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Aug 14, 2006

When we walk our dogs near someone's lawn that they have powdered for dandelions with the pesticide "BENLATE", it may not be but a few days before your dog goes BLIND!
When they lick their feet and ingest the "BENLATE" it travels through the blood and into the eyes to fill the lens with a blue-grey liquid that effectively causes blindness within three weeks. The blindness is complete. The 'cataracts' can be surgically removed for $5300 at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but they require the money in advance, for the operation is never guaranteed happy results. Some of us are retirees without that kind of money to gamble on a vet's surgical success.
I didn't know a thing about "BENLATE" until it was tested in my little Shitzu's blood after she went blind. The GOOGLE SEARCH of this pesticide took me into a world of horrible consequences, and I learned of babies being born without eyes in the sockets!
If a pregnant woman of around 4 months comes in contact by just breathing the spray of "BENLATE", the eyes in the fetus will NOT develop. and the baby will be born without them.
I am trying (for the past 6 months) eye drops from Switzerland to dissolve the cataracts in my little girl's eyes, and pray it will work!
If you need anymore info on this awful pesticide,..feel free to contact me and I will share further with you
Be careful where you walk your dog!
Best to all!......Jack & 'Babes' 
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Posted: Monday August 14, 2006, 1:41 am
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Susan Gotti (722)
Monday August 14, 2006, 3:52 am
poor dog. i'm glad i'm not blind... Have A Nice Day

Mauricio D. (0)
Sunday April 11, 2010, 8:51 pm
Hi Jack,
Unfortunately, the same thing happened to my beloved dog. Our backyard (big backyard - 40mx40m) had been fumigated 2 days ago, and the babysitter did not looked after my pet so well because at night when I came after work I found my dog playing inside the bushes there. The chemicals of the pesticide must have got into her eyes (my dog is a she) by the contact with the plants and bushes.And today we noticed she was not able to see because she bumped into the furniture. We confirmed her blindness. The vet checked her eyes and she has heavy catarats, and said that because how the catarats were, her vision was around 10-30 %.

I wanted to kindly ask, did your dog got better after the incident ? Was the blindess a temporal or permanent effect caused by the pesticide ? What treatment did you follow in order to cure the eyes of your dog, which I can apply ?

Many thanks in advance,



Jack Cullen
male, age 78, open relationship
Brockville, Ontario, Canada
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