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Walmart: Friend or Foe of organic products?  
I have a friend who is thinking of starting a line of organic cotton and hemp clothing.  This past weekend we had an interesting debate which I'd like to get more input on. What are your thoughts?

For the sake of debate, let's say my friend's business is small but she wants to make a big impact.   She thinks she can make the biggest impact by getting lots of people to switch to buying her organic clothes (they'd also come with good slogans and tags that promote organic).

The question is should she sell her clothes through Walmart?

Let's face it - Love it or hate it, Walmart is the biggest retailer in America, so it has muscle. And it has some very big problems which is why most of us who believe in corporate social responsibility hate the thought of doing business with them. 

So, one option is she can boycott Walmart and not sell her organic clothes there.  She'll likely grow very slowly (as there are lots of other competitors out there) and not reach a huge number of people, but she can feel good about not working with such a nasty company.

Or, she can work with them, and likely grow very quickly and get lots of people to start wearing organic and learning about the benefits, not to mention help a lot more organic hemp and cotton farmers.

Should she work with Walmart?

(for the sake of this poll / discussions, please assume that she's going to start the clothing business and can work with Walmart if she wants to, and that by doing so she will indeed get more people buying her clothes.)

1. Should she work with Walmart to take advantage of their distribution power and sell more organic clothes, or not work with them?
Work with Walmart
Do NOT work with Walmart

Posted: Monday December 12, 2005, 9:51 am

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Lynn G.
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Lake Oswego, OR, USA
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