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Feb 2, 2010

Name:Michael Joe Jackson
Type:Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor:Individual(s)
Location:, United States


OK, Michael. Since you are the inspiration behind all of this, I’ve decided to dedicate this year’s goal to you. A whole year of water for children and their families, Michael! Think of driving up with this huge truck, and just offloading kits.

And no, I’m not stopping once I reach my goal. Care2 has so much amazing stuff to do. Petitions, sharing and reading articles, clubs and more. Did you know I can share photos or videos too? I try to keep my page updated, and of course do this sharebook thing when the spirit moves me.

Exciting thought it is, there are days when you are so tired, you just can’t give. You need to sit down and relax with a cup of coffee, meditate, whatever. That helps refresh me so I can get back on my skates and power through. Yes we switched to hockey metaphors, thanks for noticing.

I know a lot of people here don’t like you, but that is their choice. Having you for an inspiration is awesome. Just listening to Earth Song straightens my spine and puts courage in my heart. I feel like a mighty lioness, capable of anything. Anything good, mind you.

The sweet riffy, RHPS moments aren’t bad either. Sweet chorus! And yeah, I’ve do care, that’s why I’m here, fighting to make a difference. Speaking of which, we’ve given 35 days of water so far.

A lot of awesome Care2 friends have helped out with comments, stars, articles, and getting e-cards. We’ve got a long way to go to hit 366 but we will get there. If we don’t I’m tying every Care2 member to a chair and playing something they find hideous at full blast, LOL!

Love you forever, Michael. And I’ll always watch over your kids any way I can. They have been super brave and I know you’re proud of them.



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Posted: Tuesday February 2, 2010, 2:48 am
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marjolei absent s. (285)
Friday February 5, 2010, 1:00 pm
well, i did a tribute to micheal too, just a few weeks ago with his song what about us?, if u want u can see it on my profile, but its never thank u too.heheh

Nightcat Mau (81)
Friday February 5, 2010, 1:13 pm
Awesome, I'll check out your site and shares for it. We never can do enough for MJ. I just found out in his autobio that he was 100% vegan. Explains the lovely dancer's body.


Nightcat Mau
female, age 38, married
Herminie, PA, USA
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