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May 23, 2010

My name is Wendy Simmons, and I am an Office Manager of an alternative cancer clinic located in the Tulsa Metro Area of Oklahoma, named Lase Med, Inc. Our clinic has been the center of a lot of controversy, especially in the past few weeks. I am starting this blog to discuss Patients' Rights to receive Alternative treatments, their rights to have them paid by their insurance policies, my own experiences with these issues, and to expose the great lengths that the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma will go in order to bury effective and safe alternative treatments.

I am not going to say that all alternative treatments are good and/or necessarily safe, without the right guidance, but they are certainly better than spending your life doped up on drugs, which cause (sometimes irreversable) side effects, that cause you to need more drugs, until you find yourself taking up to 20 prescription drugs daily, and barely having any quality of life!

They are also preferable to getting cut on, or having limbs and half of your face removed, where cancer is concerned anyway. On this subject, even before the technology and treatment that currently exists at Lase Med, I have always said that if my only choices were to be turtured to death on the premise that an oncologist can save my life, or just accept that my life is over and die from the cancer, I would choose the latter. At least that way, I can get my affairs in order, and still leave something to my children after my death.

Unfortunately, for those who believe those are their only two choices, they do not choose to accept their fate and say goodbye to their loved ones. Instead, they try every treatment under the sun, in the grim hope that they will survive. This is called being in a "Panic Mode", and no good decisions ever result from this line of thinking.

I speak to and see a lot of patients like this, and before scheduling them to come for treatment at our clinic, I say to them: FEAR is your biggest enemy! You CANNOT think logically in "Panic Mode", and should not try to make important life decisions in this state of mind. They must get all of the facts they can on ANY treatment, make up their own minds on which is best for them, and feel good about their decision; ESPECIALLY if they decide to come to us, because people who want to "try" our treatment as a last resort make the worst patients.

So I tell them the pros and cons of receiving our treatment, and warn them of what to expect if they decide to come. Our staff also tells patients that DO come what to expect after treatment, and are given Post Treatment Guidelines that they MUST follow, to get the effects they desire. Not that this matters, because people hear what they want to hear, and get mad at you later when the expectations they created in their heads are not realized.

Which brings me to what I have been personally experiencing in the past week or so. There have been a lot of hateful and cruel statements being made about our facilty, and all of our staff, in addition to cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying of me, my family, and other staff. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to much we can do about it, other than to change our privacy settings on websites where we are each visible to the public.

The Federal Government really needs to pass legislation on Cyber Bullying, because it has gotten out of hand. Just like any good new technology, though, some bad apples always have to ruin it. The internet was so great when it began in the 1990's. All it had was free info, and maybe a few sites to find old friends. Now it is a chaotic mess of porn and cyberstalking, in spite of the good information that is also available, such as alternative treatments. I had never even heard of alternative remedies until the internet came along.

Well, these are my thoughts for my first blog. I hope that you got something out of it, and we'll see how long I keep this up!



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Posted: Sunday May 23, 2010, 8:44 am
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