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Apr 22, 2010

There is this constant search on the part of the photographic artist to make that perfect print. Behind the scenes there is a whole life to creating a print that most laymen still as of yet are unaware. For the photographer there are so many variables into making that perfect print. There is the camera, lenses, lighting, editing software, printer, ink, paper and so much more. All of these factors meld to help the photographic print maker create that perfect print. At the heart of this creation is the complexity inherent in producing just one image. 

So many different variables go into printing. Ink needs replacing. Nozzle heads need cleaning and alignment. Followed by ICC profiles creation. Paper curves need to be made. Followed shortly by sharpening for print needs to be done, curves need to be put in, color corrections need adjusting, the right DPI needs to be set. The size of the print needs to be made. This all just before sending to the printer, setting the correct color management, selecting the right ICC profile, making sure you have it on the right printing mode then only finally can a print be sent to printer in hopes nothing goes wrong.

Yet, with so much effort going into just one print why is it remiss to see that much discipline go into the greening up of the printing process? What is so hard about trying to create a single part of a business into something that is both brilliantly beautiful and also sustainable at the same time? The bottom line is exactly that the bottom line. Money is the hinderances against a revitalization of the print making process.

At this time of high technology there is a great call to the individual to green up and strive for a more sustainable practice in daily life.  Then why hasn’t this revitalization not visited the photographic community as widespread? There has been a burst in the technology used for digital cameras, a leap in the processes used to edit prints. Yet, all these things have also risen in price. Sustainability is at a premium, yet there is a surprise to going green, it is not as pricey as some people think it is.

What are the advantages to going green in business practice. First are the tax benefits. In 2009 there were various different tax benefits to going green or starting green for a business. Places such as the Green Business Bureau have stated that “[t]he 2009 stimulus plan has underscored the government’s commitment to going green with hefty tax incentives.The use of electric vehicles, renewable energy and many other green programs are rewarded with healthy tax credits. “ Second, In many areas there is increased revenue just from customer support for going green.  Many individuals support a company more for their green initiatives.

Yet more specifically what are the benefits for photographers going green? As mentioned above the tax benefits for going green are quite extensive. In creating a green studio there are tax benefits to retrofitting already existing buildings in a green manner. Another benefit is buying local means less in shipping costs and then therefore means spending less in the long run. Sustainability is exactly that buying things, materials in a sustainable manner both environmentally and economically.

Art revolves around change and adaptability both monetarily and physically. The complexity in the system is inherent and yet to be able to work with these sinuous entanglements makes a company even more malleable. Technology changes and advances, and as time progresses a company grows even more complex. The greening of a business, even a photography business, does not need to be a daunting task but one that can be seen as a boon for the business owner, the community and the Earth as a whole. Grasping at the problems instead of focusing on these difficulties should be the photographers task. Through better, greener and more efficient means a perfect picture for a better tomorrow can be created.

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Posted: Thursday April 22, 2010, 6:57 pm
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