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Jul 20, 2010

 Because of the miss use of a faith that they state that my little girls must die becuse of this miss use, then I will take this war to them.

As it would seem, the Social Grace of the Rich is above the Law as long as the dollar support is at the back door. Do you wish to end this War, then stage a protest march that will awaken the American People, then take this War issue against Purdue Pharmaceutical Company.... I am tired of seeing our Men and Women of the United States Military die as the America Dollar supports our enemy. Join the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire Phase 2 Welcome to FASC Concepts / The Day The World Stood Still / We are at War with a Drug Empire For nine years we have been at war and I still ask the big why ? Why is there a hands off policy that prevent the destruction of these poppy plants ? Did you know that American Dollars supported the Terrorist Attack on 9/11/2001, and thousands of lives have been lost. Who are the investors of the Pharmaceutical Company Purdue that makes Oxycontin and how are they above the Law ? Oxycontin is Heroin made from the opium / poppy plants. It is Illegal by Law to buy and resale Heroin. Purdue is responsible for the deaths on 9/11 and the on going addiction here in America. If it was Purdue who wished to be known as the largest heroin dealer in the USA, well congratulations and for showing the people who you do business with. Purdue, you guys just dont get it, you all look like a bunch of idiots in the face of our enemy, and the American People look stupid. You all at Purdue are now in my way. This drug from the poppy plant and the fight against its use goes back around 4000 to 6000 years and man seeks to control that which has shown that the poppy plant is as nature selected, uncontrollable. This is like a old saying as the Scorpion stung the Frog as he swim across the water and the Frog said why did you do this , now both of us will die ? And the Scorpion said it is my nature.... This is my Little War against the Arabic Drug Empire.

Can Pain Treatment Survive Our Addiction to Law? - Reason Magazine

Apr 6, 2002 ... Who are the investors of the Pharmaceutical Company Purdue that makes Oxycontin ... It is Illegal by Law to buy and resale Heroin. Purdue is ... - Cached
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Who are the investors of the pharmaceutical Company Purdue that makes Oxycontin ... It is Illegal by Law to buy and resale Heroin. Purdue is responsible for the .... "Imagine parachuting behind German enemy lines on D-Day at Normandy. ... - Cached - Similar
 So join Us International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire Phase 2

Henry Massingale / FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward covers the web post on google Drop by and see why we built a anti crime / war form in a Health Care Reform Concept. To strategically Rebuild America on google look for page 1 american dream official site

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Posted: Tuesday July 20, 2010, 9:13 am
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Henry Massingale (3)
Friday August 20, 2010, 4:43 pm
Todays Health Care Programs is a complete failure because of the concepts of heroin made pills under a Health Care Concept and the FDA reported around 100,000 Americans dead. Now this Heroin has brought the United States into a War over drugs. “Post 9/11”...
Lets just say all of this is true, and supported with News Reports by ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and Official FBI investigations. I did note after 9/11 that the failures of of Home Banking Financing, And the cost of these failures was at the cost to Tax Payers. The crash of the Stock Market at $980 Billion dollars in one day disappeared and I do not remember the firm that lost the most invested dollars, but I think it was the AARP.
At any rate this takes me right back to the 2 different attacks against the World Trade Center. Why this one Building ? Over a year ago I asked , why is there a hands off policy that prevents the destruction of the poppy fields. One year later I was still asking why ? I had no idea that Heroin was being sold in the USA as health care pills, for pain..... My whole concept with my Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire, went south and north and to what is now called the source. The Purdue Pharmaceutical Company, so please note this..
The Purdue Pharmaceutical Company, invested Billions of dollars into different companies through different sources, in order to cover the billions per month earned from selling heroin addiction. This is called a paper trail. These, hundreds of investments were done to launder this money in case of a addiction epidemic takes place in the United States. Now I am willing to bet, a name, a company name through this paper trail will lead to other insider trading and making money from the death of the People on 9/11.
A lot of people handle this information carefully because they fear a link to Organizes Crime Figures in America. I assure you this, I am after one company that failed these Crime Figures, I am after the poppy fields and to end this Damn War Based on a lie, in part, of why we are at War. These Organized Crime Figures, from the Streets to the Families, do not want any part of this because it is a insult to the whole world of Man, and this Attack was a statement to pin point, of being betrayed within a deal made to sell Heroin. You do not make deals with the Family or Drug Lords and think because you may have the support of a Official of Government to back you up that you are safe. I will tell you all this one more time, I am dyslectic and because of this curse, I can see into the truth and lies of issues and People. I stay far from the connection of Man because of this curse, and I have never opened my mouth for over 30 to 40 years. Now I am in this Matrix, and I allow my mind to see that of which I do not wish to see. The Matrix of the Internet is buzzing as this truth unfolds before all of the People of the United States Of America. And All I wish for is to go back to work as a painter, and be within the hills of Tennessee, where I belong. My whole web site was built for President Obama, my love for all my children, my faith in God and Country. My mind is tired of seeing this world of betrayal because of a Dollar. And I am one of few to betray my Faith, I will use this Faith and this War has ended and the connection that all men and women sense to a past that is ancient in origin flows through this world as we look at the sky or a tree. My task is all most completed....
Is the Officials of the United States Government willing to kill to control the Heroin Trade in Afghan, because of this dollar ?
Join us in, international boycott of the Arabic drug empire phase 2 , pharmaceutical company Purdue linked to 9/11, 52 states filed lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company purdue, international boycott of the arabic drug empire
Henry Massingale / FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward covers the web post on google Drop by and see why we built a anti crime / war form in a Health Care Reform Concept. To strategically Rebuild America on google look for page 1 american dream official site

Henry Massingale (3)
Monday October 24, 2011, 9:42 am
Our Boycott has been changed for ever and this is why ?
By Henry Massingale
August 13, 2011
To Strategically Rebuild America. Why we built a Anti Crime / Anti War Forum with a Health Care Concepts.
I am only human and I can not see into all of the issues, but what I do see, I have found that if I allow a person to read and make up their own minds that what I write holds a moral value of truth, then they add there heart to it, in disagreement or their concepts of what if, but what is most important is a balance is formed.
1st Debit Ceil Issue, WAR-We as a people world wide are against War, some say a unnecessary evil. But still we have War. This issue with the Afghan War, The year is in the 1970's United States help Bin Laden in Afghan to defeat Russia, and by the 80's the War ended. Around 1989 not long after, Bin Laden orders the first strike against the World Trade -Twin Towers, then 9/11. Now we are at War in Afghan, the Taliban has portrayed all American's as a aggressive Specise with a foot hold on their territory. But to see photos of American Military Personal Shoot protecting Poppy Plants. I am sorry but this is true. A War fought to control a Heroin Empire.
2nd Debit Issue, between Canada and the USA, 1.2 million people died from Oxy Heroin. June 30, 2011, C-Span-3 on TV, the Capital Hill, Director Senator Sheldon, Senate Judiciary Sub Committee for Crime and Terrorism. Announcement Oxy. Heroin, this Heroin Health Care Concept, in 2007 that 27,000 Americans died, from this Opioid. So if this Oxy Heroin is so good for the economy, where is the money ?
We will add our support and unite a goal, but first to our Government Officials, you need to let all out of jail that has been placed there. We have watched for some time this issue and have not said a word for or against. Your system failure is not the issue of The People, the cause and effect is because of the failures of Government Official's. I will show only in part because it is much to large just for one web site.
I have become the Founder and Director of the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire

 Now to The People join us in Operation Clean Sweep / byMassingale and lets vote out all who have failed to do their jobs
Henry Massingale


Henry Massingale
male, age 57, single, 6 children
Boynton Beach, FL, USA
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