying, never mind doing something about it. If you could gather up enough families, (especially minorities), gather enough evidence and see a lawyer. It is no secret that minorities are mistreated after Katrina, and the whole world witnessed this unfold hour by hour on all types of media. And even that, they are still trying to ignore!!!
If you feel like talking, Sheldon, I am here for you, and I do know you are experiencing pain that will probably never go away.
Your Friend,

Zadrina O. (112)
Sunday September 3, 2006, 8:24 pm

I cant believe such an offense to the soul of the many who have been victimized by these drugs.What agers me is that we all suffer.

Prayers and solance to you,

Michele Tornes (13)
Tuesday September 5, 2006, 9:42 am
This is a terrible tragedy. No one should have to be a guinea pig for all the latest "cures" for autism or mental illness. Sometimes when anger strikes at the heart of a family, society views them as a threat and will not trust them any longer. PLEASE give this family and these innocent children and adults the chance to start over fresh! PLEASE trust this family as theirlove and honesty need to be respected as TRUTH. BLESSINGS ABOUND!

Linda J. (160)
Tuesday September 5, 2006, 3:49 pm
these horrible people doctors and hospials need to get punish for what they have put this whole family thru. I feel so bad I wish someone had listened to your poor Mothers cries to help her son. am sorry this has happened to you and your famil I only prayer that it will get handle in the right way real soon. God Bless... and God Bless Our Troops. Love and Hugs Linda

William Chengelis (16)
Monday September 11, 2006, 2:05 pm
All the documents for MKULTRA are disclassified and are available under the freedom of information act. If you haven't found a lawyer to take this pro bono, I suggest that you contact the nearest location of the American Civil Liberties Union. Good luck, God speed.

Toni Moore (52)
Wednesday September 13, 2006, 10:44 am
The story of this family and its abuse by a system feeding on its own feelings of grandiose importance nees to be trumpeted from rooftops. Dr.s have nothing to do with health...they dispense drugs and operate. I have no doubt that Sheldon's family was victimized in order to test these drugs. Throwaway people in a society that is choking on its own self importance. Let's have some answers that shed light on this massive crime.

Gwen H. (66)
Sunday September 17, 2006, 7:45 am
The thing I don't see, is what was Ward's original medical/behavorial problem in the first place? On what grounds did Dr Lawrence persuade Mrs. Johnson to admit Ward? There must have been an beginning here. I don't agree with the treatment this family recieved, but I would like to know what brought them to the doctor in the first place. I think thier treatment was grossly mismanaged. And I certainly admire this young man for his efforts to help his family.

Sheldon Johnson (4045)
Sunday September 17, 2006, 8:16 am
My mother was deceived into enrolling Ward into Childville because the daycare center inform my mother that he did not play with other kids. There was NO psychological or behavioral problems with my brother before his enrollment into Childville. If you research MKULTRA subjects, the government targeted thousands of United States citizens for their unethical behavioral modification experiments. My concerns can be substantiated from declassified documents on the CIA MKULTRA project that can be easily obtain thru the Freedom of Information Act; there was an Congressional inquiry headed by the Church committe and the Rockefella commission in the mid 70's into this gross miscarriage of justice, and it appears that a similar project is ongoing.

William Shanley (41)
Tuesday September 19, 2006, 6:34 pm
Dear Leader: Please help this family out of their pain. Thank you, William Shanley

Sunday September 24, 2006, 7:18 pm

Past Member (0)
Thursday September 28, 2006, 8:01 pm
I am so sorry this has happened. Although I have never had to go through anything like this . There has been pain and grief in my life and all I can say is tomarrow is a new day so don't give up.

Kamilla N. (41)
Tuesday October 3, 2006, 5:32 pm

All these years of pain! How could no one know about this horrible facility? Those so called "doctors" need to be arrested and sent for death!!! I remember when I was a child they put me into this hospital back in Russia for some diseases that I didn't have! They did not want to release me to my mother all though I was not sick! I remember missing her everyday. And then one beautiful Sunday (because most of the staff was off that day) she came to get me with all the shouting and yelling. At this moment I loved my mom more than ever! I wish all these people in ChildVille Centre nothing but HELL. And hope that God gets back with them. There are some things in life that just can’t be forgiven!

Carla H. (104)
Wednesday October 4, 2006, 8:16 am
I'm speechless. It's unfathomable to me that this was allowed to happen.

Noreen D. (73)
Wednesday October 4, 2006, 3:35 pm
This is terrible why are the innocent always being abused and not given a fair trial. No one should suffer like this. My prayers are with you and your family.

Ruth p. (6)
Thursday October 5, 2006, 4:10 pm
I've read other horror stories similar to the ones your family has endured involved in cover-up and secrets through the US government, mostly involving orphans and people without family (so they wouldn't be missed).

You and your family have a RIGHT to a copy of ALL your medical records. I would take those records and get a good lawyer and investigator and proceed with legal options. Get local tv stations and others involved - the more they hear about it, the more publicity you get and the better your chances of getting something accomplished and get your family's life back.

I wish you and your family strength, hope & faith.
In love and light,

Lucy A. (52)
Thursday October 12, 2006, 6:36 pm
I have sent the link to this article to Parents In Action, to a Mr. Rolando Bini. He helps families who have been victims of Guine Pig experiments.
Get in touch with him His organization is located in Queens New York.
God Bless you and Best of Luck

Patti Miller (66)
Friday October 13, 2006, 5:32 am

Nancy Vernand (187)
Saturday October 14, 2006, 8:46 pm

Ron C. (12)
Sunday October 15, 2006, 7:42 am
I am putting his petition everywhere that I can

Krystina G. (9)
Monday October 16, 2006, 4:28 pm
That's dreadful. I don't even know what to say about this..

Nancy M. (16)
Tuesday October 17, 2006, 10:19 pm
Sheldon, please accept my prayers and support also.... My heart is so grieved at what you and your family have endured. I am so sorry. If this story spreads like I think it will, rest assured it will fall into the right hands and you will get the help you need to make a difference. I know it won't give you or your family back all those years, but you stay hooked up with God, ok? The Bible says, "vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord" He is working here in ways you cannot yet see, and this is way bigger than you know. God promises to restore what the enemy has stolen... Remember Job? In the end he was better off- but he handled it God's way. There have been many excellent suggestions in the other comments. Have you ever heard of Jay Sekulow? He is like the Christian version of the American Civil Liberties Union. He's like a modern day David and Goliath! Check him out too...Be strong and hang in there-
I will be praying for you and your family, bless your hearts!

Donna Young (0)
Saturday October 21, 2006, 3:06 am

Can you please ask about the birth-care. Was the mother drugged and was the baby instantly or early umbilical cord clamped. This stops the placenta blood infusion into the expanding lungs, and the cutting off the volume and the pressure of the blood, causes, then insufficient blood flow through the brain. This results in the incr4ease of autism.

Why is this happening? The hospitals are harvesting the babies, for the placenta blood, for stem cell research. It is supported by the USA powers that be who have shares in private stem cell blood banks. Over 8 billion dollars, I believe annually, is given to such human experiments by the USA government.

If you want healthy babies, again, on this Planet, you will have to go to primal and natural birth, and have a signed birth contract. That contract is for leaving the mothers's body alone, to birth without drugs, in warm water tubs, and never ever, clamp, tie or hand-squeeze the cord.

Go primal birth, and proper birth positions, is a must. Never birth on your back or in semi-sitting birth positions. They are merely designed for a stranger to have control, and that includes the midwife, and the medic. ONLY if the mother is dying and must have a C-section, are drugs ever necssary, or to birth on the back.

More information is available at:
And there is a Petition to be shared, to stop the harvesting of any one child.
Petition: Protect Babies and Mothers, Too:

To properly educate the doctors, including medics and midwives, go to this simple petition:

If you have Canadian friends, please share the above. Thank you.

God's Blessing on your efforts. I believe very harsh businessmen rule the medical professional groups, today, similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. They are called fascism. Yes, they support free enterprise, but they have no conscience in how they earn their incomes.

All persons, of all age groups, of all colors, of all races...are fair game, to they can be exploited for their own gains.

Ron C. (12)
Monday October 23, 2006, 9:52 am

Posted: July 18, 2005
Friday July 28, 2006, 5:09 pm
Visibility: Everyone

Hello Sheldon . . about 'Visabilty'
I offer help, Everyone Please Observe

It is rumored (from the internet) that an Israel based Company handles the Internet for the U.S. Government. If this were true, what about security, Internet Control, Stock Market, Banking, Privacy . .

Now we have
~ Homeland Security, Israel, Internet, U.S. Government, CIA, Secret Service ~
all involved

'MKULTRA' 'Visibility: Everyone' 'Illegal Human Experimentation' 'Civil Liberties' 'Civil Rights'

And, everything on this web page. We know who killed JFK, and why. "Ike warned us"

Donna d. (9)
Wednesday October 25, 2006, 1:21 pm
i am realy sorry that such things happend to brother , i will pray for you and your mom and brother. may you get the justice your family so rightly deserve.

Eydye P. (77)
Thursday November 2, 2006, 7:04 am
We are thinking of you Sheldon & the rest of your family. You are in our hearts. May your family receive the outcome you are seeking.

Melanie M. (2)
Saturday November 4, 2006, 10:28 pm
Did anything ever come of this? Has anyone responded to you? Has this been investigated?
I really hope that someone has or will help you. My prayers are with you and your family!

andrea r. (3)
Sunday November 5, 2006, 5:22 pm
have no words....I fell very sad.
from my heart really hope someone investigate.
for your family and perhaps more inocent children.
I will pray for you and your people.
a big hug from the other side of the world.

andrea r. (3)
Sunday November 5, 2006, 5:25 pm
have no words....I fell very sad.
from my heart really hope someone investigate.
for your family and perhaps more inocent children.
I will pray for you and your people.
a big hug from the other side of the world.

Maiden M. (679)
Monday November 6, 2006, 2:38 am
I'm praying for you and yours, and know your family is in my thoughts HUGZ, Maiden M.

Daniel Mark Norris Newton D (10)
Monday November 6, 2006, 8:20 pm
Where to start? As a member of the human race I apologize to you and your family for what you all have gone, and are going, through. It is not right. There are some elements of the United States that are actually extensions of Nazi Germany. One day a long time ago, on cable access, a guy was on there saying that one of the major drug companies was financed by Hitler's money. I found it interesting and tucked it away in a corner of my memory. Then in my research of the drug companies a few years ago I pursued more research on it. Merck and Co. used to be a unit of the German based E. Merck. E. Merck is responsible for the developement ofMDMA(Ecstacy), isolation of morphine from opium, and the production and marketing of cocaine.See
A few years ago I had a severe toxic mold exposure which devastated my health. Since 99% of the doctors receive inadequate training in mycology, the study of mold fungi, my symptoms were misdiagnosed as being stress related. Since it did not fit into their designated boxes, they blamed it on stress and depression. They prescribed me anti-depressants and tranquilizers. I took them long enough to get past the crisis. They my research showed that they caused the exact health symptoms I had been complaining to my doctors about. I stopped taking them. Those particular symptoms went away. All the other symptoms went away when I addressed the underlying causation of my health problems, high levels of toxic mold in my body. I now once again have excellent health.
Now to the points I want to make, as a result of my intense research the past few years.You are David fighting Goliath! Goliath is the AMA, FDA, and the Drug companies. Legal drugging of people with legal sanction is very immoral. At least with drugs categorized as illegal you know they are probably not good for you.
The seven largest Drug companies in this country make more than double the clear profits of the seven largest motor vehicles companies in this country. And that was before Drug companies were approved to advertise on TV, which skyrocketed their profits. ONE HALF of the budget of the FDA comes from fees charged to the Drug companies to expedite approval of drugs for market. Heads of the FDA are in a revolving door with working for the Drug companies when they leave the FDA. Dr. Graham is one of my heros. As a head researcher at the FDA He defied all of that when he came out in public and exposed the research the Drug companies were trying to hide about Vioxx killing and harming so many people. is a good source about drugs.
I suggest you concentrate your efforts with contacting the big boys that carry a much bigger stick than you currently have in your hand. Rent the movie Walking Tall. Contact Tom Cruz through the Church of Scientology. They and their lawyers are very much against psychiatric drugs. Contact every organization that is already carrying a big stick and fighting psychiatric drugs.
Feel free to contact me for further advice. Good luck!

Fredericka M. (4)
Tuesday November 7, 2006, 7:33 pm
I would like to know the out come of this, it is very sad. I worked for the state of Ga and never heard of such a thing happening, I have worked in the prison system for Childern in Max secuity even then they are not put on such medications, how do I know I was the Medical Officer and each night I would give the childern their medications so I knew what they got and recorded it all.

Shelton I'm so sorry this has happened to your family, my prayers go out to you.. Please keep us informed ....Your Mother is a strong women, I would of broken down by now.


Sheryl A. (3)
Wednesday November 8, 2006, 10:59 am
I am really sorry to hear about the terribly things that were done to your brother and mom and then they decide to drag your niece into all this unnecessary drama. All those responsible should pay the penalty for this it really doesn't matter what their excuse is because that is ahwt they always use to get out of predicaments like this. I am still praying for you and your family because GOD is still in control and just remember this He will never give you more than you can bear.

Linda Mendez (25)
Thursday November 9, 2006, 8:07 am
Sheldon, I too offer you my thoughts & prayers. My thoughts being, have you taken your story to the media? I mean 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline? I would think they love to help you with this horrible injustice that has been done to your family for so long!? This has to end! Your family needs to be able to go on with their lives.

Minerva Rodriguez-Rivera (7)
Friday November 10, 2006, 6:50 am
God's justice will take all wrong doing at its moment; until that I send support and prayers to you and your beloved persons.

Edward Marchan (6)
Sunday November 12, 2006, 2:16 am
people who are responsible for this should be prosecuted and locked up.this family deserves a fair american justice....

Marie M. (30)
Wednesday November 15, 2006, 9:31 am
Bless you Sheldon for having the courage and the strength to pursue this unveiling of the terrible injustices brought on your family. It won't undo the harm done in the past but maybe it will make others aware & prevent them from blindly trusting these authorities with no regard for basic human rights.

Lisa W. (12)
Thursday November 16, 2006, 7:26 pm
It is horrible that you can't get the justice that you and your family deserve. It sickens me the way a doctor can take over someone's mind with drugs, and then the person is left to deal with the side effects. It is unjust that someone in a position of trust, can convince a patient that they "need" these drugs, and then once taking them, can't just stop at any time.

I wish this could all stop.

Take care

Diana C. (1)
Sunday November 19, 2006, 7:17 am
Sheldon,I admire the dedication and tenacity of your family.
The behavior of these doctors and government officials, unfortunetly, is not uncommon. Please see, a website run by Mike Adams and run by Joseph Mercola, both of which do a great job exposing the dangers of the drugs that we are all told are "good for us". They also provide a lot of nutrional information that you may find helpful, I know that changing my diet has changed my life and I am not exagerating!
However, back to the doctors and officials, don't take their treatment of you personally, as hard as that may be for you to do. Most people in these positions are well meaning they may be very arrogant, as most doctors are, (that's why it takes so long for natural treatments to make it into the mainstream because doctors just can't beleive that somebody without some kind of medical degree could possibly know something that they don't, that's why they fight it so vehemently) and they too have been conned by the pharmaceutical companies (who can't make tremendous amounts of money from patents on blueberries, broccoli, or any other fresh whole food that you could grow in your yard if you wanted to) and the FDA, who basically sells it's stamp of approval for the right price.
Some advice: Do not make accusations that they are like "Adolf Hitler" and such, fitstly it is not true, and secondly you immediately lose all credibility and just sound like some kind of nut. Stop it right now and be as nice as honey BUT PERSISTENT. People are more likely to want to help someone that they like. They will not like you if you accuse them of being a part of some conspiracy to do evil things like Hitler. Continue to educate yourself and seeking help from people who know about these kinds of situations. Maybe even contact the two men I mentioned above and see if they can help or at least put you in touch with someone who can.
My best wishes for you and your family,

Sheldon Johnson (4045)
Sunday November 19, 2006, 8:24 am
Diana I would like to thank you for taking the time to comment on my family situation. However I have to stand by my comparison to these rogue doctors and officials as being “Hitler like” My family has been victimized and terrorize for over 30 years with Gestapo like tactics. I have many shares posted within my home page describing the atrocities that my family had suffered.

Have you heard of Project MKULTRA? That was an illegal Government project that experimented on thousands of unwitting American citizens which can be easily substantiated from the freedom of information act concerning that topic. The crimes that were done within MKULTRA were very much “Hitler like”, and is comparable to what was done to my family.

I apologize to anyone who cannot understand the seriousness of these crimes that I’m reporting. There is no clear way to sugarcoat these crimes but to simply tell the truth. My family is 100% dependent on Jehovah God to bring the truth to the light concerning this matter, our faith will get us over the tribulation that were bestowed upon us by these callous individuals who have no regards for human life and the laws of our land.

Michelle Q. (8)
Tuesday November 21, 2006, 11:57 pm
Its sad that the people you trust the most to take care of you and your country are led and run by the most dangerous and corrupt.

Bobi G. (108)
Thursday November 23, 2006, 3:31 pm
All my support goes to this cause. The government needs to ACT in an appropriate manner to resolve this. DO RIGHT BY THIS FAMILY!!!!

Linda J. (32)
Thursday November 23, 2006, 7:44 pm
Sheldon: Don't give up the fight. I've sent you some potentially helpful contacts other than the ones listed here, and these agencies might be able to help you and expose the problems you've been having with your family.
My prayers are with you and yours.

Sandra Thompson (4)
Sunday November 26, 2006, 5:32 pm
Sheldon, as I read your petition, my heart became very heavy. I began to remember the hard time my mother had fighting the doctors when they prescribed a medication for my uncle--one she knew he did not need.

I am praying for you and your family for that is all I know to do. Keep the faith, don't give up, ask God for guidance and follow His instructions. I encourage you to stand up for your family. My prayers are with you.

Patsy P. (37)
Wednesday November 29, 2006, 10:22 am
This is so sad...

A few of the medications given you and your family alone have lawsuits against them.... Zoloft and Prozac... Sounds to me you need to get in the lawsuits on the medications to prove they damage peoples lives.

Where the doctors treatment of your family are concerned is hard to know when we see your side alone. BUt seeing the concern in your type here,I believe your family is your concern and I hope all goes well for you and Yours...

This does seem to be a case of civil rights...
Sounds like the doctors and such were hushing your whole family up, by medicating all of you... What better way to get you out of the pic as saying your all nuts... And doctors have all thats needed to do so..and the clout to back it up.


May GOD HELP you and your family - AMEN !
Thank God for Care2 where you can get the right help!

Sheila Beal (8)
Thursday November 30, 2006, 4:45 pm
This is horrible, It's just wrong. We have to take care of our own and ourselves the best we can due to the fact the ones who are elected by the people for the people easily forget about we the people. Sad but true. Pray for a positive change.

Myla A. (60)
Saturday December 2, 2006, 12:11 am
I am sorry you and your family have suffered such injustices and I pray that they will one day be righted. This is without a doubt, unlawful and those that have done this need to be held accountable for the abuse they have done to your family and our legal system. I shall keep you and your family in my prayers!

Monica Carvalho (30)
Sunday December 3, 2006, 10:41 am
Dear Sheldon.. thinking of what I ve just read about this "perfect" crime against your family, I am sure your "powerful" government, first in the world, the best of the best, is a poor fake. Weak, disgusting and crazy people in charge, starting by your president! My God... Im so sorry for you, for you brother, your mother and those who face the same hell you do without nobody to listen to them, to make something right, to stop all this madness with respect and consciousness. I understand why so many people in the world would like to see your government "fade away", or why they wish all the "worst" for whom dont care of their own people but have time and arrogance to go rule somewhere else. My words here are not against average North American people but their government and stiff nose! We also have corruption here in Brazil; it´s not the point, the madness is the point...

M F. (68)
Tuesday December 26, 2006, 8:57 am

Georgina B. (5)
Sunday December 31, 2006, 3:53 pm
3,000 miles away in Washington State, I have experienced a similar fate as your mother. The difference is that I am highly educated, in the paramedical profession, and I happen to be caucasion. My son, who is now 19 has been a victim as has Ward et. al.. Psychiatrists everywhere think they can prescribe heavy doses of mind alterning medications at will. I paid $3,000 at a private clinic(Amen) for a SPECT scan of my son's brain that showed if he were to manifest any symptoms, they would be along the lines of ADD or ADHD. But for two years he has been presccribed everything from Haldol to Abilify(which agitated him to the point that he struck out while he was an inpatient and ended up in jail-where I couldn't even find out what he was on.)Luckily he is home now after a horrendous year. Happy New Year.

Isela R. (1)
Sunday January 7, 2007, 4:04 pm
I feel soo bad for you and your family. I really wish i had the correct answer to resolve this. This is going to sound really ridiculous, but i have learned of great miracles happening when you pray and fast. Doing this as a family will bring results. Not sure how religious you are but God is the only one that can make things right at this point. And prayer along with fasting is very, very powerful! have nothing left to loose...God Bless You and Your Family..I will pray for you.

Ralf Ep (97)
Wednesday January 24, 2007, 10:30 pm
Sorry to read about the trials & tribulations that your mother, brother & your family are having, how is it even conceivable let alone possible that this has been allowed to happen. I wish you well for your continued struggle against this injustice & add my voice to the already many others who support you in your fight for right.
Much love, light & blessings my friend

Norma D. (7)
Saturday January 27, 2007, 5:44 am
Please accept my prayers for you and your family. I believe at this point the reason why they want to keep Ward medicated is that if he were off medication and returned to his stable self, he would be able tell what was actually done to him. To prevent this, they are insisting he be kept in a mind altered state.
A search for a reliable doctor is necessary. Although they are hard to find. It may even help you to put your story out to the news. Doctors do not want their name put out to the public in a bad light and neither does our government. Search for venues for your story, my friend. There is help and justice out there. We just need to find it.
Peace and Blessings,

Carol Marr (2)
Wednesday January 31, 2007, 6:57 pm
I don't know what to say. I'm from Canada and therefore my letters or signatures would mean nothing in your country. What I will do is pray for you, Sheldon.

Hannah Jack (14)
Tuesday February 27, 2007, 6:40 pm
My Prayers are with you and your entire family
Heavenly Father ,I come to you now in the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus,
I plead the Blood of jesus , The blood covenant, and Phalms 91 over ,through and around about this family ,spirit ,mind,will ,emotions,,thought,and
all areas and physical beings,all spiritual and natural,doors and openings coming into this life.
God be with you

Past Member (0)
Thursday March 15, 2007, 10:54 pm
You and your family have my prayers. God will see you thru this. Keep the Faith no matter what it looks like. Trust God and he will show you just what to do to gain whatever your looking for. Sheldon, It's going to be alright. Keep Your Head up..

Chaska Moore (46)
Tuesday March 27, 2007, 6:49 am
My prayers are with you and you family.

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Rita P. (4)
Saturday April 7, 2007, 6:07 pm
I read your story and started some research on the topic MKULTRA.
Came across a site that lists two books on the the subject. Freaky part is, is that a Dr. still believes in this practice is still writing books.
I will paste the information I found below, will continue to read more about this topic.
Thank you for bring this information to light for myself and others.

Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society by Jose M. Delgado.
***Don't forget the good doctor's congressional testimony in 1974 where he stated:

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated."

"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

-Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School, Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974

Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing by William Sargant. "How Evangelists, Psychiatrist, Politicians, and Medicine Men can change your beliefs and behavior."

Mind Control in the United States by Steven Jacobson

Rita P. (4)
Saturday April 7, 2007, 6:43 pm
Here is a site I just located on actual information about the tests the gov. did and the dates.
Just information was so disturbing that I just read at this, I literaly became ill.
There is also photos.

I think people from around the world need to make a stand on putting MKULTRA to a stop. This is not only a problem for people in the states but this site explains how extremly global the issue is.

Rita P. (4)
Saturday April 7, 2007, 8:38 pm
more informatives sites:

This first one is minutes from the gov. hearing done in 1977

This next site has storys from other victims. Very interesting area of page to zoom in on is a page the was writen by the CIA and states at the bottom on line 5. (Director of the hospital are cleared through TOP SECRET and are aware of the truepurpose of the project.)

One of the folks above made note of the group the Church of Scientology. I personal do not belong to the and don't have much knowledge of the group. But I have noticed in the articals I have located so far online that they have been fighting with the gov. for some time over the MKULTRA studies. I feel that if I was in your shoes I would contact them for help.

just one more site you could look at please is a story that sounds very much like your familys...

God Bless

Rita P. (4)
Saturday April 7, 2007, 8:42 pm
sorry forgot to list the site i mentioned about Line 5. it is:

Ainsley Jo Phillips (250)
Thursday April 12, 2007, 5:13 am
I'm currently in the process of writing a book that will prove to be helpful. If I'd had my way, the book would have been finished months ago, but a variety of delays has caused the book to remain unfinished up to this point. Now, I know why. It's because I needed more information (such as this) in order to write it properly. I was on a couple of those dreadful drugs when I was in my early (first time) and mid (second time) twenties. Interesting story how I got to that point. I have the option of giving you a green star, so I will. However, you deserve an entire galaxy!!!

Jeff F. (2)
Friday April 20, 2007, 6:12 am
Sheldon, I just wondered if you'd ever submitted your story to Oprah Winfrey. I know she gets a LOT of submissions, but perhaps your story will spark her interest and create a source of national exposure for you, your mother, your brother and your niece.

It sounds to me like the whole thing centers around the doctors' unnatural interest in your brother's being a savant and their wish to have ultimate control.

Jacolin S. (261)
Sunday April 22, 2007, 5:57 am
Sheldon, I am totally speechless. I don't have any more words to add that will be any different than those commented by all who have posted here. I hope and pray this sad, very appalling situation will be one of the cases where true justice will prevail. It is adamantly needed for the good of all mankind. I admire your courage and strength !! Stay Strong!!

Trudi Reijnders (242)
Sunday April 22, 2007, 10:09 am
I am so sorry for you and your family.Reading this horrible life-story of yours makes me realise once again the evil that exists in this world.May the right persons be able to fight for you and your family in order to live the rest of your lifes the way it should have been from the beginning.

Past Member (0)
Sunday April 29, 2007, 1:37 pm

Aggie M. (44)
Monday April 30, 2007, 5:05 pm
Hi Seldon,
From what I have seen and what I know, there is a good chance that Ward was just another pain in the hind quartwes to the Dr.s that started this whole thing, so they drugged him quit. Had your Mother been less of a fighter, it may well have ended there. Since she wanted her son back NOW, it became a problem for the establishment that allows this kind of crap to go on. That, if it isn't stopped, starts the decline of their silent world of "do unto others whatever the hell suits you!"
I am heartfully sorry for all that you have gone through and all that you and your Mother have lost.
I read a lot of the coments below and see that some folks still don't see the realm of the problem you face. Doctors control medical records and the ease with which you get them. As far as a signiture being all thats required, I tried to get mine because I was moving and was told $10.00 per each page copied! Another problem is the cover-up that you have already run head on into, they watch each others back, not your's or Ward's!
I agree with the suggestion to hit the news and talk shows with everything that you have managed to collect over the years. You're a story that a lot of them would die for. I would go to Montel for sure! He gives a damn and thats a good thing.
Go with God my friend, we are praying for you and your family!

Kristin Griffin (12)
Monday April 30, 2007, 7:39 pm
Sheldon I can not even begin to imagine what you are going through and I am so sorry you have had to go through this. I do not know much about some of those drugs but I was put on Depakote and Zoloft myself and I know the nasty side effects that they have. I believe that the seizures that I have now are due to the depakote even though they were meant to stop them. I will not take them either and have walked out of the hospital when they have tried to give them to me. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and keep us posted with what is happening. Also let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Sheena W. (5)
Friday May 4, 2007, 2:47 pm
Justice is Coming and Justice will be Served. Pray for those who prosecute you and see what happens.

Sheldon, I know that God can restore your brother’s life back to him and your family as you once knew him.

My husband was illegally administered Haldol for two years in the State of Missouri in the Fulton State Hospital; thank God he's walking around with us today and trying to get his life back with my help. We are currently still fighting for his human rights today because it is still awarded to the State of Missouri on a conditional release. We are presently looking for a civil attorney to suit the State of Missouri, but not an attorney in the State of Missouri b/c the lawyers are all in what you would call the good ole boy group, in other words they are all crooked and will take your money and do nothing.

I have not given up hope because I pray daily and know who’s on our side. Please keep me in your prayers as well as I will keep your brother and your family in mines.

Sheena of Missouri
my phone number is 660-619-0425.

Mariah K. (53)
Wednesday May 23, 2007, 8:37 am
That is quite an in depth briefing on the state of mental health affairs in this country. I'm very sorry that things have happened in this way to your family and I'm happy to sign the petition.
I've had personal experience with mental wards and being medicated with adverse effects. I agree that the man made drugs they are using full force leave much to be desired, this is the case with mental issues as well as other health issues and I wonder when average citizens rights will actually be brought to justice. The FDA seems the criminal to me since they are responsible to approve these drugs which are so questionable, all the while the gov't is making laws to BAN natural remedies and treatments. Why is this? All for the love of money..... :( Very sad.
Anyway, it's a travesty what is happening to your family and I pray that you know peace and justice is granted for you and your family.

Peace and Love,

Debra Morrison (11)
Sunday May 27, 2007, 4:07 pm

I am so sad after reading this horrific account, it sounds like a script for a movie...but instead it is from your life. I am mortified to know such things are allowed to go on. America..the land of the free. I don't think so. It makes me glad i live in Australia, although sad enough i am sure it also happens here, but on much a smaller scale. I am glad to see you have family pride and continue to fight for the rights of your loved ones. DON"T give up, everyone has to get behind this....sign anything it takes. If anyone can help this family fight please come forward!

Earline Clark (18)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 8:39 pm
Sheldon, as I read your story my heart broke for you, your mother and your siblings. I will gladly sign your petition. My prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you all.

Earline Clark

Tuesday June 12, 2007, 5:38 am

Ter Krok (0)
Tuesday July 3, 2007, 5:55 am
One day from the 4th of July, Independence Day- Is it ironic that I would read your story? Where has your family's "independence" gone?? My prayers are with you. I am just horrified and so truly sad for all the pain you have had to endure. As a mother myself, your mom is my hero- Fighting, and strong... for the best interests of her child. She is truly the brave, activist, unconditionally loving- that should exist in every one of us. She is an inspiration.

Ter Krok (0)
Tuesday July 3, 2007, 5:56 am
One day from the 4th of July, Independence Day- Is it ironic that I would read your story? Where has your family's "independence" gone?? My prayers are with you. I am just horrified and so truly sad for all the pain you have had to endure. As a mother myself, your mom is my hero- Fighting, and strong... for the best interests of her child. She is truly the brave, activist, unconditionally loving- that should exist in every one of us. She is an inspiration.

Amber Coleman-dingley (4)
Saturday July 7, 2007, 1:02 pm
This is so sad Sheldon and truly attrocious, your family is in my prayers.Too often they seem to investigae the false allegations and the children that really need help fall by the way side . I hope and pray that your family will be granted justice .

Olena Evans (12)
Monday September 10, 2007, 1:54 pm
Heartbreaking and angering. it's baout time someone did something about getting these things ou tto the public, our government cannot continue to mislead and mistreat the people.

Kristin Thieringer (77)
Thursday December 13, 2007, 9:41 pm
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY DEAR GOD... I pray so for you and your family.... just a couple of the meds you mentioned I have known personally and it is beyond my comprehension that these people did this to your brother, your mom and family.. this is DISGUSTING... This needs to go to the top of the media and be exposed... how awful.. I am here, and will spread this to people...know that you are in my thoughts.... Kristin

Past Member (0)
Saturday December 15, 2007, 3:01 am
Dear Sheldon, I have signed the petition with comment. The information you provided is very valuable and I promise to do my best to get this out to as many people as I can. I have been following the Montauk and other conspiracies for some years now. This is something that has been happening to people for generations, particularly to those in the lower social/economic/race/gender. I work in the social sector and have many times witnessed children being born into the state because their mothers too were awarded the state. It is unjust and has haunted me for half my life. Your story has given me reason to continue my plight with more confirmation that my suspicions were always guiding me correctly. For what ever reason God has led me to this path, I swear I will continue this plight for the rights and justice of all. Your family will be in my heart. I wish you the best in this enduring time.

Past Member (0)
Monday March 24, 2008, 2:18 pm
Sheldean johnson is a manipulative liar. Do not believe anything he writes. He has been trying to make everyone believe that his family has been through some horrific crime, to help a case that he has set up against child welfare for money. He thinks if he creates all these forums it will help his case. I know him personally, and he has been trying to manuipulate people for years.Would you like to no the truth!!!!
His family as been diagnosed with suffereing from mental disorders, and his brother was one of the worst. He was often seen talking to him self, touching himself in public places... He was a threat to himself, and so his mother gave him to the state. She gave him, away. The state did everything they could to help sheldeans brother, but they first had to figure out what was wrong with him. His family did not understand what the docters were doing to his brother so they assumed that he was being abused, even though he often showed improvement when ever he was home for visits. His brother lived out most of his life in different homes, and hospitals, that cared for him. Unfortunately, now a days there are so few good hospitails, that often patientenc are not cared for the way they deserve, and this often results in things, such as bed soars, which then get infected and could lead to blood infections. As far as some crazy government plan to take over his whole family and use them all for testing and research, now that is What has been the cause of this ordeal on Shealden Johnsons life. He is under going his own treatments for his dillusions, I appologize for anyone who may feel as if they have been taken by this man and his manipulations. The only crime that has been committed here is that we do not love eachother enough. everyone have a great day.. God bless

Sheldon Johnson (4045)
Tuesday March 25, 2008, 10:07 am
Why would somebody lie and claim to know me and my family and say such horrible things as this guy "Login" claims?

Login, why don't you update your profile and reveal who you really is? I find it strange that you join care2 on the same day you post your comment and offer nothing else about yourself. Do you work for the people who is persecuting my family?

If you want the people of care2 to believe in you please tell us more about yourself and tell me how you claim to know so much about my family at a tender age of 21?

Jehovah God will reveal all darkness in his own time and I will pray for you because you are truly touch in the wrong way. It's not to late to come to the truth and be honest about the crimes that you and your companions committed.

Past Member (0)
Sunday April 6, 2008, 8:45 pm
I still cannot believe the horribly despicable things which occured to your brother.I was shocked and couldn't believe it,then I found this page with all the information. Something has to be done to get things investigated properly.Something has to be done. Nobody is ever left like that. I pray for; y\our family.

Rhonda Maness (580)
Saturday March 28, 2009, 10:24 am
This is a horriying story of cruelty and psychological abuse. The abuse of Sheldon and his family should have never started and should be stopped.Sheldon, you and your family are in my prayers. God bless you.

. (0)
Thursday September 17, 2009, 9:23 am
I wonder if Lester Laskey was responsible from the beginning, by discrediting your family for his own personal gain.

Carol Anne Knapp (123)
Thursday October 8, 2009, 12:01 pm
Sheldon you are a hero and a leader...

Paul Doxtator-morenberg (0)
Wednesday October 20, 2010, 9:21 pm
Dear Mr. Johnson, I remember Ward very well. He had the most remarkable ability with math and dates of the calender. I lived in Childville from Sept. 1973 to Dec. 1977. I live in the room down the hall from Ward. The medications they gave us were used to control and sedate us so that they could warehouse us. Yes, they did horrible experiments on us with medications too. Somehow i survived. I managed to get off the medications and move on to a somewhat normal life (of course with massive post traumatic stress disorder issues.) Haldol was the worst of the drugs they put me on at 3 times the maximum dose for adults, while i was still a 42 pound child. I remember Ward fondly. He was the only child there who could outdo me in math. I only beat him at calculations once out of the many times i tried. I loved Ward like a brother. If there is anything i can do for you let me know. My name then was Paul Morenberg. God bless you for all you are doing.


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