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Dec 12, 2005

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Dear Friend,

Few of you may have heard of Jason Robbins and the legal nightmare into which he has been plunged by individuals and institutions intent on undermining his tireless activism on behalf of queer rights and reproductive freedom. Fewer of you know that Jason is facing over thirty years in prison for the sole crime of being present at a peaceful demonstration against a notorious anti-queer, anti-woman hate group, and even fewer of you know why. Nevertheless, it is not only Jason's freedom at stake in his upcoming trial, but yours and ours as well.

Jason was arrested in East Pikeland Township outside of Philadelphia, on Sunday, December 4th, while sitting in a vehicle near the scene of a peaceful demonstration. Members of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action and other organizations were protesting the activities of Repent America, a radical evangelical Christian organization that travels to
queer pride events and reproductive health clinics with the sole purpose of harassing and intimidating individuals that they perceive to be queer, or women they believe to be considering abortion. Repent America has been linked to the White Rose Society, which openly advocates the bombing of abortion clinics and the murder of doctors who perform the procedure.

The demonstration was held on the sidewalk outside the home of Randy and Linda Beckman, two organizers with Repent America. Both have participated in Repent America's campaign of harassment and intimidation, and Mr. Beckman has, on at least one occasion, threatened attendees at queer pride events with physical violence. Nevertheless, the protest was entirely peaceful, and consisted primarily of attendees chanting on the sidewalk while displaying simple, homemade banners.

The peaceful mood quickly changed when East Pikeland Township Police arrived on the scene and ordered Jason to provide ID and exit the vehicle in which he had been sitting. Jason, who had committed no crime, refused to identify himself and was immediately removed from the vehicle by force. Jason was violently thrown to the ground, injuring his knee to the extent that he needed to be hospitalized. Once off the ground, Jason was
roughly slammed into the side of the vehicle he was sitting in. In a complete overreaction by local authorities, three additional police departments East Vincent, West Vincent and Phoenixville also responded to the scene. Officers wasted no time in verbally
harassing and even threatening with violence the peaceful demonstrators. Two participants were also taken into custody and later cited. They are facing two summary offenses, with fines upwards of $800. The police however, have decided to make an example of Jason by launching a campaign of lies and intimidation. Jason was first taken by ambulance to the Phoenixville Hospital for injuries sustained during the arrest before being incarcerated in Chester County Prison for approximately 100 hours before his bail was posted on Thursday December 8th. .

Perhaps in an attempt to make Jason's injuries appear to have been necessary, rather than being caused by a completely unjustified use of force, Jason is being charged with a slew of crimes, including aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and reckless endangerment. The assault charge is a second-degree felony.
Collectively, the charges carry a maximum jail sentence of over thirty years in prison all for being in the vicinity of a peaceful demonstration. Although police at Jason's arraignment completely contradicted their original version of events, the judge in the case
ruled that Jason's trial would go forward.

The charges against Jason Robbins clearly constitute an attempt by the East Pikeland Township Police to stifle even the most peaceful forms of dissent against the vitriolic hate speech and incitement to violence of organizations like Repent America. A demonstration identical to the one at which Jason was arrested was carried out earlier in the day in the neighboring town of Collegeville, and although police were present at the scene, they responded professionally, no arrests were made, and the demonstration ended as peacefully as it had begun. One can only speculate as to the reason for the incredible disparity in the police response between the two jurisdictions to what was essentially an identical situation. Regardless, all who disagree with the beliefs and actions of Repent
America and similar hate groups are being sent the message that dissent will not be tolerated, and even peaceful protest will be met with violence and false imprisonment.

Jason's legal costs are expected to exceed $25,000, all of which must be raised within the next sixteen days according to his attorney, Robert J. Donatoni. As Jason himself is of limited financial means, he is dependent on community support to prove his innocence and avoid spending the next thirty years of his life behind bars.

It's time to return the solidarity that Jason and others like him have shown to the queer and pro-choice communities. Anyone who is able to make even a small contribution to Jason's defense is urged to do so immediately. Every dollar - and every day - counts.

Anyone able to contribute is urged to contact Jason's support committee at or contact Jason directly by phone at 215-760-2104. You can also Paypal money directly to or or Please email Jason's support committee once you make the Paypal transfer so we can make sure it is received.

Please contribute whatever you can, and forward this appeal to your friends. Jason's freedom and your own is in your hands. Thank You.
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Posted: Monday December 12, 2005, 12:08 pm
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Phillipe Bojorquez (8)
Thursday February 23, 2006, 11:27 am
Have you thought about contacting the aclu about this? there are a slew of other orginization including the queer association of lawyer that would most likely be a valuable assest. Im sorry to hear about this. Is it possible to contact any eye witness from the protest? something that would coaborate evidence? Please keep me informed that is a horrible thing to have happened. also i wouldnt mind seeing an official police indictment of what they say actually happened.

Joe C. (8)
Saturday April 29, 2006, 6:12 pm
This is horrible

Joe C. (8)
Saturday April 29, 2006, 6:12 pm
This is horrible

Scott Jason Midler (45)
Tuesday February 20, 2007, 12:11 pm
The ACLU is a good idea, however, they seem to be backing down on this issue. I am a Producer of my Own Indie Film / Docu Company ( We need to get film rolling on this for exposure and for fundraising. Has anyone contacted Sheila Nevin at HBO? Please e--mail here or at my c2c web page - Scott Midler @c2c.

Past Member (0)
Saturday March 29, 2008, 11:38 am
So what is going on now? Any updates?



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